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jurong badminton class children badminton class

Children Beginner badminton training at Jurong Juying Secondary School

Jurong badminton class are mainly located at Juying Secondary School. Hence,this jurong badminton class are mainly focus on our children beginner basic skill development. In the first place,the children age for fresh beginner as good as between 6 to 10. Why?


In this age the children are able to absorb the basic development easier as without any bad habit. Our head badminton coach Mr.Eric will be personally held this children Badminton Class Jurong due to the priority of the children basic.

Furthermore is basic skill development important for fresh children beginner in badminton? Yes. But why? We can see some of the children learn badminton already about 2 to 3 years. But still stuck into certain standard due to bad habit. This might because of the children learn the wrong practice at the beginning when they are fresh.


Once they learn the wrong basic development no matter how many days the children train in a week. They will still staying in same level until they correct the bad habit. Equally important Mr.Eric our badminton coach want his student to be the top. He will make 4 student into one class for children badminton training. So that he able to have more time eyes on his student basic skills. Also student able to touch more shuttlecock with Mr.Eric.

Children Badminton Class mainly focus on the Children Basic for Beginner

Additionally this jurong badminton class will mostly focus on our student upper and lower body movement. Once the student well develop in basic skill in future probably get into school team CCA in badminton.


By the time children are able to train in school about 2 days in a week with school badminton coach. Of course if children are lucky has a good badminton coach with them. In contrast they will improve much more faster as their basic development already well developed.

As in school badminton training most of the time due to the court limit. So that the school badminton coach will train his student on stamina the most. Besides of skill train example they will run the court footwork. Stamina work like sprinting, jogging before start and smash, netting to ensure the student enough tired.


After all is a good training at school as they has a lot of different player to play with. In contrast Mr.Eric will focus his student on each badminton skill in the court to cover no skill are lacking behind.

badminton class jurong children badminton training
badminton class children jurong badminton
How to make our student improving faster than other

As can be seen without a proper basic development the student will not able to absorb higher badminton skill. In short some of the parent might know sometime if they play badminton.


However example if they without a proper basic even only want run few step to get the shuttlecock. They will feel difficult and also body unstable in the badminton court. Our student will be covered on the lower body movement accordingly to certified badminton coach standard.


As shown above to ensure our student are doing the right thing. Mr.Eric will personally monitor his student and no assistant or non-certified badminton coach in the children badminton class.


This to ensure the student learn fast and prevent bad habit happened,once the kid has bad habit. It might took more than a year to correct back due to the student already used to it.

Jurong Badminton Class for Children

In this case it’s not worth, time are passing too quickly. In reality for the children in future might be busy for study,boy have to NS. Likewise if they are master in basic skill development even they stopped for a year.


They will be able to chase back the skill feeling as the basic development basement are still there. After so many years of improvement and experiment in in his non-stop badminton coaching career by Mr.Eric.


Children basic is important in his badminton class for children since 2007. This is one of the reason that our student always improve faster than other.

jurong badminton training children badminton class
Fees & Term
Beginner Fee : $115 / month 4 sessions

2 hours per session

Class size 4 student in a session

Beginner shall be coach by – Eric Chuar

Location : Jurong




Jurong Badminton Class registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Socks
  4. Shoulder bag
  5. Badminton racket
High Beginner Class Fee : $115 / month 4 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4 trainee in a session

High Beginner shall be teach coach – Eric Chuar

Location : Juying Jurong



Jurong Badminton Class fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Socks
  4. Shoulder bag
  5. Badminton racket
School Team Class Fee : $115 / month 4 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4 student in a session

School Team skill and strategy shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Location : Area of Jurong


Jurong Badminton Training registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Socks
  4. Shoulder bag
  5. Badminton racket
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