Group Badminton Training 2 Students

Pair badminton group training will go according to professional badminton coaching standards. But if you are looking for results and making your kids improve faster instead of cheap training fees, this training will be a good choice.

Kids Badminton Group Training  2 on 1 by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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Group Badminton Training for 2 Students

Group badminton training for 2 students held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. Most parents looking for group badminton training for their kids, especially at the beginner level, but what type of badminton training is suitable for your kid? In terms of improving their skill gently and not wasting time learning everything properly? 2 students in one group in badminton training will be the better choice for the kid.

Why? A lot of skill set actually if going through them one by one explains to every student is very time-consuming, to be honest, 2 hours training is not enough too. As every student’s level and understanding are different, so the coach needs to monitor and keep finding out the problem of the student during practice in the training. And also badminton skills need more practice in order to be perfect.

The benefit of 2 Students Badminton Training 1.1

The Benefit of 2 Students Badminton Group Training

The benefit of 2 students in one group of badminton training is the student can improve faster is one thing. And their skill in badminton will look more different than other people who join a big group of training. Why? in 2 student group training, the coach probably only needs to monitor 2 students. Our badminton coach can have more time to correct every individual skill passionately.

Every small little skill did something wrong will easily get detected. Imagine if the training is bigger like 5 to 6 students in one training, the coach where got time to teach every single skill? Most talk to you for less than one minute, listen or not listen, change or not change, is up to you. But we are not doing this, as we want our students to learn the proper badminton foundation and skills. This is where the value of small group badminton training is.

Badminton Group Training For Kids  2 on 1 by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
The benefit of 2 Students Group Badminton Training 1.2

Get Better Foundation in Badminton Skill

Why can have a better foundation and badminton skills in 2 students badminton group training? This is a real experience from our badminton coach, he feels that if 2 students are in one class, he is able to explain and keep correcting every single wrong habit of the students. He found some students need more concern when learning foundation, they can keep doing the wrong habit and even keep practicing.

But when they meet our badminton coach, the stubborn bad habit will go away for sure. As our coach got enough time and keep explain and asking them to practice and change during the group badminton training. Honestly, if we do not do this, nobody will do it, and end up the student will not change, cannot improve and their level will be stuck there until they change the bad habit.

Group Badminton Training 2 to 2 by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
The benefit of 2 Students Badminton Training 1.3

Sparring and Getting More Game Experiences

If 2 students group badminton training, normally our badminton coach will spar with his student, actually sparring can help students to get more game experiences in a short time, but they must reach a certain level. Sometimes if only normal training like multiple shuttles, will not help too much as multiple shuttles it just a demo that come from the game. So the best is to do sparring badminton training, so our coach will detect and correct their bad habits or which parts need to correct in order to play better during the training.

If more than 5 students are in one class, is that possible to sparring, multiple shuttles, correct, and play for the students? No. Normally for outside training, if too many students, they will just do multiple shuttles to let students tired, and then the last 20 or 30 minutes of the training then ask them to play their own game and finish the lesson. This is the difference between big and small-size badminton group training, although is bad, this is the reality of Singapore badminton training.

The benefit of 2 Students Badminton Training 1.4

More Focusing on Student’s Improving Results

When turning the group size of badminton training to 2 students, what parent can expect from this? Of course, improvement results. When the class is already small, the student can have more time to learn and play, they will improve faster than any other for sure, meaning they can improve very consistently in this type of small group badminton training. And parents have no stress on why their kids are not improving, why?

Unless the coach doesn’t know how to teach, for example, the coach does not upgrade personal knowledge or sits downplays the phone while in the training, has no heart to teach, or the student is not interested in learning, has too many bad habits, character or attitude problem, very easy to detect the issue. However, our 2 students currently are fully occupied, partly is regarding our badminton coach experiences, according to parents feedback, the result makes them very satisfied, also the training method is clean cut and not messy at all, make a parent feel safe and kind of like different standard.

2 Students Group Training Calculation

Beginner Training

Learning Details

Student Learn

45 Minutes


22.5 Minutes

45 Minutes


22.5 Minutes

30 Minutes


15 Minutes

Total: 2 Hours

Learned: 3 Skills

Total: 60 Minutes

Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn if 2 students in one group.

Badminton Group Training in Singapore 2 Students by ST Badminton Academy

Improve Quality of Training
Improving the quality of training by making the size smaller train with our experienced badminton coach is the best way to learn more.

Obvious Improvement Result
When our coach has more time to explain and play with his students, the results of improvement can be obvious, especially in foundation development.

Coaching Interaction
In badminton group training for foundation development, the important thing is between coach and student to interact about every skill they learn.

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