Private Badminton Coaching

Private badminton coaching is mainly for parents who need their kids to have good results in a short time, and foundation development in a better learning environment with our badminton coach.

Private Badminton Coach Singapore by ST Badminton Academy
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Private Badminton Coaching 1 on 1

Private badminton training 1 on 1 held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. This private coaching mostly is for parents who really to see fast and good results in terms of improvements.

Especially already have targets that need to be achieved on yearly basis. For example, if they wanted to get into the school team,

wanted to train for competition in any age group, or even have some parents who just want to let their children have a good environment, so one on one private coaching will be the best choice for them.

Why does need to be one on one badminton training? Sometimes if you really need to learn everything in the correct way, let them have more time to play badminton with our experienced coach, 2-hour training is also not enough. But at least can be better than many badminton training.

Private Badminton Coaching Singapore by ST Badminton Academy
The benefit of Private Badminton Coaching 1.1

The Benefit of Private Badminton Coaching 1 on 1

The primary advantage of private badminton coaching on a 1-on-1 basis is that it allows students to receive dedicated attention, providing ample time for mastery of each individual skill. Our experienced badminton coach is able to both demonstrate and explain various techniques and strategies in-depth, ensuring that students have a complete understanding of how and when to apply them in their game.

This is particularly important for beginners, who require close guidance on fundamentals such as swing patterns and shuttle placement to lay a strong foundation for future progress. Unlike group training sessions, which can be limited by time constraints, private lessons provide a more personalized approach, allowing for individualized feedback and tailored instruction to improve performance and consistency.

The benefit of Private  Badminton Lessons 1.2

Understand Better Badminton Skills

Can you explain why private 1-on-1 badminton training is more effective in helping students to master badminton skills? There are several reasons. Firstly, during private lessons, our experienced badminton coach is able to provide immediate feedback to students and correct any mistakes on the spot. This is important in ensuring that students develop proper techniques and habits from the outset. Additionally, if a student is struggling to grasp a particular concept or skill, our coach is able to spend more time addressing their needs without impacting the progress of other students, which can be difficult in a larger group setting.

In contrast, in a class with more students, correcting just one student’s bad habits could take up to 40 minutes, leaving other students without instruction during that time. While we could assign other activities to the rest of the class during this time, such as games or stamina training, this still leaves the student and the coach unable to focus on improving the necessary skills. Therefore, private 1-on-1 badminton training is an effective option for those seeking personalized attention and a focused, tailored approach to learning the sport.

Private Badminton Lesson by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
The benefit of Private  Badminton Classes 1.3

Sparring and Improve Game Experiences

One of the advantages of private 1-on-1 badminton coaching is the ample time that the student gets to spend playing with and receiving feedback from our experienced badminton coach. In the event that the student makes any mistakes or needs improvement on a particular skill or tactic, the coach is able to provide immediate feedback, as well as an explanation behind the correction, allowing for a deeper understanding of the game.

We recognize that for some children when they make mistakes, it may not be due to a lack of willingness or desire to improve, but rather a need for a more thorough understanding of the issue. Our dedicated coaches are passionate about helping our students to reach their potential and are able to spend the necessary time to explain concepts and techniques in a way that resonates with each individual student.

By providing students with more opportunities to spar with and learn from the coach, we are able to provide a more comprehensive and effective badminton training experience.

The benefit of Private  Badminton Lessons 1.4

More Focusing on Consistency and Improving Results

At our current 1-on-1 private badminton training sessions, many parents seek consistent improvement, better competition results, and preparation for tournaments on behalf of their children. Some have shared with us that their children have a deep passion for the sport, and they are willing to invest in a more focused learning environment to help their children succeed.

We truly appreciate the love and dedication that these parents have for their children and are honored to play a role in helping them achieve their goals. We take pride in our track record of helping students to make significant progress in their badminton skills and have received positive feedback from many satisfied parents.

While we occasionally receive requests for extended 2-hour sessions, we carefully evaluate each student’s abilities and needs to ensure that they are best served by the appropriate training regimen. We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with students who share our passion for badminton, and we cherish the memories and relationships that we build with them over time.

Private Badminton Lessons 1 on 1 Calculation

Beginner Training

Learning Details

Student Learn

45 Minutes


45 Minutes

45 Minutes


45 Minutes

30 Minutes


30 Minutes

Total: 2 Hours

Learned: 3 Skills

Total: 2 Hours

Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn if 1 student is in this private badminton lesson.

Private Badminton Training Jurong West by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Improve Quality of Training
Private coaching 1 on 1 can help to improve the quality of training as our students can have a lot more time to learn with our experienced coach.

Obvious Improvement Result
When our students can have more time to play games with our coach, the improvement result can be obvious as our coach explains every single skill in detail.

Coaching Interaction
In  private coaching,  students don’t need to wait or queue  to get trained and have more time to get explained in detail by our badminton coaches

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