Private Badminton Training for Kids

Private badminton training held by ST Badminton Academy mainly focuses on kid professional foundation development in a premium learning environment.

Private Badminton Training Singapore
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Private Badminton Training Singapore

This private badminton training will mainly focus on proper foundation for kids especially when they are at a fresh level. As usual, ST Badminton Academy all training methods will strictly follow professional badminton standards for kids. This means we will not allow any bad habits, our students have to learn a full set of badminton foundations in the training.

Although the students have lesser fun in this private training, what we can be guaranteed to the parent the kids will have a maximum improvement result. This means the training will not be just like casual training for sweat out to pass time, student have to achieve every quarterly and yearly practical and theory test to continue to stay with us.

This is good for parents who are looking for professional badminton training and exploring their kid’s interest in badminton. If the kids are seeking improvement, they can keep continuing to stay with us by passing the exams. If the kids don’t like badminton, indirectly they cannot pass the exam and easily determine that the kids are not interested in badminton, this way parents can save up their time and money.

The Benefit of Private Badminton Training

The Benefit of Private Badminton Training

The benefit of private badminton training is the kids can be able to learn more is a definitely, they can also have more time to focus on every skill foundation to ensure they are reaching the professional level. In this training, our students can learn every individual skill and foundation with really customized. So, in short, the improvement result will be obvious.

Many badminton academies will not tell you this if you joined private training, for example, if the children are good, and like to play badminton, definitely they can improve faster, but what if some kids that are slow learners? They will give lesser concern to the kids since they are slow. First, improvement is slow, so they will invest more effort in that students who so call fast learners. They will not ask the slow learner to quit, because training fees will go, which means lost money. But they also not putting any extra effort to teach.

Just let your kids train for a long time, after 1 or 2 years only can see little improvement results. End up with who’s in the trouble? The kids and parents, waste time and waste money. Our badminton coach always mentions not every kid is the same, so is not easy to teach, but there is a proper way to teach with produces consistent results, this is where our students can benefit from this private training.

Better Customized Plans in Private Training

Better Customized Plans in Private Training

In our private badminton training, our students can learn better with a customized plan. Not sure some parents have seen some casual badminton classes conducted in Sports Hall or CC, and their training method is just the same, for example, when the coach teaches netting, all students will be learning netting. But in fact, some students can learn fast, they can easily adapt and do better. But what if some students learn slower and need more time to learn?

End up the student who is good continues to be a good one, and the slow learner will continue to be the slow one. So as a coach, where is the issue in this case? The training plan is the problem, not the student’s fault. This is why our badminton coach always mentions that don’t always think that one training method can be used on all students, as every kid is different and the foundation in badminton can be very broad, keep learning to help the kids instead keep saying how good is your training.

Our badminton coach will only point out the individual student’s weaknesses and customize a useful training plan so that they can improve accordingly. He will not just make his life easy and all students learn one thing and finish the training, as he felt that childhood time is important and precious for them to build a professional foundation in badminton, not good if they missed it.

Better Environment in Private Training for Badminton

Better Environment in Private Training

Very well known, ST Badminton Academy is the first academy that keeps emphasizing the badminton class size since 2016 not more than 5 to 4 students in one training due to improved results. As these are real experiences and proven data from our badminton coach which huge class size can affect the student’s improvement result, not because of creating how unique or how good we are.

And more and more badminton academies are following the same otherwise no students wanted to learn from them due to all parents started to know the facts of class size. This is a good sign for the Singapore badminton industry, otherwise, this kind of badminton academy mindset is only money instead helping the kids get better improvement results.

So when our students are in this private badminton training, they can have a better training environment which can produce improved results especially when they are at beginner level, or need to achieve for example use badminton to apply DSA or even Singapore Sports School. When our students have a better environment and work hard, they can achieve what they need instead of training for years, and ending up with nothing, wasting time and money.

Proven Training Results with Private Badminton Class

Proven Training Results with Private Badminton Class

What do proven training results mean? Every parent wishes to see this because they want their kids to improve instead just investing and paying money for nothing, which means joining private badminton classes for nothing, and this happens everywhere in Singapore. Can private classes help the kid improve their result better? In short, definitely yes.

Why? Because all along our class plan is well structured, like class size, training method including student individual training plan, and importantly our coach experience. Our students not only can improve with the proven result, and they can improve much faster than any other kids if the coach really knows how to teach students to be honest.

The logic can be easy, the coach knows, the student can know, the coach doesn’t know, and the student will not know too, what if the coach is anyhow? The student will anyhow too, simple logic. Some parents might understand this meaning if the “coach” does not seek improvement and practice, the student will not have a big improvement too.

Private Badminton Lessons Table Calculation

Class Size

Student Learn

Skill Improvement

4 Students

30 Minutes


2 Students

60 Minutes


1 Student

120 Minutes


Private Training

120 Minutes (2 hours)

One Skill

Class size” means how many students are in one private training for 2 hours.
Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn in 2 hours of training.
Skill Improvement” means how long the students can learn one skill in 2 hours of training, for example, 25% means the student needs to attend 4 training to 100% get used to one skill.

Proven Improvement Result with Private Badminton Training

Better Quality of Training
Private training helps your kids to have a better quality of badminton training which can help them learn better in a safe mode.

Proven Improvement Result
Help our students improve within a short period of time with obvious improvement results which all parents wish to see this.

Better Learning & Communication
Our coach can have better learning communication with the students whenever the student did something wrong and needs to be correct on the spot during the training.

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