Why We Only Teach Professional Badminton Training

This page might be long for you if you are a layman not in the badminton coaching industry in Singapore. But it can be very helpful for parents who really wanted to look for good badminton training or a badminton coach to teach their kids.

So we will break into a few topics included with our ST Badminton Academy topic “Why only teach professional badminton training“.

What is the Singapore current Scene of badminton Coaching?

In 2022, when a good badminton player from Singapore come out with good results internationally, came out on everyone’s local newspaper, Zaobao, Straits times, and all social media platforms. Meaning that all these are influencing parents and kids motivating them to play badminton, and planning to send their kids to join badminton training.

To be honest, which is a good sign for Singapore, Singapore badminton has not been so popular before as compared to the past few years. But at the same time, more and more badminton coaches and badminton academy appearing in the badminton coaching industry. So this causes many parents not sure on how to choose the right badminton coach or fun training for their kids.

We understand every coach set up a badminton academy intended to help the Singapore badminton community. We appreciated every knowledgeable badminton coach that really spent time and effort to teach their students with proper plan and structured badminton training to bring out good students. But in fact, we still can see a high ratio of badminton academies and badminton coaches not doing the proper way.

So this is the reason why we need to help all parents by sharing our coaching experiences to ensure their kids, the young generation, gets good quality coaching and quality become better and better just like how Singapore keeps moving forward.

Also in recent years, Singapore Badminton National Team or Squad players mostly are locals player, which is impressive compared to the past 5 years ago.

How is our current Singapore Badminton National Team Quality?

In recent years, Singapore Badminton National Team or Squad players mostly are locals player, which is impressive compared to the past 5 years ago. This is not an easy way for Singapore Badminton Association to success to change the new look, well done, and appreciate their work. We are all having the same aim and vision, although Singapore is a good country the doors are always open for talent, as a parent, we still hope our kids can be the next batch to represent our country right?

When Singapore’s badminton popularity is rising up, the risk will be equally rising too, which means more and more people come out for coaching to earn money instead of helping the Singapore badminton community. So as a parent, to prevent wasting the effort of the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) built up nicely, we have to work a little bit harder to look for a badminton coach, and structured badminton training instead of randomly.

So in the future, when every tournament is sectioned by SBA, they will get more and more high-quality local players and select them to be a part of the National Squad Team to train. This indirectly helps them to have higher and higher quality players, indirectly helping Singapore to grow up more good players and badminton bringing up the Singapore Standard. As result already shown, the Men Mix Double, Men’s Doubles, and Men’s Singles. So don’t feel that is impossible, we are talking nonsense as Singapore is just so small, and everyone is busy earning for living, not focusing on Sports, and sports not earning money. Not true, believe in us, this is just a matter of time to build up the proper foundation.

Why we only teach Professional Badminton Training?

For us, we feel that as a badminton coach, if you think that badminton training is just a part to earn more income, is very not responsible. But if we use the badminton coaching time to do something that useful and meaningful, which is helping the kids improve faster, at the same time, we can gain the best coaching experiences from the students, this is only can be called experiences badminton coach. Not those coach day and day passing, year and year pass doing badminton coaching, like never caring about the student foundation, never keep bringing them to move forward, this is very hurtful to the kids.

Some parents might understand such incident is not only happening in Singapore but in many countries. The benefit of our country is we are small and easy to control, so this kind of thing shouldn’t happen. That is the reason why the respected Singapore Sport produces many accreditations for helping coach development for all sports, helping all parents to find an accredited badminton coach. But Sport Singapore and SBA cannot help much because they have to handle so many things for National Team. So parents still can see much unprofessional badminton training in Sports Hall and Community Clubs.

The Only Thing We Can do Now

So the only thing we can do is, provide real so-called professional badminton training for our students, especially foundation development. Do the right thing we should do as a badminton coach. Keep learning and digging deeper into every inch of badminton knowledge to improve our student quality. Never ever stay in our own world saying how good we are. We cannot help all kids in Singapore, as we have mentioned a limit of 20 students for our yearly intake. So we only keep our main vision to help every one of our students get the perfect professional foundation, not for business.

How to determine that is Professional Badminton Coaching?

To determine whether the badminton training is professional or unprofessional actually quite easy to detect. Take a closer look at these few little things,

1. Class size of the training

To see the badminton training can produce good or bad results, pretty straightforward, the class size. If the class size is more than 4 to 5 students in just one badminton lesson for two hours. Don’t expect too much like your kids can improve a lot after one or two years, not possible, can play consistently also not possible. Because the coach cannot have enough time to teach every single small tactic and correct every one of them. If parents want their kids just for exercise, not for improvement, this kind of badminton lesson is good. So our badminton coach’s advice is, the best class size for training is not more than five students in one lesson.

2. Training structure

The training structure can help students improve very fast within a short period of time, depending on the badminton coach’s experiences, to be honest. For example, in the beginning, if the coach not teaching how to hold the proper grip and start the shuttlecock feeding to the students, and even the students holding wrong and never correct them on the spot, what will happen is, the student will gain bad habits of how to hold the right grip of badminton, this can harm the kid’s whole career in badminton due to muscle memory is firm very difficult to change back to the right one. Because it should start from holding the proper grip right? So the best badminton coach knows where to start the training for the kids, and how to structure the badminton training.

3. Training style of the badminton coach

Some badminton coaches when their students did something wrong in court, never correct them on the spot, or just a few words, the student corrected or not is an unknown answer. This type of quiet badminton coach is like a shuttlecock machine feeding shuttles, do not choose because it cannot help your kids to get a professional foundation in badminton. And the improvement can be very slow, you must look for a coach that very concerned about your kids doing wrong practices and keep correcting them on the spot, just like our coach, every parent of the student knows this. But this way, your kids can be able to get a good foundation from the coach. Badminton is really a sport that you have to keep practicing and explaining to the experienced coach only the student can improve faster. Remember, take time to monitor the training style of the badminton coach.

4. Which badminton coach teaching your kids

The Singapore bad culture in badminton training is, the coach is advertising a team of experienced coaches. But when parents bring their kids to the academy for training, turn the assistant coach teaches their kids instead the experienced coaches. Every parent even some inexperienced badminton coaches thinks that badminton coaching should be level against level, which means the coach is a national player, so they will only teach higher level, and the beginner student should go to an assistant coach. No, the quality and improvement results can be hugely different when coming into the facts. Because we are asking for train foundation, not sparring, parents must clarify this. That is why many parents complain some academies all coach part-time coaches and teens coach. Remember, if the beginner classes held by the assistant badminton coach will have a higher risk, parents must monitor closely for the improving result.

5. Misunderstanding of Badminton Coaching Qualification

Many parents misunderstand that if the badminton coach has coaching qualifications or related coaching certificates means they are good, no. A coaching qualification is just a guide for the person who wants to be a coach as a career, a stepping stone for them to become a good badminton coach. This is where coaching qualifications come from, not because they are good so they get the qualification. Parents who are also a coach has the qualification will understand this meaning, the exam will not be very difficult to pass, including basic sports science, skills test everything. Because Sport Singapore’s intention is to make a foundation standard for people who want to be a coach, not Ph.D. or something. We believe parents who also play badminton normally at the sports hall and CC, still saw many of those badminton coach conduct badminton training, the quality is worst to the max right? Some of them have coaching qualifications too. Hence, the best way is parents should monitor closely the training progress. Especially how much the coach helps your kid during the training. Again, coaching qualification does not mean everything.

6. The level of the Badminton Classes

One of the common issues that will cause the training bad quality is the level of the student being inconsistent. Mean that 5 students in one class, maybe 3 are good and can play consistently, and others 2 still beginner-level and can’t even play. In this type of class no matter how good the badminton coach teaches, the improvement is still slow. This is a poor arrangement of badminton classes, in short, the students will not improve. Because if the coach focuses on good students, the beginner will learn nothing, if the coach focuses on the beginner, the good students cannot continuously improve. So there is no way to help both different levels improve in the same class. Parents, please look for a class that same level so that the coach and also the kids can learn more in the badminton lesson.

7. Badminton coach level and background

Many parents misunderstand the coach’s background and level, the term professional badminton training is about how much the coach is willing to spend time on the students. Not related to the coach level either Ex-national player or ex-Olympic player. Attaching your kid to this kind of coach can be good but also can be the worst. There are many ex-national player academies outside there using the name “Ex-National Player” to attract parents to join. But after joining the academy all assistant coaches teach your kids, and the coach seems like hire more assistant badminton coaches to teach students more than sharing his own experience with the students. Almost 90% of this kind of badminton academy has 100 students maybe just 10 of them is good skills and foundation, and the rest are all spoiled, they just teach the good one which are talented and not those who lack of talent. By right as a good badminton coach, they should pay effort to every of students. So the best way is for parents must monitor the progress, and ensure the coach pays attention to your kids in order to get consistent improvement results.

Final Conclusion of Choosing a Professional Badminton Training in Singapore

After all the above explanations, we believe parents can easily find the right badminton coach for their kids. Although we are unable to take more students, we hope we can help parents who really want their kids to be good. As our badminton coach, Mr.Eric also has a child here in Singapore, so he understands how you guys feel as a parent. Lastly, we wish you to get a good badminton coach and good luck to your kids in the future, all the best. Appreciate for reading!

Why We Only Teach Professional Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

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