Why We Teach Badminton

At our academy, our purpose for teaching badminton is not solely for business gain. Instead, we strive to establish a solid foundation for every child who has an interest in the sport. We firmly believe that each child deserves to learn the appropriate and correct fundamentals of badminton.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Skills for Kids

At our academy, we prioritize teaching professional badminton skills to our students in order to provide them with a strong foundation in the sport. We recognize the critical importance of a solid foundation in badminton, and as such, we do not allow our students to develop incorrect habits that may hinder their progress in the long run. While some coaches may consider a flexible approach to teaching the foundation, we firmly believe that adhering to proper techniques is essential.

For example, even if a student is capable of hitting the shuttle with a wrong forehand grip, we insist that they learn the proper grip. This may seem like a small issue to some, but we understand the bigger picture. If the student continues to use an incorrect grip, it can cause difficulties down the road when they learn the backhand grip. This can result in wasted time and the need for additional correction. Therefore, our commitment to teaching professional badminton skills is grounded in our belief that a strong foundation is essential for our students to achieve long-term success in the sport. So this is the reason why we only provide professional badminton training for kids

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Foundation for Kids

Why do we prioritize teaching professional badminton foundations to kids? We believe that a solid foundation is important to enable them to learn any badminton skill more efficiently. Our coaching experience has shown that if the kids have a proper foundation, they can absorb professional badminton skills faster. This principle is also applicable to other sports, such as swimming and tennis. With the right foundation, future skill acquisition becomes much easier.

Conversely, if a kid learns a wrong or incomplete foundation, it can make it much harder to improve in the future. We’ve had experiences with students who came to us with bad habits from other badminton coaches, which hindered their progress. That’s why we prefer to accept fresh beginners who can learn everything correctly from the start. By doing so, our badminton coaches don’t need to correct bad habits, and our students can learn more effectively.

Why We Teach Professional Swing Racket in Badminton for Kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
Why We Teach

Professional Swing Racket in Badminton for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton swing techniques to kids? We’ve noticed that many kids who have joined badminton classes for kids still hold the racket incorrectly and swing it in the wrong way. This is a common issue that needs to be addressed, which is why we have a structured training procedure in place.

We plan every training method based on our experiences, and each step has a specific purpose. We believe that if our students learn the proper grip, we can then focus on teaching them how to swing the racket, use their wrists, and adjust their body strength for a perfect swing. Our badminton coach places great emphasis on proper swing technique because a good swing can result in high-quality shots. By teaching our students the correct swing technique, we help them build a strong foundation for their badminton skills.

Why We Teach Professional Wrist Training in Badminton for Kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
Why We Teach

Professional Wrist Training in Badminton for Kids

Why do we include professional badminton wrist training in our kid’s badminton training? While some may think that children should only focus on proper swing techniques and strength development, we believe that training the wrist is equally important. In fact, many students lack wrist training simply because they have never been exposed to it before.

The wrist plays a crucial role in executing certain shots, such as cross net, drop, shooting lob, and tap. Through our badminton training, we have observed that students who have received proper wrist and finger training have an edge over those who have not. By training their wrists from a young age, students can develop greater wrist power and flexibility over time. This is just one example of how we focus on every aspect of the foundation to help our students achieve their best results.

Why We Teach

Professional Turn Body in Badminton for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton body turns? We have noticed that many kids do not know how to turn their body after learning all the footwork foundations. In our experience, students may know how to move their feet, but if they are not taught how to adapt their upper body, they may not perform well on the court. Body turning is an essential foundation in badminton, especially for female students whose strength may not be as great as that of male students.

Turning the body helps them to hide their shoulders and racket before receiving the shuttle, making it easier for them to perform their shots without being detected by the opponent. It also helps them to confuse the opponent and cover their weakness, which is their lack of strength. At ST Badminton Academy, we believe in a structured approach to teaching badminton lessons, starting from the basics and building up to the advanced skills, to ensure that all of our students master every aspect of the game.

Why We Teach Professional Agility Training for Kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
Why We Teach

Professional Agility Training for Kids

Why do we prioritize professional badminton agility training for kids? Agility, or the ability to change direction quickly, is an important skill for badminton players of all levels. However, it is important to understand the proper methodology for incorporating agility training into badminton instruction. At our academy, we prioritize building a solid foundation in our students before introducing agility training.

According to our badminton coach, if a student’s footwork foundation is not complete, then introducing agility training too soon can result in the development of bad habits that can negatively impact their game. We have observed this phenomenon in many kids who have learned to play but struggle with poor technique. By prioritizing proper technique and foundation-building, we ensure that our students can perform at their best in the long term.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Strength Training for Kids

Why do we teach professional badminton strength training to kids in our badminton training class? As our badminton coach emphasizes, strength is an important component of a student’s foundation in badminton. However, it is important to note that weight training may not be suitable for all children, as it can have a negative impact on their physical development, especially if they are still growing.

Instead, our badminton strength training focuses on improving muscle memory and building a solid foundation by targeting specific areas of weakness for each student. While some academies may prioritize weight training, we believe that a tailored approach that considers each student’s unique needs and progress is key to maximizing their potential in badminton.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Speed Training for Kids

Why do we provide professional badminton speed training to our students? Speed is a crucial aspect of badminton that can help players react faster and reach the shuttle more quickly. However, it is important to train students carefully to ensure that speed training does not compromise the accuracy and technique of their shots.

At ST Badminton Academy, we prioritize building a strong foundation of proper badminton techniques before moving on to speed training. This approach helps our students to develop good habits and a strong skill set that can support their speed training and improve their overall performance on the court. By providing professional speed training that complements a strong foundation, our students can learn to move faster and react more quickly while maintaining accuracy and precision in their shots.

Why We Teach

Professional Badminton Competition Training for Kids

Why do we provide professional badminton competition training to kids? At ST Badminton Academy, we believe that competition is an important aspect of sports training and that proper training and guidance can help students develop their mental strength, strategic thinking, and confidence level. However, before we introduce our students to the competition, we prioritize building a strong foundation and developing key skills.

Our coach places a great emphasis on explaining the priorities in badminton training and ensuring that his students are mentally prepared for competition. He also provides extra time to guide students on how to manage their nerves and build their confidence. We understand that this process takes time and requires repetition and practice. As a result, our badminton coach personally spars with his students, in order to provide individualized guidance and instruction.

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