Our Training Terms and Conditions

Our terms and condition cover all our training rules, regulations, requirements, and expectation, please read them before applying for our badminton training.

1. Work Hard

As part of our admission process, we require applicants to demonstrate their ability to work diligently and consistently during badminton training. This commitment to hard work is essential to achieve success as a student, and we expect all our applicants to possess the necessary dedication and work ethic to excel in their training.

Reason: We strictly do not allow any students to waste time just “passing time” in our training, and wasting parent’s money too.

2. Discipline

We consider strong discipline to be an important characteristic for our applicants, as it is essential for maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. We kindly ask that applicants with a history of poor discipline or behavior refrain from applying.

Reason: Any bad discipline found during the training will be informed to quit, so better do not apply.

3. Interested

We believe that a genuine interest in badminton is a key factor in achieving success in our training programs. As such, we ask that all applicants have a sincere passion for the sport and a desire to develop their skills. We kindly request that parents not force their children to join our training programs unless the child has a genuine interest in pursuing badminton.

Reason: To be honest, we are looking into results instead of that few dollars of training fees, so the student itself must be interested in badminton and wish to learn more from our coach, so all along for training progress, we will keep parents up to date to make sure their kid is improving.

4. Punctual

At ST Badminton Academy, we require all students to arrive promptly for each badminton training session and to be properly attired in appropriate indoor shoes and clothing. By arriving on time and ready to train, students can optimize their time on the court and ensure they have the best possible training experience. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to your badminton training.

Reason: Our coach spent time figuring out every student’s weakness and planning the training schedule for the day in advance, if our coach saw this kind of attitude, will kill his motivation to think of how to make the student improve more.

5. Follow Instruction

To ensure the safety and progress of all our students, we require strict adherence to all training instructions at all times. If a student misses any instruction more than three times, we may inform them that it is necessary to discontinue their training. Thank you for your cooperation and dedication to your badminton training at ST Badminton Academy.

Reason: If we keep asking the student to do something but they are not listening to the instruction if they have “no heart” to train, no point to let parents need waste money and send them for training. If they wish to just play for fun, nobody scolds or cares too much in the training, there are a lot of other badminton academies outside there welcoming you to join, but not with us.

6. Scold

At ST Badminton Academy, we prioritize the safety and progress of our students above all else. In order to maintain a safe and productive learning environment, we may occasionally need to correct a student’s behavior or technique in a firm manner. We kindly request that parents accept the possibility of their child receiving such correction, as it is necessary for their development and success in badminton. If this is not acceptable, we respectfully request that parents refrain from applying to our training programs.

Reason: Sometimes for some kids, when you talk to them in a passionate way, they will step on your head, some parents may understand this, so they need an alternative way to teach, but like the dreaming type, playful and naughty type. Not all students need to scold, as we can feel and figure out. To be honest, we are able to write this statement as we have met too many types of kids.

7. Train Hard

At ST Badminton Academy, we prioritize the development of our students’ skills and abilities. As such, we require a commitment to training and a willingness to work hard in order to achieve success. We kindly ask that only students who are prepared to train diligently and push themselves to their limits apply to our programs.

Reason: If the student does not train hard, to be honest, the improvement is very slow, some more is only 1-week train 1 time, and only 2 hours, how long need to learn all the foundation? 1 year or 2 years? Impossible, so the best way is to train as much as they can.

8. Training Fees Deadline

We kindly request that all training fees be paid in full at the beginning of each month, no later than the 8th day of the month. This helps us to ensure that all students have an uninterrupted training experience and that our coaches can plan and deliver the best possible instruction to our students.

Reason: To be honest all our parents pay payment quite on time, normally before 3th all are transferred, all are quite a good character, nothing to complain about, so this deadline is just for reference for new parents who send their kids to us.

9. Examination

At ST Badminton Academy, we believe that a well-rounded education is essential to achieving success in badminton. As such, we require all students to pass both the theory and practical skills exams within one year, in accordance with their specific level, to retain their training slot for the following year. This ensures that our students have a strong foundation of knowledge and skills and are able to progress to the next level of training.

10. Training Fees Payment Method

At ST Badminton Academy, we accept payment for training fees via Cash, PayNow, or PayLah to the following phone number: 9232 2562. We kindly request that all payments be made in a timely and efficient manner, in accordance with our payment policies.

11. Item lost, damaged, and injury

At ST Badminton Academy, the safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. While we make every effort to ensure a safe and secure training environment, we cannot be held responsible for any lost items, injury, or damage that may occur during the course of training. Nonetheless, we remain committed to doing everything in our power to protect our students and to provide a safe and productive training experience.

Reason: Now the kid is really different from last time, some parents are over-protected their kids, so the kids don’t care about their personal belonging like phones, rackets, and health safety. So we need parents to teach them on this part, but of course, we will teach too.

12. Trainee Absent from Training

At ST Badminton Academy, we require that all students attend training regularly in order to make the most of their training experience. In the event that a student is absent without a valid reason, we may still need to count their training fee, as our coach, court, slot, and planning have already been arranged. If a student is absent more than three times without a valid reason, we may need to inform them that it is necessary to discontinue their training.

Reason: Sometimes the kid does not attend the training last minute but the coach is already there. Especially for the court, we need to book 14 days in advance, not easy to book too, and the training slot is very previous for other parents.

13. Unable to Get Court

At ST Badminton Academy, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes impact our training schedule. In the event that we are unable to access the court on the day of training, we may need to change the timing of your training session. If such a change is necessary, we will inform parents at least two weeks in advance to ensure that they are available and can make the necessary arrangements.

Reason: As everyone knows now the court is not easy to book, so we try our best to get the slot, partly because we want our students to improve consistently instead of just skip miss the training.

14. Leave Application

To ensure that our training sessions run smoothly, we request that all students inform us at least 14 days in advance if they need to skip a training session. This helps us to plan our coaching schedule and make any necessary adjustments. In the event that a student is absent without providing sufficient notice, the missed training session will be considered as an absence, unless unforeseen circumstances have occurred.

Reason: Court needs to book and paid to ActiveSG 14 days in advance, also for the coaching plan. So if our coach is aware of this, he can don’t book the court, and plan his coaching schedule accordingly.

15. Lesson Bring Forward

At ST Badminton Academy, we understand that unforeseen circumstances can sometimes prevent students from attending their training sessions. In such cases, students may be able to carry forward their training to the following month, provided that they have a valid reason for their absence. Please refer to rules No.11, 12, and 14 for more details on our policies regarding missed training sessions. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and we look forward to seeing you on the court at ST Badminton Academy.

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