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High-performance badminton coach by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. Parents must read and understand or else regret fore sure.

High-Performance Badminton Coach Singapore
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High-Performance Badminton Coach in Singapore

In Singapore, when speaking about a high-performance badminton coach, most people will determine this must be a famous badminton coach. In fact, is not, but we cannot blame people who don’t know about this. For badminton class, we are almost everything slower than in other countries except for education and the digital world.

Very well known, ST Badminton Academy’s main intention is not to get more students but is aim to bring true knowledge to every parent, student, or badminton coach in Singapore. All along we aim to help more kids to have a good education in badminton instead of earning more money.

What Things that High Performance Badminton Coach Will Not Do

What Things that High Performance Badminton Coach Will Not Do

In Sports, Singapore still has tons of private badminton lessons that provide nonperformance training, which is not right. Their reason might be for kid badminton training as a coach cannot be so strict forward to give them pressure, yes this is correct but is not that way. We should still be giving the kids professional lessons, especially foundation, not asking the kids to join training but just letting them have fun but all the important foundation is built wrongly, this is why our badminton level is not good enough compared to many countries.

What do we hope as a parent? We want our kids to learn badminton in a professional way but not learn from a “badminton coach” who teaches our kids to learn the wrong foundation, and ends up blaming our kids for not working hard, this kind of badminton coach took the training fees for so many months and do nothing just pass time. Wasted the kid’s precious childhood time, causing a lower rate of raising stars in badminton in Singapore. All these matters, as a high-performance badminton coach will definitely not do. We have to do is helping the kids get the right foundation and be proud of ourselves as a coach.

What High Performance Badminton Coach Means

What High Performance Badminton Coach Means

In short, a High-Performance badminton coach means they can prove the student’s improvement results keep going higher regardless of any level. Just like our badminton coach Mr.Eric Chuar, specializes in kid’s badminton foundations so what he has to do how to improve his student’s foundations within a short period of time, he understands how broad the foundation is, proper structured planning is important for him to shorten the result time and proven to the parents, importantly helping the students continues moving forward building their badminton careers.

As a high performance coaches, they will normally not just show how many honors or medals they get to sustain their coaching business. But they have to help every individual student improve their weakness. Especially, plan the right training for them instead of randomly training. This is very important, why? If without planning or according to the timeline, the student’s and time coach’s time will be wasted, and they cannot catch up and compete with others for students. As a coach does not mean you are a coach so you can anyhow plan, the kid’s future in your hand, do not be too selfish to harm yourself.

Creating Useful Methods for Badminton Training

Creating Useful Methods for Badminton Training

Why did parents need to send their kids for badminton training? The purpose is to let the kid improve. So creating a useful training method is an important part to achieve improvement results, this is what parents need, except for some parents who only need their kids to exercise. But too bad is if the badminton academy is too famous, and the coach doesn’t know how to arrange the badminton classes properly, the quality can be bad after some time, different badminton coaches, unequal or class size are too big and many more issues.

And due to many students, the training methods can change according to the class size too big, many students stand there and cannot learn something that is really useful. And the badminton coach will not know they are starting to get the wrong direction and forgot about what is their intention. So in short most of the training method is according to the student ratio in one class, what does this mean? Choose the right badminton classes the easiest way is to look at their class size, and we will understand whether the coach is a casual level just wanted to earn some money or high performance badminton coach.

Strategic Development Training by Badminton Coach

Strategic Development Training in Badminton

As a high performance badminton coach, other than creating a valuable training program standard, exceptional training method is necessary for specific kids. Why? a coach should know not every kid is the same. There are many so called “experienced badminton coaches” when they have new students they knew that they are slow learners, and they will not put much effort into the mentioned type of student because the result of improvement cannot be obvious.

Is this the right way? Every month did their parent pay lesser because the kids are slow learners? No right? And the badminton coach receives the same amount of training fees they have to put more effort into these students. These types of students can improve if the coach is willing to spend some effort to put create strategic development training. Kids are fresh, so they will not improve without someone to really put effort to teach them properly.

Badminton Lessons Fees of Professional Badminton Coach

Badminton Lessons Fees of Professional

To good parents like us, if the kids really like to play badminton, of course we are willing to spend more time and money to choose a high performance badminton coach to coach their kids to let them learn more, join a good lesson and hopefully they can be the best. But nowadays the badminton lessons fees are very randomized to the max, some badminton coach who really have experience, their training fees is cheaper. But to some badminton coaches who don’t even know how to teach the kids in foundation properly just said who are they, how good they are, suddenly pop up in the industry and the training quality is so bad but so expensive to the max.

In short, what we wanted to advise is, badminton lessons fees high and low is nothing linked to the quality of training good or bad. Because what we always think is, play slightly high on some stuff will get better quality, badminton is totally different matter. So the best way to determine badminton lesson fees is to look at the coaches individually how much they focus on your kids and how much improvement they can produce on monthly basis. As a parent, don’t ever just leave your kids and pay expensive fees for months without the monitor on the court, end up the kids might learn nothing but create many bad habits, and the lessons fees paid are gone.

Training Performance Result Based by Good Badminton Coach

Training Performance Result Based by Good Badminton Coach

In Singapore, we agreed that badminton is still just a sport that is not more important than education. So what parents think is to let their kids join a badminton class for exercise, but do you know that exercise also can be more education bases? It is like the high performance coach can plan the training schedule for them and let them consistently improve. But now the current scene in Singapore is most badminton coaches will not plan the training timeline for individual students.

Partly because they know their parents have no expectations of improvement and parents have no knowledge of this. But nowadays parents are not stupid after some time they feel their kids cannot improve at the badminton academy, they will quit and find another one, but, this is already too late, to be honest. The kids already learned wrong, have tons of bad habits, very difficult to back on track. This is why we keep advising parents to choose the right badminton coaches from the beginning, they can show result and your kids are safe.

High Performance Coach Behavior in Badminton Training

High Performance Coach Behavior

A coach’s behavior can determine the student’s quality good or bad, do you seen many badminton coach training, blindly serving shuttlecock students and the mouth just like swallowing a piece of gold? They don’t even correct the student even if they did not perform the skill correctly. This type of badminton coach is not at high-performance level, they are just casual coaches wanted to have students, and money, but not about the improvement of the students.

A high performance coach will care a lot about improvement instead the number of students. They will care about if too many students, they will not able to teach every individual. And they will keep helping the student with all skills, spend more time, lesser students in one court so they have more time to teach, this is good behavior. Every student is different, so being responsible for all our students, is the reason our badminton class will not be more than 4 students in one class.

Monitor the Performance of the Badminton Coach

Monitor the Performance of the Badminton Coach

How to monitor the performance of the badminton coach when teaching our kids? Not sure some of the parents realize that when we go on the court, watching their kids during the training, the court will be more “hardworking”. In fact, many of our parents while they are monitoring their kids in our training, also watch other coaches coaching at other courts. They also can realize that when the student’s parents are not around, the coach will not put more effort, and just pass time, especially for private badminton training 1 on 1 or 1 on 2.

But when someday the parent is drop by to watch, our parents told us that can see the coach works much harder when parents are around. This is a human being, everyone will have a lazy day, but to us, kids’ foundation is important regardless of any education. This is the reason why we always ask the parent must drop by to monitor the coach if have free time. You will have surprise by the kid’s improvement result, as parents can indirectly help. Or look for a badminton coach that has really high performance and is reliable so they do not need to worry.

The Level of the Performance Coach in Badminton

The Level of the Performance Coach

The level of the high performance badminton coach is not just about the certification or how many good players they had. Don’t look at this, nowadays some badminton academies will only focus more on some batches of good students, make sure they are good, competitive and bring them to competition. This is because they wanted to create a reputation to attract more students to join. They post on Facebook, Instagram, and social media platforms to get more people to notice, but this is just a part of the marketing to gain people’s confidence.

To parents who looking for a good badminton coach, remember the level of their student’s improvement, or coach level, Ex-national player, or whatever, not related to your children. What is related is how they can help our children to succeed which is important. So when during the period when our children join badminton training, we need to monitor the performance of the coach in terms of how fast they can assist our children to improve, don’t influence how they promote the success of certain students.

Why Explain About High Performance Badminton Coach

Why Explain About High Performance Badminton Coach

Most of the badminton coaches when are explaining tons of reasons, how good or how professional they are, the main point is to earn your money. Too bad but ST Badminton Academy is not, we believe tons of parents know every year we only take 20 applications approved, and tons of rejected due to full. So we are not trying to attract more new students or businesses for money, no. What we are looking at is helping more parents, so they can only help their children get the right badminton training everywhere in Singapore.

Imagine if every parent started to understand more about how to choose the right badminton lesson, it is indirectly bringing up the Singapore badminton standard. Why? The children can keep improving with the right coach. And also help those coaches who are trying to not put effort but wanted to earn money, they will start to work hard, or else they cannot continue to serve the badminton industry in their careers. So to protect their academy’s reputation using mouth or marketing is not a good way. Putting effort and helping the kids keep improving, helping the Singapore badminton community is only the genuine way.

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