Professional Racket Restring

This certified professional badminton racket restring service is only for ST Badminton Academy students. All stringing procedures will go according to professional badminton stringing standards by our Master Racquet Technician & Certified Stringer Mr.Eric Chuar.

Badminton Classes Senja Cashew CC by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023
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Professional Racket Restring for Students

This professional racket restring is only for students of ST Badminton Academy. In this restringing, we will mainly focus on certified stringing, suitable for parents who are looking for professional racket restring for their kids.

Stringing will be done by Certified Stringer and will strictly follow the international tournament stringing standard. The stringing machine is also calibrated yearly accordingly to ISO/IEC 17025 standards. The brand of the machine will be using the Yonex Protech series. In short, our students will be able to get the real best quality stringing in Singapore.

Professional Racket Restring Video

This professional racket restringing video shows our certified stringer performing proper badminton stringing, every single pull is gentle and consistent.

Badminton Classes in Senja Cashew CC by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Badminton Racket Restring Overview

With this racket restring service, our students who join badminton classes for kids will be able to get consistent tension and durability stringing guaranteed. Strung by the best stringer with the best stringing machine for sure. So they will get a professional quality stringing for their racket. When our students have reached a certain level in badminton, if the stringing quality is not proper stringing, this can affect their performance.

Hence, this is the reason why our coach Mr.Eric Chuar went deeper to understand deeper professional racket restringing knowledge, and even went to get certified. He wants to prevent our students from misleading like choosing the wrong tension and racket, etc. His intention is to hope our students can have professional quality of stringing in long run. This is not for business, as the service only serves our students only.

Certified Stringer Jurong Singapore by ST Badminton Academy 2024

Is Professional Stringing in Badminton Important for Students

Yes, very important. According to our certified stringer, to a professional player, their skills like drop shot, shooting lob, and netting, all depend on the “feel” and bounce-back response from the string tension, etc. Imagine if the racket stringing requested for 27lbs, strung by a casual stringer without much-stringing knowledge only has the machine.

Next, what will happen is, the player might be cannot coordinate the tension strung by the casual stringer, too soft or tension inconsistent causing tons of mistakes on the court. Or many possibilities like the stringing method being wrong, the machine tension head tolerance being out of accuracy, or the stringer do not know the proper stringing part like knots, pulling the string too fast hurting the string quality, and more.

Professional Badminton Stringing by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

What if the Racket Restring is Bad Quality

If the racket restring quality is bad will cause the player to feel uncomfortable when playing badminton. Racket wise might easily crack due to the wrong stringing method, the string durability is bad it easily burst and cannot last long. Common causing is overlapping of string as per the attached image.

For players wise, the chances of the mistake percentage will increase as they need more time to adapt to the string tension and feel. And the feel of the game can feel bad until they lose the game. So consistent and good quality stringing is important to a player.

Certified Racket Restring by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

At what level can start to use Professional Stringing

They can start to use professional stringing when they have a proper basic foundation and can play consistently. Or they have started to join competitions regardless of school or events, using professional racket stringing can benefit them in the long run. When our students know the coaching quality they join is the best even if the stringing quality they use is the best, they feel more confident when learning.

So when they are adapting the professional stringing and used to it, they can feel better when playing games. Good stringing is proven can let player tom have a better feeling when playing badminton. String technology part, there are many types of string gauge thickness to fulfill the player’s needs at any age and level.

Badminton Restring by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

What They Can Get from this Racket Restringing Services

With these racket restringing services, our students will be able to get professional badminton stringing from our badminton coach. Including a full set of professional stringing knowledge on how to choose badminton string, and how to check the quality of stringing as well. So all the students will not get cheated or get any bad quality stringing from others.

Why? Our badminton coach will explain to every student to ensure they at least know the basic knowledge of badminton equipment. The yearly theory and practical tests are included basic badminton equipment part. So our students can have a more rounded excellent knowledge in badminton also including stringing.

Professional Racket Restring by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

What is the Advantage of this Racket Restring

The advantage of this racket is not only the stringer is certified, but the user itself can feel the difference and feel good when playing on the court, this is important. No matter, if we keep mentioning how good, are we, and how many certificates we have, useless. The player feeling conformable with the stringing is much more important than all this.

He understands how important professional stringing can help our students better. As the knowledge, he learned from the world-famous stringing association USRSA. So our students can have the advantage of learning good badminton skills and also good racket stringing services.

Professional Badminton Stringing for racket by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2022

Who will Conduct this Restringing

As usual, our badminton coach Mr.Eric will be conducted this racket restringing services for our students. As he is the only person who qualified for stringing. He is a Certified Stringer recognized by the American Stringing Association.

As well known our badminton coach will not allow any casual stringer to do the stringing. We also found that if the students use professional stringing they will feel better when playing or training, as our coaches have done the research with our students.

Badminton Stringing Jurong for ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

Our Professional Badminton Stringing Machine

Other than stringing skills, the stringing machine is an important part to ensure the stringing quality good or bad. We are using the Japan Yonex Protech 8 series stringing machine, this Protech stringing machine also featured in the All England Badminton Championship. So this stringing machine is capable to serve the world’s top badminton players.

Aside from this, the machine tension head will send for calibration every year to check for accuracy within our tolerance. The Calibration laboratory must be SINGLAS accreditated which is ISO/IEC 17025 standard. We prefer to send it to a third party for calibration instead do it on our own. The reason is to be fair to our students and players, and ensure the calibration result is real. So they get the real good quality of stringing.

Badminton Stringing Services for ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

Our Machine Stringing Clamp

The stringing clamp we are using is also an important part to ensure the string tension is accurate. If the clamp is too tight will damage the string quality, if too loose will cause the tension not to be accurate.

We also send our clamp to the calibration laboratory to perform yearly calibration on the tightness. Our stringer will do daily cleaning and maintenance to make sure the stringing clamp is in good condition. We also will check the clamp tightness each time before the stringing start.

Stringer Qualification

Certified Stringer Eric Chuar ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2025

Certified Stringer from USRSA

Master Racket Technician Eric Chuar Professional Badminton Stringing by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

Aside from Certified Stringer, Coach Eric is also a Certified Master Racquet Technician MRT under USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association).

Aside from technical knowledge in racket stringing, Coach Eric also went through important knowledge development courses including

Master Racquet Technician (MRT) USRSA

Certified Stringer (CS) USRSA

Professional Racquet Advisor (PRA) USRSA

Master Racquet Technician (MRT) USRSA

Certified Stringer (CS) CRSF

Professional Racquet Advisor (PRA) CRSF

Mechanical Metrology NMC

Dimensional Metrology NMC

Electrical Metrology NMC

Temperature Metrology NMC

Temperature Calibration ITE

Metrology & Electrical Measurement ITE

Stringer Development

CRSF Certified Stringer

CRSF Master Racquet Technician

Mechanical Metrology

Dimensional Metrology

Electrical Metrology

Temperature Metrology

Temperature Calibration

M & E Measurement

Certificates are just a small part of the racket re-stringing.

The effort and passion we are willing to spend on the racket to ensure consistency is only the key to success.

Eric Chuar Professional Stringer

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