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Drop shot badminton training in badminton skills is one of the famous skills in Singapore. While physical fitness is an important factor in winning badminton games, it’s not the only one. You’ll also need a competitive skill like drop shot, and a plan of strategy.

How to learn the badminton drop shot 

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A good badminton coach or badminton trainer will always focus on technique and skills, especially the badminton foundation. What do you think of when you hear the word “uncle” playing at community centers? But don’t feel that you are young so can beat the uncle easily. As if they know all the drops like badminton drop shots, you can die hard even if you are fitter.

Drop Shot Badminton Classes by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

1. Why do you need to learn the drop shot?

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If all your skill is easy can know what you trying to do, and your opponent can prepare or come to the place you are going to hit and pressure you to run around. This is why drop shot badminton training is good for you, one of the best skills in badminton foundation.

This is why it’s important. Normally when we play badminton, we always want our skill like a drop shot to surprise the opponent that suddenly a fast drop shot comes and they chase the shuttlecock at the last minute causing them to slow down their reaction. Hiding your next shot from the opponent is the best way to keep your higher advantage to win the game.

Drop Shot Badminton Coaching by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

2. What are the benefits of learning the drop shot?

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In badminton skill, one of the best methods for attacking your opponent is to use the deceptive drop shot. There are a few different variations of drop shots, but they’re all built around using wrist movement.

To be successful as a badminton player, your aim is to trap and win your opponent, delay them, make them think you are going to attack, and end up is a drop shot. You can reach your opponent’s side of the net by executing a forehand cross-drop shot in which the shuttlecocks just pass through the net.

Drop Shot Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024 Coaching

3. The process of learning the badminton drop shot

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Your opponent may be confused by what you did like using the double reaction, but sometimes can win the score easily if they cannot run. Most of the older generation players never learn proper footwork foundation. So when taking drop shots is really not easy for them. As they need to run and lift up the shuttlecocks in a short time, this also causes them very easily to get injured.

If your drop shot quality is good, which is very near to the net and drop down, and the opponent returns the shuttles half-court, you will have more control of the game. Most professional players perform drop shots that will make the opponent difficult to return, so when preparing to run for a drop shot, we have to get ready faster.

Drop Shot Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

4. How to learn the drop shot

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Look for a professional badminton coach to learn drop-shot training, or join badminton classes to understand more about the shot reason behind. No matter whether forehand or backhand, drop shots must be trained in order the get a good quality drop shot skill. A good quality drop shot is the shuttle landing at the opponent court closer to the net area. So when the opponent returns the shuttle can be in a very difficult position.

Sometimes when performing a fast drop shot with a slide can cause the shuttle and in the middle of the court, this can be good if the shuttle speed is fast. But if the shuttle speed is slow, the opponent can make you run around and lose the point.

Drop Shot Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore Professional Badminton Coaching

5. How to execute the drop shot in badminton

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The first thing is a racket, shoulder, elbow, and arm need to prepare before the shot, the earlier you prepare the sharper your drop shot is. The contact point for performing drop shots should be above or beside your head. The drop shot is executed by hitting the shuttlecock with the racket in such a way that it falls backward, rather than forward when you are playing single. 

The drop shot is a very powerful stroke in badminton. It is executed by pulling back when the racket stringbed touches the shuttlecock and then dropping it with a great amount of speed.

The good quality drop shot can be a very difficult stroke to execute because of the speed and wrist coordination required. It is recommended that you look for a good badminton coach to practice during badminton training to reduce mistakes.

Drop Shot Badminton Training Eric Chuar Badminton Coach by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

6. The drop shot in the match

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In Singapore normally all the badminton matches are in double and drop shots become famous skills for every doubles player. When they are tired, and waiting to recover, they will normally lob the shuttle to baseline or use the drop shot to recover.

Nobody will keep smashing because stamina and fitness are good, as even if we are good at smashing but the partner doesn’t even know how to cover in front of the net can be causing to lose the point easily.

The badminton drop shot is a pro for the player who can combine smash and drop at the same pattern so the opponent doesn’t know what you wanted to do.

7. Conclusion

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In conclusion, to win the badminton game, you have to learn how to combine smash and drop at the same time. When you are playing badminton, you can’t just use smash and drop at random times. Remember, you must know what strategy you want to win the point. You need to know when to smash and when to drop and learn the drop shot until consistent and stable.

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Professional Badminton Drop Shot

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