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Westwood Secondary badminton training is held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore since 2018. This badminton training will mainly be focusing on proper badminton training in foundation development.

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Our badminton training is aiming to get all foundations perfect, so structured planning is very important for students to get improve consistently within the timeframe. We do not anyhow plan the training schedule, example last minute reach the court only think to ask the student to do this and that. So for us, the workflow and timeframe of student progress are important for the student to keep improving.

ST Badminton Academy Westwood Badminton Training Jurong Singapore

Badminton Training Westwood Secondary Overview

In this Westwood Secondary badminton training, students will learn all the correct fundamentals until they are perfect. Training suitable for kids and teens from age 6 to 17 years. The class arrangement will go according to professional badminton coaching standards.

Students will be learning the proper foundation, tactic, full skill sets, and mentality until our badminton coach feels they are perfect, as well known, our coach is very particular on the basic foundations. He will never let go even just a small little wrong in the foundation. That is the reason why he prefers a small class size, easily detect, and more time to explain, as he aims for results and improvements for every student.

Badminton Training in Singapore Westwood Secondary by ST Badminton Academy

Is Proper Foundation in Badminton is Important for Kids

Yes, very important. To be honest, most badminton academy is not focusing on a proper foundation, why? To be honest, from our coach’s real experiences, sometimes we feel not sure the student like badminton or not, when their parent sends them to come for training, not sure the student is forced by a parent? So if they really teach proper foundation maybe the student will feel tired and don’t like it then quit, halfway then quit, coach effort will go too, feel disappointment.

Also, what happened next? That few dollars of training feels cannot afford to cover the effort and disappointment, to be honest, so they rather close their eyes and teach whatever they can, if they quit nothing effect as since the beginning we also not put so much effort into this student. Sometimes not only the coach’s problem, even parents also don’t know if their kids really like badminton or not, just let them try and then send it over. This is the reason why we only take in students who really interested in badminton. And we know how important is the proper foundation, and we insist our students must learn the right fundamentally in our Westwood Secondary School badminton training.

Badminton Coaching by Eric Chuar Westwood Secondary Jurong West under ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Without Proper Foundation can be a Good Player

If a kid is without a proper foundation, will never become a good player. Imagine if a kid or even an adult without a proper foundation plays badminton on the court, you can see their pattern and the way they generate power, look uncomfortable, or so call ugly. But of course, sometimes they are overconfident, don’t know they look ugly and they not familiar with what is professional badminton skills and what a professional player looks like.

Badminton actually is not just an outlook pattern learning the same means you are good, actually in skill, we need to understand inner and outer parts, so not that just watching Youtube or playing every day then can improve, impossible. So in this Westwood badminton training, our students only can learn a proper foundation in badminton in order let them understand the so-called inner and outer parts of each badminton skill.

Westwood Secondary School Jurong Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

At what age can start Badminton Training

So far in the past 13 years of badminton training experience, we have seen students who 5 years old can learn quite well, partly is because he is interested, as their parents also a badminton player. But honestly, this really depends on every individual kid’s character.

Some kids are very active, learning fast too. We met some kids very active too, who like to play, but don’t like to learn. We met too many types of students, but what we hope is, need them to at least learn something from our proper badminton training, this is really good for them.

Badminton training in Jurong Westood Secondary by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

What They Can Achieve from this Westwood Secondary Badminton Training

In this Westwood Secondary School badminton training, we will aim for all students must learn the proper foundation in badminton. Learn everything right with no bad habits, especially for beginner-level and school team-level students. Foundation is not easy to learn, but once they learned everything right, they will not regret it as this foundation can use them to play badminton right until they old.

Proper foundation not just for competitive level only need to learn badminton, nowadays even casual players also need to learn the proper foundation to prevent injury. If they got the right badminton foundation, in the future if they want to go further development like getting into the school team, sports school, or even national team, at least they have higher chances to get in, instead fail on foundation, as they will not accept player that not good in the foundation.

Westwood Secondary Jurong West Teach Badminton by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

What is the Class Size for this Badminton Training

We offer 3 class sizes for this badminton training at Westwood Secondary School which you can refer to from our badminton training fees and group page. We also indicate a lot of explanations to let parents understand more about every group size and the difference. An example for the group of 4 students in one class, is only for exploring interest and the improvement result only at a medium level as per our badminton coach experiences point of view.

Why 4 students still consider an exploring interest class? As we have asked parents to see the class as a witness, after the lesson they also feel that 4 students their kid can’t be the focus and learn not much thing in one lesson too. So this is the reason why our student’s improvement and quality is much better than other, as we are based on the result, not business and branding.

Westwood Secondary Badminton Training in Jurong West by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Who will Conduct this Training

Our badminton coach will be conducting this training at Westwood Secondary School. For all the beginner or skill development our coach will be the only person that monitors and correct the students. We have some school team and competitive training, we will be inviting some of our ex-student currently from the national team or some player that really can make our coach feel capable to do sparring or coaching to keep up the good quality standard of our training.

As we do not believe any assistant badminton coach that no experience to appear in our badminton training. This can spoil our students and create more bad habits.

Badminton Training Westwood by ST Badminton Academy Jurong Singapore

Learning Objectives from this Badminton Training

The learning objective for this badminton training at Westwood Secondary School is to help every one of our students get a good foundation in badminton, including skills, upper body, lower body parts, and importantly mentality is the key point for long-term success. Why? As no matter how good or how well your skill, speed, stamina, or strength is, without a good mentality and attitude, you will still fall down hardly some day.

This is the reason why our badminton coaches are very focusing on mentality and foundation during the development of every student. If the player mentality is good, no matter how weak or how bad their stamina is, they can train up easily, but if a student without a good mentality, easily effect by their surrounding, no matter how good is their stamina and skill is, they still can lose easily.

Eric Chuar Badminton Coaching in Jurong Westwood by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Quality of this Training at Westwood Secondary

The quality of this badminton training at Westwood Secondary school, we dare to commit the result will be good if they choose 2 students in one group. As we have tested the training method and it’s good. But of course, the student must be keen to learn and have a good attitude during the training, their improving result can be good.

Some parents feel expensive because every month has to pay $220. But in fact, if they count properly if they send their kid to other badminton academies maybe just $90 or $100 for one month, feel cheap and good. But their kid trained 1 year also not much improvement, then play normal one also don’t know how to play, is a big waste of money and time. And for parents who paid $220 per month, every month also can see improvement, within a year and their kids can improve a lot. Some experiences parents who always send their kids to different activities will understand the meaning.

Badminton Class at Westwood Secondary by ST Badminton Academy Jurong Singapore

Common Question Before Start Training

The best way is to use the APPLY button on the top left side to submit your children’s details. So that we can find out more data to understand about your kids, and easier for us to arrange the slot for your kid if our training slot is available.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

Kindly refer to the “Training Location” page from the toggle menu to check all the available locations of badminton classes and the status of the class availability.

Or use the button below to visit the training location page.

First, you need to check the “status” of the class availability from our “Training Location” page.

Or use the button below to visit the training location.

Secondly, after checking the slot is available, use APPLY button to submit your application into our system, and make sure you received the confirmation email with the application number.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

For training fees, you may refer to our “Training Fees” page for more details including group size, training ratio, etc, and more.

Or use the button below to visit the training fees page.

Our training class schedule is separated by different levels and days, the best way is to submit your application by using “APPLY” button and choosing the preferred location and preferred timing.
Our coach will contact you and advise the available timing if your kid is suitable for us to slot in.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

Sorry No, for now, we only take kids who are interested in badminton.

From the beginning, No. But A high-end racket will be provided after the student can play well, depending on the student’s performance in badminton training. As our coach is not just a coach, he is a Certified Stringer and Master Racquet Technician in Singapore with, huge knowledge of badminton equipment. So very particular on badminton racket equipment. You may visit his “Stringing Page” to verify.

Or use the button below to visit his stringing page.

For all other questions use the button below to visit the common questions page.


Applicant Must Fulfill 6 Requirements Before Apply

Applicants must be able to work hard all the time in badminton training.

Reason: We strictly do not allow any students to waste time just “passing time” in our training, and wasting parent’s money too.

Applicant discipline must be good or please do not apply.

Reason: Any bad discipline found during the training will be informed to quit, so better do not apply.

Applicant must be interested in badminton, not forced by parents to join this training.

Reason: To be honest, we are looking into results instead of that few dollars of training fees, so the student itself must be interested in badminton and wish to learn more from our coach, so all along for training progress, we will keep parents up to date to make sure their kid is improving.

All students must be punctual in every badminton training, for example, must wear indoor shoes and should be ready before training starts.

Reason: Our coach spent time figuring out every student’s weakness and planning the training schedule for the day in advance, if our coach saw this kind of attitude, will kill his motivation to think of how to make the student improve more.

Must follow training instructions all the time, if missed any instruction more than 3 lessons will be informed to quit.

Reason: If we keep asking the student to do something but they are not listening to the instruction if they have “no heart” to train, no point to let parents need waste money and send them for training. If they wish to just play for fun, nobody scolds or cares too much in the training, there are a lot of other badminton academies outside there welcoming you to join, but not with us.

Students must be able to train harder, or please do not apply.

Reason: If the student does not train hard, to be honest, the improvement is very slow, some more is only 1-week train 1 time, and only 2 hours, how long need to learn all the foundation? 1 year or 2 years? Impossible, so the best way is to train as much as they can.

For all other terms and conditions use the button below to visit the Term & Conditions page.

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