Our Training Vision and Values

Our vision is simple, we exist to accelerate our student’s progress, keeping them relevant in sports and careers and directly contributing to their success.

Vision & Values of Our Structured Training

Since 2007, the value given to students is “Focus”, to make sure all our students are able to learn as much as possible in the structured training.

We understand that regardless of any education, well-structured training can affect the student’s discipline, attitude, character, learning speed, and more.

Vision & Values of Our Environment

Not all kids will become Olympic athletes or good players in badminton careers. In our environment, they can all experience the joy of exploring how strong they can become.

How fast they can run on the court and how smart they can play or how good their stamina is, our students will venture on this journey.

Vision & Values of Our Training Methods

Our training method is proven useful and effective over the past 13 years, and we still keep improving even though we have a sustainable education system. As we understand kids play badminton for a variety of reasons.

Ranging from fun to being with their friends or improving their badminton skills. And some of these youngsters here are probably dreaming of competing on a school team or being a national player.

Vision & Values of Our Youth Development

The two performance components important for youth development include physical work capacity and exploitation capability. Now while the two components interact to form the student’s overall level of performance, they are separate components of this performance.

Physical work capacity encompasses the motor performance abilities of strength, speed, endurance coordination, and flexibility, and the exploitation capability, that is the ability to perform the skills, technique, and tactics of badminton.

Vision & Values of Our Challenges

We understand to developing exploitation capabilities by enhancing the student’s skill, technique, and tactics is a challenging aspect of coaching especially in badminton.

As not all students, with exceptional genetic engines, have the patience or dedication to hone their badminton skills so that they can use their engine capacity effectively, we still accept the challenge with no excuses.

Vision & Values of Our Speed Training

We aim for all our students to be fast, but applying speed to performing a particular badminton skill in court, let’s say front net tab, requires an interface between footwork movement speed, and specific skills.

And these skills include solid footwork, forehand, and backhand grip. Our coach teaches every one of our students the upper and lower parts of coordination needs passionately and clearly.

Vision & Values of Our Safety

During the accelerating growth phase in our training, coordination and therefore, performance in court can decline. Not many coaches learned this, as during the rapid phases of growth injuries can easily occur due to missed time signaling from the central nervous system.

Knowledge, experiences, and safety are linked to each other. Training harder and introducing more complex skills is not the solution in every training. Reducing training and focusing on maintaining basic skills is the solution.

Vision & Values of Our Maturational Phases

We are using maturational phases in weekly training, the first three phases of active start, are fundamentals and learning to train where our students develop the necessary physical literacy and foundation skills needed in badminton. The active start of 4 to 6 years, is when the students learn the basic movements of footwork, swing racket, skill, etc.

The fundamental stage, between 6 to 9 years, is when the child learns fundamental footwork movement skills and builds on the overall motor skills that they developed earlier. Learning to train is between 9 to 11 years, and this is when our students are ready to learn overall badminton skills.

Vision & Values of Our Sport Analytics

We are more towards to sports analytics generation. Our coaches will be using Python to code training data to generate interesting results and understand better what’s going on in our training class. We will involve three different kinds of activities.

The first is defining the data that we need from the student, analyzing the data, and coding it in Python. The second part is then how to run statistical analysis on the data. The third part is how to analyze the results and interpret them to identify our student’s issues or where should improve in order to balance their skills.

Vision & Values of Our Sport Science

Our methods of pediatric sports science are proving useful for broad reasons. As it provides our coaches with insights into the interaction between the growth, maturation, and development of motor skills of our students. And this potentially allows us to more accurately identify and develop good players.

Second, this can help us decide about the best training methods for our students on varying ability levels according to their phase of growth and maturation so that injury and burnout are avoided.

Vision & Values of Our Exercise Intention

For adult students, normally we will go for light training methods to improve the retention rate. Helping them get back to the sports exercise is our main priority. We believe that retaining adults keep exercise will help them to maintain optimal health.

In other words, playing badminton is a sport that can help our adult students to keep them active, positive, and healthy.

Vision & Values of Our Skill Training

Our coaches will teach their students individually who are lacking behind on certain skills. Our students will benefit from the training as the training is not all students learned the same thing.

We use game-like play to enhance fun and learning and develop a positive coach-athlete relationship where our student’s input is highly valued. At the same time help them to maintain a sense of competence and confidence.

Vision & Values of Our Coach Experiences

Now, it’s not uncommon for a badminton coach don’t know how to teach students, or what should train in order to make students improve. To be honest, badminton coaching requires experience including following the sports technology on how to make students improve within a short period of time.

Our coaches have the related knowledge and certification about how the body functions and adapts to training and how the brain learns motor skills and more.

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