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mission-succeed-1 badminton-class-children st-Badminton-Academy singapore

Mission Succeed | Children Badminton Classes

Mission Succeed – 1

For 11 years since 2007, our Badminton Coach focus mainly on children basic skill development


We make sure that all our students learn the professional standard level of children basic skills development.  As long as they are in ST Badminton Academy, bad habits will not be tolerated.

mission succeed 2 children badminton class st badminton class children st academy sg

Focus basic on our Children Badminton Training

Mission Succeed – 2

We focus on our students to learn the proper lower body movement in footwork. Our Badminton Coach will create individual footwork training to match their playing habits.


( Skill contribution – Mr.Eric Chuar )

badminton lesson children badminton training mission succeed 3

Mission Succeed – 3

Every parent understand that their kids need proper basic badminton skills foundation. This is necessary if they want to find success in their badminton career. Skills like how to  V- gripe a racket in forehand, backhand, underarm lift and netting.  All these are simple but important.


Whether the kid’s parents wants them to be  professional or leisure player, our Badminton Coach will still make sure they learn the perfect professional basic skills foundation.

badminton academy children badminton lesson sg mission succeed 4

Mission Succeed – 4

Our Head Badminton Coach will guide all his students to learn every single badminton skills in badminton.


Students will be  tested on all the various badminton skills.   A certificate, PBST (Professional Badminton Skill Test) will only be given when a student has passed with flying colours during the test.  Students will have a feeling of achievement when they  receive this Certificate. This Certificate cannot be bought with money or favouritism.  Having this Certificate will mean that you have mastered each and every  basic badminton skills  well.


You also do not have any bad habits.  This Certificate will be  well respected by everyone in the badminton community.  To get this Certificate, means you have worked very hard during your time at STBA.  STBA  students who have received this Certificate will feel proud and also a personal achievement as it is not easy to get it.

badminton coach singapore badminton class mission succeed 5

Encourage our children badminton training skills

Mission Succeed – 5

To make sure that our STBA students learn the perfect badminton skills, Mr Eric will personally correct and explain to his students.  There will be no assistant coach in the children badminton class.


He has been personally coaching all his children badminton classes for the past 11 years.  He believes that getting the correct basic badminton skills foundation  is very important for children.


This is to make sure that all his children students get his maximum and best knowledge in badminton

badminton class children badminton training mission succeed 6

Our student love Badminton | Also love The new skills they learnt

Badminton Training Mission Succeed – 6

There will only be a maximum of 4 students in a badminton class for children.  This way our students will be able to achieve good results within a short period of time.


Our Badminton Coach will  have more time to understand each and everyone of his student’s weakness or strong points.  Students will also be able to have more  1 to 1  hands on play with Mr.Eric Chuar.

badminton training west badminton coach mission succeed 7

Mission Succeed – 7

Usually after a few months of basic skill development, our students will be accepted into the school badminton team.


By that time, Eric would have prepared them for competitive games, both mentally and skills.


He wants and hopes that all his students do well in competitions.

badminton coach singapore children badminton training mission succeed 8

Mission Succeed – 8

Our Head Badminton Coach, Eric always demonstrate how to Jump Smash, Backhand, Forehand or Netting Skills.


This way students will understand better after seeing the demonstration. This is easier to understand than just talking or explaining. There is a saying “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”  This is very true.

badminton coaching children badminton skill lesson mission succeed 9

Mission Succeed – 9

Mr Eric Chuar will personally coach children between the age of 5 to 10 years old.


He wants his children students to understand and learn much faster on how to use the proper basic kills.

children badminton training singapore badminton class mission succeed 10

Mission Succeed – 10

Mr Eric always insist that his students play in competition mode as early as possible. Anyone who is not serious or does not obey will be asked to leave STBA.


Eric always say “ If I can guide them from age 5 to 15 years in basic learning and competition, I am sure they will  be better than others. I do not like to waste my student’s time and money. I also do not like to wait”.

adult badminton training singapore adult badminton course mission succeed 11

“Do what you can do in young age,you are alive” Especially Badminton Training

Mission Succeed – 11

It is always important to know that you  must  exercise regularly.  If not, your body will be lazy regardless whether you are young or old.


We have a student of 65 years old.  She learnt proper basic skills for almost 2 years from beginner. Today she is a high beginner. It is not easy for her and she always say “If you want to live longer and healthier, move your body more otherwise you will become very lazy”

badminton training adult badminton coaching pek kio mission succeed 12

Mission Succeed – 12

Eric will teach his adult students who are lacking behind in certain skills. Most of his adult students play in  Meetup games.  He will purposely create individual training programme for them to help get rid of their bad habits.


In the court, he will monitor their progress and advise them on skill tactics and combination  in game play.  This will help his students to enjoy Meetup and leisure games more.

adult badminton class singapore adult badminton coaching mission succeed 13

Mission Succeed – 13

In general, Mr Eric teach his adult student class all badminton skills in the court.   His students will then be able to enjoy playing badminton in leisure games.


His students will also be able to have a good  level in playing badminton.

badminton coaching adult badminton training singapore mission succeed 14

Mission Succeed – 14

For adult badminton training, we will help them refresh each skills.  This means that sometimes we will do more smashing and less netting. This way we are  able to help them refresh their netting skills.


Mr Eric will always encourage his students with useful training method.  This way, they will have more confidence  when playing games with their friends.

singapore badminton coach badminton coaching singapore eric chuar mission succeed 15

Class Mission Succeed Overall

Mr Eric said “ After 11 years of coaching experience, I have this to say.  “A Good Coach is not about how many medals you can have. It is about how much effort you can give to your students”