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ST Badminton Academy’s private badminton training class is primarily focused on developing the professional foundation of kids in a premium learning environment.

Private Badminton Training Singapore
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Private Badminton Training Singapore

This private badminton training class, offered by ST Badminton Academy, places a strong emphasis on building a proper foundation for kids who are fresh beginners. As always, all our training methods strictly adhere to professional badminton standards for kids, which means that we don’t allow any bad habits to develop, and our students learn a full set of badminton foundations. While this type of training may be less fun for students, we can guarantee to parents that it will yield maximum improvement results.

The training is not just a casual way to sweat and pass the time, but rather a rigorous training that requires students to achieve quarterly and yearly practical and theory tests in order to continue training with us. This is ideal for parents who are seeking professional badminton training for their kids and want to explore their interest in the sport.

If kids are looking to improve, they can continue to train with us by passing the exams. Conversely, if they don’t like badminton, they won’t be able to pass the exams, which is an easy way for parents to determine if their kids are truly interested in the sport and avoid wasting time and money on training.

The Benefit of Private Badminton Training

The Benefit of Private Badminton Training

The main benefit of private badminton training is that kids can learn more and have more time to focus on every skill foundation, ensuring they reach a professional level. In our private training, we customize the training for each student to ensure that they can learn every individual skill and foundation thoroughly, resulting in obvious improvement. However, many badminton academies won’t tell you this.

For example, some kids may be slow learners and require more attention, but some coaches may only invest more effort in fast learners to see faster improvement results, while neglecting the slow learners. They won’t ask the slow learner to quit as it will mean lost training fees, but they also won’t put in extra effort to teach them.

This can cause kids and parents to waste time and money, with little improvement results even after a year or two of training. At ST Badminton Academy, our badminton coach understands that not every kid is the same, and there is a proper way to teach that produces consistent results. This is where our students can benefit from private training.

Better Customized Plans in Private Training

Better Customized Plans in Private Training

In our private badminton training, we offer customized plans for our students. Some parents may have observed casual badminton classes conducted in sports halls or community centers, where all students are taught the same thing at the same time, such as netting.

However, some students may learn faster and pick up the skill quickly, while others may take more time and need extra attention. The problem is not with the students, but rather with the training plan. Our badminton coach recognizes that every student is different and that the badminton foundation is broad and complex.

Therefore, he focuses on identifying each student’s weaknesses and uses a useful training plan to help them improve accordingly. He does not take the easy way out by teaching the same thing to all students and ending the training quickly. He understands that childhood is a crucial time for building a solid foundation in badminton, and he strives to provide a premium learning experience for his students.

Better Environment in Private Training for Badminton

Better Environment in Private Training

ST Badminton Academy is well known for being the first academy to emphasize the importance of class size since 2016. We limit the number of students in a training session to no more than 4 or 5 to ensure better results.

Our badminton coach has gathered real experiences and proven data that show how huge class sizes can negatively affect a student’s improvement. Our focus is not on being unique or good, but on helping students achieve better results. More and more badminton academies are adopting our approach because parents are starting to understand the importance of class size.

This is a positive development for the Singapore badminton industry because it ensures that academies focus on helping kids achieve better results instead of just making money.

When our students participate in private badminton training, they benefit from a better training environment that produces improved results, especially for beginners or those who aim to use badminton for DSA or admission to Singapore Sports School. With a better environment and hard work, our students can achieve their goals instead of spending years training and ending up with nothing but wasted time and money.

Proven Training Results with Private Badminton Class

Proven Training Results with Private Badminton Class

What do proven training results mean? Every parent wants to see their kids improve and not just waste their money investing in private badminton classes that lead to no tangible results. Unfortunately, this is a common issue in Singapore.

However, can private classes help kids improve better? The answer is definitely yes. Why? Because at ST Badminton Academy, we have a well-structured class plan, including class size, training method, individual training plans for each student, and most importantly, an experienced coach.

Our students not only improve with proven results but can improve much faster than others if the coach truly knows how to teach them. The logic is simple: if the coach knows, the student can know; if the coach doesn’t know, the student won’t know either.

In other words, the student’s improvement is directly proportional to the coach’s ability to teach. Therefore, it is crucial that the coach is skilled and committed to seeking improvement and practicing consistently to ensure maximum results for the students.

Private Badminton Lessons Table Calculation

Class Size

Student Learn

Skill Improvement

4 Students

30 Minutes


2 Students

60 Minutes


1 Student

120 Minutes


Private Training

120 Minutes (2 hours)

One Skill

Class size” means how many students are in one private training for 2 hours.
Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn in 2 hours of training.
Skill Improvement” means how long the students can learn one skill in 2 hours of training, for example, 25% means the student needs to attend 4 training to 100% get used to one skill.

Proven Improvement Result with Private Badminton Training

Better Quality of TrainingPrivate training helps your kids to have a better quality of badminton training which can help them learn better in a safe mode.

Proven Improvement Result
Help our students improve within a short period of time with obvious improvement results which all parents wish to see this.

Better Learning & Communication
Our coach can have better learning communication with the students whenever the student did something wrong and needs to be correct on the spot during the training.

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