Why We Teach Badminton

Why do we teach badminton? To make a business? No. We aim for building a perfect badminton foundation for every kid who is interested in badminton. To us, every kid should learn the proper and right foundation in badminton.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Skills for Kids

Why do we only teach professional badminton skills to our students? Because we need all of them to have a better foundation in badminton. As we understand how important the foundation in badminton is. Some coaches feel that foundation can be flexible type, for example, his student as long as got the strength to hit the shuttle, even if they hold the wrong forehand grip, still can be accepted.

For us, no, we do not allow any of our students to do wrong habits in the foundation, must change. As to other coaches maybe is a small issue, but to us, we have already thought of the whole story, if the student holds the wrong grip not change, after 6 months when learning the backhand grip, they will have difficulty swapping from forehand to backhand thumb. And this will require more time to correct back the right forehand grip, which wastes time. So this is the reason why we only provide professional badminton training for kids.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Foundation for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton foundations to kids? From our coaching experiences, if the kids learned the proper foundation, they can learn any badminton skill in a short time. Why? Because their foundation is helping them absorb professional badminton skills faster. Actually, not only badminton, any other sports like swimming and tennis if you learned the correct foundation, in the future learning other skills will be much easier.

Imagine if the kids are learning wrong or incomplete foundation, when they want to go further improvement is very difficult, we have experienced this, when we accepted some students previously from other badminton coaches. This is why we like to accept fresh beginners, they can learn everything correctly from the beginning to the end. And our badminton coaches don’t need to change their bad habits, and they can learn faster than other any other.

Why We Teach Professional Swing Racket in Badminton for Kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
Why We Teach

Professional Swing Racket in Badminton for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton swing rackets to kids? Have you realized many kids even if they have joined the training, the way they hold and grip the racket is wrong? They already hold the wrong grip and the way they swing the racket and hit the shuttle is also wrong. This is a common issue, and that is why our badminton training procedure is not randomly planned, we plan according to our experiences, and for every training method, we have a reason behind it.

If our students learned the proper grip, we only will go further to teach how to swing the racket, how to use the wrist, and how to adapt with body strength straight line and do the perfect swing racket. This is why our badminton coach is very particular about how to swing the racket. Very important, a good swing can provide a good quality shot.

Why We Teach Professional Wrist Training in Badminton for Kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
Why We Teach

Professional Wrist Training in Badminton for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton wrist training to kids? Actually many people thought that kids should only learn proper swing racket only, as they are still young and small and unable to train their wrists because of no strength. To us, actually is not about the wrist having no strength, is because there are never been trained in a wrist before! This is why many academies did this kind of mistake.

The wrist is one of the important parts to produce a perfect shot, especially those unique shots like cross net, drop, shooting lob, and tab for kids. Many of our students are good at wrist parts, and their skill set is much better than any other academy student because the wrist and finger training helps them a lot. If they train their wrists at a young age, they can have a consistent improvement in wrist power and flexibility when they growing up. So this is the reason why our badminton coach like to train every small part of the foundation for his students.

Why We Teach

Professional Turn Body in Badminton for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton turn body? We realize that most kids don’t know how to turn body after they learned all the footwork foundation. From our experiences, the students know how to run footwork, if we do not guide them on how to adapt with the upper body, they still cannot run well on the court. Turning the body into badminton is one of the very important foundations, especially for girls.

Why? As girl students, their strength is not good as boys, softer, actually is normal, but when turning to badminton, we will need them to turn their bodies and hide their shoulders and racket before receiving the shuttle. So that they can hide the shot they wanted to perform, can reduce and confuse the opponent’s agility speed and be able to cover their weakness which is no strength. So for our badminton training, we will plan properly from bottom to top to make sure all of our students master every inch of skill in badminton.

Why We Teach Professional Agility Training for Kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
Why We Teach

Professional Agility Training for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton agility training to kids? Agility in easy terms to understand his change in direction, badminton agility is one of the most important training that almost every badminton player needs. But how to train them in badminton training combined with agility? Our badminton coach mentioned many coaches misunderstood the methodology of agility.

For us, normally we will train the proper foundation to make sure the student everything is good. Only go for agility train, for example when the student’s foundation like footwork is not well built, which means incomplete, and the coach trains them in agility multiple shuttles for smash, can cause the student to create tons of bad habits, which we normally see a lot of kids play the pattern is so ugly not comfortable at all but they still can hit the shuttle. To us, we need a perfect foundation for every student before our agility training plan.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Strength Training for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton strength training to kids? Strength is important for a student’s foundation. But according to our badminton coach, normally for kid’s badminton training, we are not supposed to train their strength by using weight, but many academies did. To be honest, training with using weight is possible but really needs to depend on the student’s individual progress.

If the kids are too small and train with using weight, it’s hugely influential in how kids develop. This is why you can see so many kids nows day are short and small size, this is terrible. For example, our students in badminton strength training are given students who are wrong in certain foundations. For us, the purpose is to increase their muscle memory, so that their foundation can be more firm.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Speed Training for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton speed training to kids? Speed is important in the court! But how to train the student speedy and fewer mistakes. Actually, this can be trained, but just that need to train the student very carefully, the coach must understand what is the purpose behind this training.

Speed training in badminton normally helps play can speedily reach the shuttle drop point so that they can have more time to do the skill they want. Good speed training in badminton can help our students to move faster, run faster, and react. Imagine if the student doesn’t have a proper foundation but they train on speed, making them fast but inaccurate, no point. This is why we always need our students to learn all the proper foundations first so that when come to speed training, they can easily adapt.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Competition Training for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton competition training to kids? If the kids already have a good foundation and skills, probably they need more experience when come to competition. Competition normally is focusing on mentality, strategy, and confidence level. We are lucky that during every of our badminton training, our coach is very serious to explain the priority part and want all his student to remember.

So for mentality, he does not worry too much. But turning to confidence level, he needs to put extra time to follow his student joining the competition and guide them on how to play and what should do if feel nervous. All these have to spend time and explain to the student again and again. This is the reason why our badminton coach will personally spar with the student as he can explain whatever is important.