Smart Parent Test Choose the right badminton training for your kids Singapore

This Smart Parent is a test that helps 99% of parents to choose the right badminton training for their children.

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To find the right badminton coach for our kids, especially to build up a professional foundation, choosing  ___________ is more important than anything.

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If your kids are at the learning foundation development stage, joining a badminton class weekly, but the coach is changing frequently or inconsistently, the highest possibility is your kids might _________________.

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If your kid is having 1 to 1 private badminton training after some time, but the improvement is still slow, what is the best way to find out the issue?

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If you are looking for group badminton training for your kid at the beginner level, ideally one coach ____________ in 2 hours of training will be better.

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As a parent of the kid, our correct point of view is, the best badminton coach is determined by ______________

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The maximum period to complete the lower body foundation for kids like basic single footwork normally should be within _____________ months if you have found the right badminton coach for foundation development.

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If you met some badminton training fees that are expensive but your kids seem to have many bad habits occur after a few months at the beginner stage, especially in foundation development, you should ___________

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If you feel that your kid's foundation is not up to standard causing many bad habits, which steps following below are the best way to help your kids to continue moving forward?

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From your experiences, which might be the best training structure possible for the beginner at the development stage?

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If your child is already under training with the same coach for one year above, and the foundation is still bad even gripping the wrong racket, what is the possibility causing this issue?

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As a parent, if your kids are fresh beginners, and you have a budget constraint and have to choose group training, to make sure your kids can learn more, what is the first important matter you should consider?

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In the foundation development stage, if 5 students in one group 2 hours of lessons, your children maximum can only have  __________  minutes average time to learn from the coach. For example, correcting bad habits.

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