The Perfect Grip in Badminton

The perfect grip help to improve your badminton stroke, it’s important to know how to grip the racket. If you’re able to grip the racket correctly, you can hit the ball much better and you can also avoid injury.

The Perfect Grip for your Badminton Forehand and Backhand shots


Badminton is one of the fastest-growing sports in Singapore, which makes it easy to forget that there are actually quite a few things that can go wrong when badminton is being played. Especially like beginner children, when they did wrong, it’s forever wrong, so please try to avoid this.

In badminton, there are generally two types of grips that players use for their forehand strokes – the dominant grip and the non-dominant grip. The dominant grip is the stronger of the two and is typically used for more powerful strokes such as smashes, tabs, and pushes. The non-dominant grip is weaker but gives players more control over their strokes, making it ideal for rallies.

Perfect grip in badminton classes by ST badminton Academy Singapore 2024

1. The Dominant Grip

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In badminton, the dominant grip is used to impart a powerful stroke. To achieve maximum spin, the racket should be held at the end of its arc. For a right-handed player, the dominant grip is achieved by holding the racket in the left hand and keeping the thumb pointing downwards. The index finger should be placed on top of the shaft while the other three fingers should be wrapped around the bottom. For left-handed players, the opposite is true – they should hold the racket in their right hand and keep their thumb pointing downwards.

Perfect grip in badminton coach by ST badminton Academy Singapore 2024

2. The Non-Dominant Grip

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The non-dominant grip is similar to the dominant grip except that the racket is held in the opposite hand. For right-handed players, this means holding the racket in their right hand with their thumb pointing downwards. Left-handed players would do the same but with their left hand. The non-dominant grip in badminton is very easy to master and can make you a much better player than you think.

I’ve had my fair share of players come to me to ask about their dominant grips in badminton. Many seem to be unaware of the difference between dominant and non-dominant, so I thought I would break it down.

3. How to Master the Perfect Grip

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To understand how to control the movement of your arm, wrist, and hand to achieve the most powerful and consistent stroke possible with a perfect grip. You have a few options when deciding where to place your fingers on the racket. You can place your fingers over the handle. Your grip has a large impact on the quality of your swing. This is especially true for the backhand. With the correct grip, you are able to create a stronger swing motion with a smoother transition.

The right grip also gives you greater control over your backswing, so you can maximize your backhand. To understand how to control the movement of your arm, wrist, and hand to achieve the most powerful and consistent stroke possible with a perfect grip. When you start practicing your forehand and backhand strokes, try using the correct grips. You’ll notice a difference in the quality of your strokes.

4. How To Improve Your Game with Badminton Grip

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A badminton perfect grip is important to both beginners and advanced players alike. If you are a beginner, then the badminton grip is something that you need to focus on. If you are an advanced player, then the badminton grip is something that you need to focus on.

A badminton grip can be made more difficult for you or less difficult for you, depending on your own preferences. But think twice when you are giving up to learn the right grip, you will forever become the “loser” in badminton.

5. Conclusion of Hold the Right Badminton Perfect Grip

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In conclusion, you need to hold the right badminton grip, no matter what level you are. Without the proper way of holding the right badminton grip, you will not be able to move forward to the next level. If you hold the wrong badminton grip, it can be very difficult to hit the ball accurately.

Holding the badminton perfect grip correctly allows you to maintain a good balance and hit the ball with the right amount of power and accuracy. Choose whichever grip works best for you from a professional badminton coach and practice, practice, practice! Thank you for reading!

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