Badminton Training FAQ

Our badminton training FAQ is covered almost 100% of inquiries from parents for the past 14 years. Kindly refer to all the common frequently asked questions before making an inquiry to increase your successful application rate.

1. How to apply?

To help us better understand your child’s needs and background, we encourage you to use the “APPLY” button located on the top left side of our website to submit your child’s details. By providing us with more information about your child, we can better assess their skill level and training needs, and ensure that we have the appropriate training slot available to accommodate them.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

2. How to check class availability at my preferred location?

To help you find the perfect badminton class for your child, we have created a “Training Location” page on our website. This page contains information on all of our available locations for badminton classes, as well as the status of the class availability. We invite you to visit this page by accessing our toggle menu, where you can find more information on our training locations and select the one that is most convenient for you. Thank you for considering ST Badminton Academy, and we look forward to helping your child succeed in badminton.

Or use the button below to visit the training location webpage.

3. Where is the badminton training location?

To help you find the most suitable location for your child’s badminton training, we invite you to visit our “Training Location” page, which can be accessed from our toggle menu. This page contains information on all available locations for our badminton classes, as well as the status of the class availability. By referring to this page, you can make an informed decision on the best location for your child’s training.

Or use the button below to visit the training location page.

4. May I know is there any slot available for my kids?

First, you need to check the “status” of the class availability from our “Training Location” page.

Or use the button below to visit the training location.

Secondly, after checking the slot is available, use APPLY button to submit your application into our system, make sure you received the confirmation email with the application number.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

5. How much are the fees for your badminton training?

To obtain information on our training fees, we kindly direct you to our “Training Fees” page. Here, you can find detailed information on group sizes, training ratios, and other relevant details.

Or use the button below to visit the training fees page.

6. How long to wait if I put my son on the waitlist?

We strive to provide a high-quality training experience to all our students, and our classes fill up quickly. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a specific timeframe for waitlisted students to secure a spot in our training program. Therefore, we recommend that you explore other coaching options once we have informed you that the class is full. Please note that our focus is on providing proper badminton training, and not solely on business interests.

To be honest, please do not wait, and look for other coaches once informed the class is full by our coach. As we conducted proper badminton training, not for business, so some parents have waited for 2 years, or a few months.

7. Why every time unable to reach you by calling your phone number?

We would like to inform you that our badminton coach is usually occupied on the court during training sessions, and may not be available to answer phone calls, even during lunchtime. Therefore, we highly recommend that you utilize our online application system to submit your child’s application. Moreover, to manage the high demand for coaching, we have implemented a new policy requiring all applications to be submitted through our online application system. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Or use the button below to visit Covid-19 rules page.

7. Can you add one more slot for my kid, as I know it is full?

We do not deviate from our badminton training schedule and class planning as it is crucial for ensuring our students learn the right skills and make progress within our targeted time frame. It is important to note that we are not a business but rather a provider of education, and as such, we place great emphasis on following our training methodologies to provide the best possible outcomes for our students.

8. Why respond to my inquiry so slow?

Please note that our coach, Mr. Eric, spends most of his time on the court and does not always have access to his phone. Additionally, during training sessions, he prefers not to use his phone as a matter of personal discipline and respect for his students. If you have an urgent inquiry and cannot wait, we understand and suggest you consider seeking alternative coaching options for your child. However, we encourage you to utilize our online application system to submit inquiries and sign up for training programs, which we monitor regularly and will respond to as soon as possible.

9. May I know what is the schedule for your training, please?

We have structured our training classes according to different levels and days. The most efficient way to apply is to use the “APPLY” button and select the preferred location and timing.

Upon receiving your application, our coach will review and advise on the available timing if it fits the level and requirements of your child.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

10. Why I can’t find my preferred location on the application system?

If you are unable to select a particular location when submitting your application, it may indicate that the location is fully filled.

11. Are you able to train left-handle?

Certainly, we do have a number of students who are left-handed and have progressed from intermediate to advanced levels in our program.

12. Have you trained a National player from the beginner level?

Yes, we are proud to have several of our former students currently representing Singapore at the national level, including those who attended the Singapore Sports School.”

13. Are you accepting kids who already have some basic?

In order for our coach to make an informed decision on the application, please include information on your child’s previous coach when submitting the application.

14. Do you provide adult badminton training?

Currently, our adult classes are at full capacity due to the high demand for our services and the difficulty in booking weekday evening courts. However, we encourage you to contact us with your interest in adult badminton training and provide us with your preferred training location so that we may assist you in exploring any potential opportunities.

Or use the button below to send a WhatsApp message.

15. Is the badminton academy jersey will be issued to my kid?

As a matter of policy, please be advised that STBA jerseys are issued only upon successful completion of the CPBS (Certified Player in Basic Skills) examination, which typically takes 3 to 6 months to complete, depending on the individual student’s performance.

16. Is there any trial class?

At present, we regret to inform you that we do not offer trial classes. We only accept students who possess a genuine interest in the sport of badminton.

17. Is a badminton racket provided?

May I inquire if your academy provides badminton rackets for its students? Unfortunately, we do not provide rackets for beginners. However, for advanced students who have demonstrated proficiency in the sport, a high-end racket may be provided, subject to their performance in badminton training. We take pride in our coach, who is not only a certified instructor but also a Master Racquet Technician and Certified Stringer in Singapore, possessing a wealth of knowledge on badminton equipment. Please feel free to visit his “Stringing Page” for verification.

Or use the button below to visit his stringing page.

18. Will you bring them to join the competition?

Yes, we certainly believe that participation in competitions is a valuable experience for our students, allowing them to benchmark their skills against those of other players. However, we are selective in choosing the students whom we bring to competitions, ensuring that they possess the necessary skills and ability to compete at the highest level.

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