Our Training Vision and Values

Our vision is simple, we exist to accelerate our student’s progress, keeping them relevant in sports and careers and directly contributing to their success.

Vision & Values of Our Structured Training

Since 2007, we have emphasized the importance of focusing on our students during every badminton training session. Our goal is to provide well-structured badminton training that enables all our students to learn as much as possible, while also instilling valuable traits such as discipline, a positive attitude, strong character, and a desire to learn. We believe that the structure and quality of our training are more impactful than the skills of the individual badminton coach.

Vision & Values of Our Environment

In our badminton classes for kids, we understand that not all students will necessarily become good players, but we strive to provide them with the best possible training to enable them to reach their maximum potential.

The speed, skill, and stamina that they develop on the court are a direct result of the effort that our badminton coach is willing to invest in them. We are committed to fully supporting our students and providing them with the opportunity to excel to the best of their abilities.

Vision & Values of Our Training Methods

Our badminton training and classes have been developed and refined over the past 13 years, and we remain committed to continuous improvement. As coaches, we recognize that our students are the future of badminton and that we have a responsibility to provide effective training.

Our goal is not simply to earn training fees, but rather to help our students become competitive players who can excel in the sport. Blindly conducting classes without a clear purpose is not our approach. Instead, we are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible training, so they have the opportunity to compete with and surpass their peers.

Vision & Values of Our Youth Development

We recognize that physical work capacity and exploitation capability are two essential performance components for youth development. At our badminton academy, we are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve our students’ performance and keep them motivated in their training. Physical work capacity involves the development of motor performance abilities such as strength, speed, endurance, coordination, and flexibility.

Exploitation capability refers to the ability to effectively execute the skills, techniques, and tactics of badminton. We understand that in today’s society, many individuals may claim to be qualified coaches simply by having a website and paying for advertisements. However, we believe that sports education is just as important as academic education, and therefore, we prioritize our badminton classes for kids to provide them with valuable skills and protect them from misguided coaching.

Vision & Values of Our Challenges

We understand the challenges of developing high-quality badminton classes in Singapore, where many have a business mindset and prioritize time over the development of essential skills, techniques, and tactics.

These aspects of badminton training require a significant investment of time and effort, which is why we limit the number of students in each intake to ensure that our badminton coach can devote adequate time and attention to each student. For us, the satisfaction of seeing our students improve and succeed is far more important than increasing the number of students or generating more revenue.

Vision & Values of Our Speed Training

Our speed training class is not just about getting our students to move fast on the court. Rather, it is a structured training class that focuses on teaching the right skills to students of every age, with a carefully planned training schedule for every badminton class. Unlike many badminton coaches who do not plan or show training schedules to their students, we believe in creating a training flow and timeline that ensures our students learn consistent skills every week.

We understand that some students may have a slower learning speed, but we still customize plans to help them improve alongside others. The skills we teach include solid footwork, proper forehand and backhand grip, and other essential techniques. By following a well-structured and logical training plan, our students will not be stuck at a certain level and will be able to improve continuously. As professional badminton coaches, we take pride in putting in the effort to plan and execute our speed training class, which is a key part of our comprehensive badminton classes for kids.

Vision & Values of Our Safety

Our commitment to safety in our badminton lessons goes beyond physical safety and includes the mental and emotional safety of our students. We understand that learning a new skill can be challenging, and it’s not uncommon for students to feel discouraged or overwhelmed. As such, our badminton coach places a strong emphasis on creating a positive and supportive learning environment, where students feel comfortable and safe to ask questions, make mistakes, and learn at their own pace.

Our coach’s extensive knowledge and experience in badminton training allows him to not only teach proper techniques but also to help students develop a growth mindset and overcome mental barriers. We prioritize safety in every aspect of our badminton classes, and our coach constantly monitors and adjusts his teaching approach to ensure that his students feel safe and supported throughout their learning journey.

Vision & Values of Our Maturational Phases

We incorporate maturational phases into our weekly training class to ensure that our students receive the appropriate level of motivation and guidance at every stage of their development. During the initial phases of the Active Start training, it is important for parents to provide the necessary encouragement to their children, and we apply this same approach in our badminton lessons.

For example, when teaching the fundamental footwork movement skills to our students aged between 6 to 9 years old, we understand the importance of providing them with structured and appropriate motivation. Rather than generic praise, we apply a carefully planned and phased approach to ensure that our students build on the overall motor skills they have developed and receive the guidance they need to progress.

Vision & Values of Our Sport Analytics

We have been integrating sports analytics into our badminton training for the past six years. Our coaches utilize Python to code and analyze training data to generate valuable insights and improve the quality of our badminton lessons. Our analytics approach includes three components. The first is defining the data we need from each student during the class, followed by analyzing and coding the data in Python.

The second component involves running statistical analysis on the data after the lesson. Finally, we analyze the results and interpret them to identify areas where our students can improve and balance their skills in our badminton lessons. This advanced analytics system allows us to continually enhance the effectiveness of our training and provide a more comprehensive learning experience for our students.

Vision & Values of Our Sport Science

We have incorporated pediatric sports science into our badminton training class, as we have found this approach to be highly beneficial for a number of reasons. Firstly, it enables our coaches to gain deeper insights into the interaction between motor skill development, maturation, and improvement in our students. This, in turn, allows them to more accurately identify any bad habits and weaknesses in our students’ skills.

Additionally, this approach helps us to tailor our badminton training methods to cater to students of varying ability levels, helping them to improve their skills and speed while minimizing the risk of injury. By avoiding traditional training methods that emphasize strength training with tennis rackets, we help our students to develop a more well-rounded set of badminton skills, including softer skills like netting and front net skills.

Vision & Values of Our Exercise Intention

In our badminton lessons for adult students, we prioritize the use of light training methods to improve their retention rate and prevent them from experiencing aches for several days after training. Most adult badminton training sessions are designed to be less strenuous so that they can enjoy the training without getting too tired, as many adults may be deterred from coming back to the training if they feel overly fatigued. However, we believe that this approach is not the right way to train. Our main priority is to help our adult students get back into sports exercise and build their stamina.

It is important to ensure that they receive more training during each session to achieve this goal. Although it is common for adults to feel tired and unable to train due to limited energy, they can still be taught how to achieve this with the guidance of an experienced coach. We strongly believe that retaining adults in physical exercise will help them maintain optimal health. Therefore, our badminton coach will tailor the training sessions to ensure that the adult students can receive a comprehensive training experience. We also emphasize the importance of exercise for adult students to maintain their physical well-being.

Vision & Values of Our Skill Training

Our badminton coaches prioritize personalized training for their students, especially those who may be struggling with certain skills. We understand that some students may learn at a slower pace, but when they grasp the skill, they can excel even better than fast learners. Our coaches treat all their students fairly, regardless of learning speed.

Some coaches may neglect slower learners, but at ST Badminton Academy, every student benefits from the customized training class tailored to their unique skill weaknesses, attitude, and character. We believe that individualized attention is crucial for effective training, and that is why we go beyond generic drills and invest time in understanding every student’s needs.

Vision & Values of Our Coach Experiences

While it’s unfortunate that some badminton coaches may lack proper teaching skills, we believe in focusing on what we can control – providing high-quality badminton training to our students. We recognize that teaching badminton fundamentals to beginners is a complex and lengthy process that requires experience and expertise.

This is why we prioritize hiring coaches who possess the necessary qualifications and experience to guide students from a beginner level to become skilled players. When evaluating potential coaches, we do not solely consider their accolades or playing experience, but also their ability to effectively teach and communicate with students. As a badminton academy, our goal is to provide comprehensive and structured training class that equips our students with the necessary foundational skills to become competent players.

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