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Kids badminton lessons are the best for kids who want to improve a full set of foundations in badminton. We will discuss more the facts of kids badminton lessons in Singapore.

Kids Badminton Lesson Singapore by ST Badminton Academy 2025
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Kids Badminton Lesson Singapore

Our kids badminton lessons will be focused on developing a professional technique, a full skill set of a proper foundation for kids. As usual, we will only take very low numbers of students who are keen to learn, and never ever take more students because of wanting to earn more money.

Most parents understand, to bring out a professional player with a perfect foundation need to start to learn everything right from a young age during the badminton lesson for kids. And a coach has to spend a lot of time and effort to teach too, all coach understands this meaning.

Unless that coach just only wants to earn money so take more students to enjoy their coaching life. This kind of coach end up in students do have not many results or improvement and they continue to stay in their own worlds saying they are right, and other coaches are wrong.

How to ensure the badminton lessons are Perfect by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

How to ensure the badminton lesson is Perfect

If the coach really wants the students perfect, every skill needs to be polished and polished again in order to make it perfect, not easy to be honest. If we close our eyes to teach the kids lessons, they will never ever become good players, for sure.

We have been teaching badminton lessons for almost 14 years now. Our badminton coach mentioned when thinking back on his own childhood, playing badminton can be happy, learning badminton is very expensive so during the training day, he can be excited from morning until the afternoon before the lessons start. His childhood badminton days were usually spent just hanging around the courts watching others play after training, or sitting on the sidelines waiting to pick used shuttlecocks.

But nowadays children joining badminton lessons seem like not motivated, the life is too good, don’t know appreciate how hard is their parent work to feed them and plan for their future. This is the reason why our badminton academy has rules that, if the kids who are our students do not work hard during the badminton lesson, we will inform them to quit. This is to cover their parents and coach not to waste their hard money and time sending the kid here and there end up the kids learn nothing.


The benefit of the professional way of badminton lessons for Kids

We believe that our kids badminton lesson is great to have a professional way of training method. Why? If the kids join our training but learn nothing or learn the wrong thing and build up bad habits, what for? That means we are no different from other casual badminton training. This is the reason why we insist to provide professional badminton lessons all along since 14 years ago.

Kids mentality need to be trained during our badminton lessons too, as most of the kids can have thousand of a nonsense excuse to skip the training method they don’t like.

But our coach will still force them to do it until they are used to it. For kids who are not capable to follow our training plan, only 2 choices, do or quit. But most of the students end up they are happy and appreciated what our coach did for them too.

Provide Kids with Badminton Lessons to Earn Money ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Provide Kids with Badminton Coaching to Earn Money

We can provide kids badminton lessons that just thinking about earning more money. Just pretend to do everything surface as a good badminton academy, systematic training, print jerseys, and free rackets to attract more parents to send their kids for badminton lessons.

But we not doing this, as no point to spoil a student if we have not capable to coach them well, right? If we are capable which so 40 of students only 4 students is good?

Do you think all of the rest of the 36 students are stupid? Or the badminton coaches never teach properly? or don’t know how to teach? Parents and coaches should already have a clear answer.


Not many good foundation badminton players in Singapore

Why in Singapore are so many thousands of coaches providing private kids badminton lessons in Singapore but still not many good foundation players are out? and the senior good player only has one Loh Kean Yew? So some unresponsible coach of the current mindset in the market now? Loh Kean Yew got the world championship champion, many parents want their kids to learn badminton. So now is the time to coach, know or don’t know how to coach also never mind, those parents will not know one.

To us, this is quite a serious problem, so parents must really know how to choose a good badminton lesson for their kids. We talk so much of this not because we want more students to join us, or we don’t like some badminton academy, or we are the best badminton academy, no, we are not, still many things need to learn and improve, no. But because we are parents too, we hope our kids to have a bright career in the future, especially in Singapore.

Got qualification means the kids badminton lessons is good by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Got qualification means the kids training is good?

In fact, even if some badminton coaches have a coaching qualification level 1, 2, or even 3. To be honest, a parent or head coach can use their own eyes to see. Because qualifications not meaning the lessons are properly structured or good.

Because we can see so many coaches in Sports Hall and CC, how do those badminton coach conduct the badminton lessons for kids? Some really anyhow teach right? the coach details found certified in coaching qualification too.

We understand not easy to control everything in a good way. So parents, or coaches who have an assistant coach in their academy. Also, try to monitor themselves of their kids or students during badminton lessons. Make sure every kids have proper lessons and fun. So that in the next 5 years we will have a better batch of player to represent Singapore. And more and more good players are coming from our nation.

What are the good advice for kids badminton lessons by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

What are the good advice for kids badminton lesson?

For parents who really want to send their kids to badminton lessons, try to monitor your own. Don’t send your kids there and run away to walk shopping, busy with other things, go once or twice to monitor the training. How the coach conducts the training, and importantly how is the improvement after a few months. The kids belong to parents, if we don’t help our kids to monitor, who will help? So as parents must take care of this part to ensure their kids join the right badminton lessons.

For head badminton coaches who want to expand their badminton academy, so hire a ton of assistant badminton coaches, try to monitor regularly the student’s progress, and make a skills list with a monthly calendar like our coach launched this 12 years ago. Use a book or note of progress to note down the student learning date and time, and skills teaching on which days, after the lesson as the assistant coach submit to the head coach for approval. So the whole training will be under monitoring which assistant coach and the student got a problem and keep parents up to date.

Improve Quality of Training
Working together to improve the quality of kids badminton lessons brings up the Singapore badminton level.

Obvious Improvement Result
Spent more time on kids during badminton lessons to focus on their weaknesses and improve their overall skills.

Coaching Responsibility
Every badminton coach has to bare the coaching responsibility to make sure to find the best solution to help the kids solve their problem during the badminton lesson.

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