How to Warm Up Properly for Badminton

To warm up properly for badminton, you need to know what warm-up means in terms of badminton. Warm-up refers to warming up the muscles and joints prior to playing a game or training.

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If you are having trouble warming up, you are likely having problems with overuse and poor training. Warming up is a combination of skill and a bit of know-how, especially agility warm-up. Players of any level should know how to warm up properly before stepping on the court for a match. We wrote an in-depth article on tips for warming up properly for Badminton.

How to Warm Up Properly for Badminton by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024 Eric Chuar

1. Why warming up is important

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It’s so important tips to do a full warm-up before playing to help avoid injuries. It’s also important because you’re ready to go right from the start of the match. You won’t need to get four-five rallies into the game before you feel like you’ve finally got in gear.

Warm-ups don’t have to take that long either. You can perform a solid warm-up in less than five minutes with good agility training.

Warming up in badminton is important to improve performance, coordination, and muscle memory. During a match, you may find yourself in situations where you have to change direction quickly or quickly jump over an object. You need a warm-up routine before and after to ensure you are prepared to perform the required movements in a fluid and efficient manner.

2. The ideal warm-up: what to do and for how long

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Before every badminton game start, you should warm up slowly in order to allow your body to prepare for the rigors of a game. As the temperature of your muscles increases, you will feel them stiffen and you’ll find it easier to move faster and better. You don’t want your muscles to lock up when it’s time to serve or hit a backhand.

You should start to warm up about 10 minutes before the game badminton game. This will allow your muscles to gradually relax and warm up before the match begins.

To start, you can use a light jog and walk around the badminton court. If your courtside is not equipped with a stretching area, you can use a jump rope or do jumping jacks.

It is recommended to stretch your back, hamstrings, quads, and calves for about 5-10 minutes. You can also lightly jog on the spot for a couple of minutes. As the leg is very important for us to protect if we want to play badminton longer in our entire life.

After warming up, it’s best to stretch your arms and legs to help loosen the muscles.

A good warm-up can help you win matches by improving your ability to keep your body balanced. You also can stroke with your friend by using a shuttlecock before the game start too.

How to Warm Up Properly for Badminton by ST Badminton Training Singapore 2024

3. Warming up the mind: preparing mentally for the game

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Preparing mentally for badminton games is a crucial part of warming up properly. Your mindset is everything, badminton racket quality is not the main reason to cause you to lose the game.

In order to win, our good badminton tips you need to be positive, optimistic, and calm.

You need to prepare yourself before you even step on the court, even in a training session, imagine you are holding a badminton racket in your mind. If you get too nervous, your energy levels drop and you lose focus. If you’re too relaxed, you might get distracted and lose concentration.

The best way to warm up properly before a match is to use a pre-game routine. In order to have a successful pre-game, it is important to ensure that you’re mentally prepared.

There are several things to consider.

First, find your rhythm

Play around with different shots and patterns in order to gain familiarity with the game. Once you feel comfortable, then it’s time to start working on your strategy.

Make sure you’re mentally prepared and confident. A badminton game is an intense physical and mental workout. You need to be focused and prepared.

Once you’ve mentally prepared yourself, you can relax and focus on your physical preparation.

How to Warm Up Properly for Badminton by ST Badminton Training Singapore 2025

4. Warming up the heart: how to get your heart rate up

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Warming up the heart in order to get your heart rate up in badminton is the best thing you can do before a game to ensure you have proper heart function. The heart is an organ that pumps blood throughout the body.

If you want to improve your performance or avoid injuries, warm up your heart in the morning before a match. This will allow your heart to beat at a higher speed, which will provide you with a better condition and allow you to play more effectively.

5. Jump Rope

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One of the best ways to get your muscles moving and your heart rate going is by jumping rope or so call skipping rope. If you don’t have a rope, that’s fine. Just pretend like you do and jump up and down in place as if the rope were there to train your stamina agility. Do this for 30 seconds and really try to pick up the pace after the first 10 seconds. You should be sweating by the end of it!

Skipping rope is good for your mind, body, and fitness level.

Jump roping is a physical activity that is usually done indoors or outdoor area. There is no equipment necessary and jump roping can be done by anyone. Jump rope is a game where players attempt to keep pace with a rhythm of rapid and continuous jumping.

There are different types of jump ropes, some ropes can get weighted type. But each type of jump rope has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some jump ropes are better for warm-up before badminton training starts. 

6. Jogging in Court Warm Up

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Another great way to get your heart rate up is by jogging in place. This is especially good if you don’t have a lot of space to move around. Lift your knees high and pump your arms as if you were running outdoors. Do this for 1 minute and then rest for 30 seconds. Repeat this 3-5 times and you’ll definitely be feeling it! 

Jogging helps in badminton for beginners and even advanced players. Jogging is an essential exercise that enhances the cardiovascular system, helps in burning calories, and makes you agile and active. The game of badminton is considered a sport that requires agility and good balance as well as strength. To maintain good health and fitness, one has to do regular jogging. As badminton is a sport that requires speed and power in both the players, jogging is a great way of improving these skills and keeping up stamina and energy.

7. High Knees Warm Up

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For this one, you’ll want to bring your knees up as high as possible as you march in place. Again, swing your arms as if you were running outdoors. Do this for 1 minute and then rest for 30 seconds before repeating it 3-5 times. High knee warm-up is an essential part of every athlete’s training.

Whether they’re good players or the national player playing badminton where muscle strength is needed. To us, a good badminton racket is just a bonus, but will not bring you winning the game. As this requires a lot of hard work and in-game training. Athletes should spend at least 10-15 minutes warming up properly prior to their badminton game training or competition.

In the case of badminton, this means warming up the muscles and joints used to shuttle the shuttlecock between your forehand and backhand.

Use lightweight

Here are a few badminton tips to keep in mind:

Use light weights. You can use just your body weight and a pair of dumbbells to warm up, or you can go a step further by using a resistance band to do additional stretching.

Work all of the major muscle groups. You may be familiar with the terms biceps, triceps, quadriceps, and hamstrings, but many more muscles are involved in the warm-up process.

Stretch before stretching. You don’t want to stretch a muscle past its resting length and then perform a workout on that muscle. Stretching helps to prevent injury and can be done immediately before you lift or move.

Avoid repetitive exercises. While there is no harm in performing the same motion several times, doing a series of motions that are all the same isn’t as effective. If you are good players which are having a good foundation already, choosing a racket with heavier weight to warm up is good too.

8. The importance of cooling down after badminton

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Use a foam roller after your game or training. If you don’t have access to a dedicated stretching mat, a foam roller can be used instead. A foam roller is a great tool for stretching and providing relief from tightness. 

 Use a foam roller after your game or training. Not only does it help with recovery, but it will also help prevent injury.

While it seems counterintuitive, a post-game foam rolling session actually helps to prepare muscles for another bout of exertion.

Rolling increases blood flow to the muscle and helps to increase the temperature of the muscle to improve elasticity. It also improves the function of muscle tissue so that it can absorb the shock of the next hit better.

9. Conclusion of warming up in badminton

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Warming up is essential for badminton players of all levels. Badminton requires many skills in order to be a perfect badminton player. A warm-up helps avoid injuries and ensures that you’re ready to play right from the start of the match. A proper warm-up only takes a few minutes, but it makes all the difference in terms of performance. So next time you step on the court, make sure you take the time to warm up properly! Thanks for reading!

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