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ST Badminton Academy (SG)

Badminton Coach History

Badminton Coach Mr.Eric Chuar founder of ST Badminton Academy (SG). Mr.Eric Chuar and Wilson Tuan in combination as a partner. Almost 11 years of experience in badminton coaching career. We began working for Johor badminton Association in 2000 and quit in 2006.


We created this academy since 2007 ,not easy also not that smooth as we thought. When started we are still new into coaching career,we don’t even know how to train out a good player. At that time,we thought that we have a good skill so we suitable to be a coach after step down.


After that, we start to take new student. We teach our student those training method that we have trained before when young time. Actually it’s work,but the improvement of our children is not that fast.


Research in Badminton Training Method

We continue to keep thinking and doing research on how to make our student improve in short time. We even try to keep forcing our student doing on drilling , footwork and also stamina work.


The result are consider not in order in the end. Why ? It’s too many caused and we solved each issue almost every 3 months. After we are working hard on this and took 5 around years on changing for our badminton academy. We found the answer.


Finally we know that to set up a Badminton Academy are easy,but to build up a good player are difficult. After so many year of our effort,is a long story with tears. It’s a happy tears as badminton actually is our hobbies, is not money thing can be compare. At the beginning we have our main job. But due to our effort more spend into our badminton academy.


We shorted of time to continue our main job. We decided to quit and be a full time badminton coach. As we customize to thinking of new training method almost every week for our student. We created new effective mind set to train our student between 2009 until today.

eric chuar badminton academy badminton coach

Leading Badminton Class by Head Badminton Coach

In our children badminton training in Singapore, all of our children beginner will be coach by Mr.Eric Chuar. He love to coach children that who are still fresh,why? As previously he received some of the student joining a big group of badminton training before us.


He mention those student even trained for about 3 years. But all their basic skill still not right and also the attitude are worst. Not saying that the coach are not good,but the arrangement of the training group are lacking behind.

Eric said “I’m a badminton coach so have to responsible to all my student. Train them to be good or else not to accept them. The time are passing so quickly ,i can’t leave our student just like that for 3 years.


I want cover all my student make sure they are good in basic skill within short period. Also for children between 4 – 11 years are easy to coach as they easy absorb basic skill. Is easier for me to teach them the right thing when they are fresh.”

children badminton class badminton coach

Ensure train the right training method

Why we must teach our children the right thing. As a badminton coach must not to fool children join our badminton training without learning right skill. Eric said : Because as i said time are passing so quickly,we will getting old and the kid will growing up.


Those student who with with us before will grow up get into secondary ,polytechnic even university and become working adult.

And by that time he will differentiate who coach him the right thing. Who are the coach spending more effort to him. And all his basic learnt from where and right or wrong. How the student would know ? If they are still addict with badminton. They will know for sure. When children time can fool by you ,but after few years will not.


Be a badminton coach are easy but you can’t last longer if you done something wrong to the children. Sometimes parent might be busy unable to accompany their children during the training. So the coach can anyhow teach but. The answer will be know after few years by the student itself.


And even by that time ,the student will spread out if the coach are not professional. Cheat money or anyhow coach ,skill not up to standard. So this is the reason why we always doing the right thing when become a badminton coach. Be honest to our student and assist our student until the end.

adult badminton coach for adult eric chuar

Priority of Adult Badminton Coaching

For adult badminton coaching are more important. The adult student can feel whether you coach are because of money or anyhow coach instead of small children.


Until today we still coaching group of adult badminton player even age of 66 years old student. Feel thankful as they still with us and also train hard listen to Eric advice what bad habit to be change.


Lastly, Eric said: ” I started full time badminton coaching in 2007. Moved to Singapore in 2002 where i started working in Singapore received my PR in 2007. Fifteen years later i am still here. My badminton friend asked me for years when I would go back? My answer is no,i won’t.


I love Singapore much,and i couldn’t leave players that I have coached for years. Since coming to Singapore,i have lived in West area. After all i still live there,down a public sepak takraw court. I always assume is the badminton court and play badminton with my happy family.”

badminton coach adult badminton class
badminton coach eric chuar short profile

Badminton Coach Short Profile

Name : Eric Chuar

Badminton Coaching Experience : 11 years

Coaching location :West and central of Singapore

Bio :A former State Player who represented KL city and numerous national and international tournament.


Aside NCAP level 1 Theory and practical Eric still under BAM (Badmimton Association of Malaysia) Qualified Coach and First Aid Certified.

Personal Achievements 

Our Academy player age is from 5 and up to 66 years old.

Our Mission Succeed