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Private badminton coaching is mainly for parents who need their kids to have good results in a short time, and foundation development in a better learning environment with our badminton coach.

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Private Badminton Coaching 1 on 1

Private badminton coaching 1 on 1 held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. This private coaching mostly is for parents who really to see fast and good results in terms of improvements Especially already have targets that need to achieve on yearly basis. For example,  if they wanted to get into the school team,  wanted to train for competition in any age group, or even have some parents just want to let their children have a good environment, so one on one private coaching will be the best choice for them.

Why need to be one on one badminton training? Sometimes if you really need to learn everything in the correct way, let them have more time to play badminton with our experienced coach, 2-hour training is also not enough. But at least can be better than many badminton training.

Private Badminton Coaching Singapore by ST Badminton Academy
The benefit of Private Badminton Coaching 1.1

The Benefit of Private Badminton Coaching 1 on 1

The benefit of private badminton coaching 1 on 1 is that the student can have enough time to learn every single skill. Our badminton coach can while play and explain more about the skill, sometimes kids need us to tell them more about the skills, how to use them, when to use them, and how to train to be more consistent.  

For example, when at the beginner level, the student might listen to us for what pattern or how to swing, once they are familiar with it, we need to teach them to use the skill and where the shuttle should go in order to play better. Sometimes the big size of the group training, to be honest, we don’t have enough time to explain one by one to every individual different student, so only the 1 on 1 private training can have this kind of chance.

The benefit of Private  Badminton Coaching 1.2

Understand Better Badminton Skills

Why 1 on 1 private training can understand better badminton skills?  For example, in this training, if our student doing something not right, our badminton coach can correct his bad on the spot is one thing.  In case the student still does not understand, he can teach and teach again with no issue.  

Imagine if the class is more students in one class, our coach corrects any one of the student’s bad habits took about  40  minutes, how about the rest of the students? Mean they learn nothing for 40 minutes. We can ask the rest of the students to do something like playing a game, do stamina training, or whatever. But in fact, the 2 still learn nothing new for 40 minutes, right? So, this is the reason why private 1 on 1 badminton coaching there is better.

Private Badminton Lesson by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
The benefit of Private  Badminton Coaching 1.3

Sparring and Improve Game Experiences

If 1 on 1 private badminton coaching the student can have more time to play with our badminton coach.  So if he found any skill or tactics wrong in training, he can correct them on the spot and explain the reason behind it. So can have more understanding of the mistake they did.  

Sometimes children when doing something wrong, not that they don’t want to listen or change, just that we need to spend more time explaining and letting them understand why is it wrong, they sure will once they understand,  in short, be passionate to the kid.

So in this private badminton coaching, we can have more time to spar and explain to the student if any,  definitely the skill and game experiences will be better than in any other badminton training.

The benefit of Private  Badminton Coaching 1.4

More Focusing on Consistency and Improving Results

For our current private training 1 on 1, most of our parents aim to get their kids for consistent improvement, better competition results, and preparation for competition. Some parents explained to us,  that they understand their children like badminton so much, so they are willing to pay a little more to make their kids have a better learning environment.

We really can feel the parent’s “ love”,  and they are really lucky to have this kind of parent. Partly they feel worth it due to they really can see the improving result. We have the parents want to go for 2 hours of private training. But we don’t take all,  we’ll see the student’s current, not blindly let them join, as not everyone can take it for 2 hours of private badminton coaching. We are also proud to have students who really love badminton and train with us.  This is a time file for us, as we will get older and older,  they will grow up.

Private Badminton Coaching 1 on 1 Calculation

Beginner Training

Learning Details

Student Learn

45 Minutes


45 Minutes

45 Minutes


45 Minutes

30 Minutes


30 Minutes

Total: 2 Hours

Learned: 3 Skills

Total: 2 Hours

Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn if 1 student is in this private badminton coaching lesson.

Private Badminton Training Jurong West by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Improve Quality of Training
Private coaching 1 on 1 can help to improve the quality of training as our students can have a lot more time to learn with our experienced coach.

Obvious Improvement Result
When our students can have more time to play games with our coach, the improvement result can be obvious as our coach explains every single skill in detail.

Coaching Interaction
In  private coaching,  students don’t need to wait or queue  to get trained and have more time to get explained in detail by our badminton coaches

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