Mission succeed | Badminton Training for Kids | Basic Skill and Orthodoxy Mind Sets
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mission-succeed-1 badminton-class-children st-Badminton-Academy singapore

Mission Succeed | Our Student

Mission Succeed – 1

From 2007 until today is about 11 years, we always focus on our student basic development.


Ensure each of student learn the orthodoxy right basic. Strictly no bad habit until the day they grow up left ST Badminton Academy.

mission succeed 2 children badminton class st badminton class children st academy sg

Focus basic on our Children Badminton Training

Mission Succeed – 2

We always focus on our children lower body movement in footwork. Our coach will create for them a specific footwork movement skill in the court.


( Skill contribution -Mr.Eric Chuar )

badminton lesson children badminton training mission succeed 3

Mission Succeed – 3

Although everyone know the children few important thing must get used to for badminton.


Example in how to grip right V-Grip handle on forehand and backhand. Our coach will secure his student at the right practice to ensure they are perfect.

badminton academy children badminton lesson sg mission succeed 4

Mission Succeed – 4

Our Head Coach guide his Student every right skill should have in the badminton court.


Even he swear to ensure his student can using the skill that learnt from him for lifetimes.


Just learn one time with no bad habit needed to change anymore.

badminton coach singapore badminton class mission succeed 5

Encourage our children badminton training skill

Mission Succeed – 5

To protect our student learn the right skill,Mr.Eric will personally correct and explain to his student.


He did the same practice for the past 11 years to make sure the student growing with right thing.


Also,Mr. Eric will be the coach for each children badminton lesson. Wanted to ensure his student covered with correct knowledge gain.

badminton class children badminton training mission succeed 6

Our student love Badminton | Also love The new skill they have

Badminton Training Mission Succeed – 6

To make sure we can achieve good result for our student improvement in short time. Especially children, our coach created 4 student into one group lesson.


So our coach able to understand more on his student about their weakness and importantly our student can have enough time to touch more shuttlecock with Coach Mr.Eric Chuar.

badminton training west badminton coach mission succeed 7

Mission Succeed – 7

Time are surely passed too fast. After our student mastered in basic skill and get into school team.


Our coach will train his student in advance for necessary competition knowledge.


He want to ensure his student are covered with good result. Build orthodoxy mind set in competition in the long run.

badminton coach singapore children badminton training mission succeed 8

Mission Succeed – 8

Until now for skill understanding example in jumping smash, backhand, forehand or netting skill. Will be fully demonstrate by our head coach.


Our student able to feel and catch up the real time action. It’s help our student improve absorbing ability of learning.

badminton coaching children badminton skill lesson mission succeed 9

Mission Succeed – 9

In effect for age 5 to 8 years fresh children,the children badminton training will be covered training under Head Coach Mr.Eric.


As Eric Said “This to let our student understand more on how to use the proper basic skill in game play.”

children badminton training singapore badminton class mission succeed 10

Mission Succeed – 10

At the same time Mr.Eric always let the student start to play game like in competition mode of view as early as possible.


As he always said: ” If i can guide them since age of 4 to 7 years old start to play competition. My student will be always faster than other people,i don’t like waste the student time and i don’t like to wait.”

adult badminton training singapore adult badminton course mission succeed 11

“Do what you can do in young age,you are alive” Especially Badminton Training

Mission Succeed – 11

Important to realize if human body not exercise frequently it will become lazy no matter young or old  age as human are like that. We have a student senior citizen who age of 66 this year learning proper basic footwork and upper body skill in adult badminton class.


She has been train for almost 2 years from beginner until today become high beginner. it’s not easy and she always said: ” If you want to live longer and healthier,move your body more otherwise you will become more aching more lazy “. Agree

badminton training adult badminton coaching pek kio mission succeed 12

Mission Succeed – 12

With this in mind, Eric support his adult badminton training student who lacking behind of skill. However as he know his student usually play in Meetup and friends games. He love to create new training method to cover his student skill who still lacking behind.


He will monitor his student reaction in court, also cover fill them with combination skill like forehand drop along with smash. This to get his student enjoy Meetup and leisure game.

adult badminton class singapore adult badminton coaching mission succeed 13

Mission Succeed – 13

In general Mr.Eric covered his adult badminton class student on every skill in court. This to protect his student join leisure badminton with enjoy.


Also at least make his student into equally standard level of play.

badminton coaching adult badminton training singapore mission succeed 14

Mission Succeed – 14

As well as to prevent our adult badminton training student not used to those skill they seldom to use.


Eric will encourage their student with useful training method to ensure they have enough confidence on it.

singapore badminton coach badminton coaching singapore eric chuar mission succeed 15

Class Mission Succeed Overall

Mr.Eric Said: 11 years experiences i learnt ” Good coach is not about how many medal you have,is about how much effort you can give to your student.”