Certified Badminton Coach | Mr.Eric Chuar Badminton Coach | Coach Achievements
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Personal Achievements

Mr.Eric Chuar

Personal Achievements from Certified Badminton Coach Mr.Eric Chuar. He grew up in Gombak Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and began playing badminton since age of 4. A former competitive badminton player,he also starting to coach for small kid in his early age of 12.


Eric love participate in badminton competition around the Malaysia including state and open tournament. Eric said he love to join competition is not because of the title attracted him,win or lose. Actually every competition he able to meet different player ,different skill strategy. He sure able to gain something after the tournament.


This is one of the reason that his skill strategy and mind set always changed due to effected by the competition. It’s a good thing,gain it from young don’t care about win lose. Don’t missed the good chance as time passing too quickly. He also won a numerous of title as per attached photo. Medal is not important when became a certified badminton coach.

badminton academy bam level 1 stba

Certified Badminton Coach

Eric is certified badminton coach under BAM ( Badminton Association of Malaysia ). Eric mention that actually attended badminton coach course is just part of learning experience in badminton coaching.


A certified badminton coach might let parents that has confident to let their children learn with the coach. But into real badminton coaching to teach his student is different topic.


He cover his student from fresh beginner, no matter in skill like footwork forehand backhand under arm lift from fresh until mastered. Every skill have to teach them one by one and training schedule have to plan carefully,it’s a big process.

certified badminton coach eric chuar

Spend more time to our Student

When the student almost learnt 50{62231d14cb48d6056e0ba13103b93551bfd407f5d506984ef032e0137d0cd6ac} of the skill. Eric have to teach them the right way on how to get point in game play. Eric Said “Whole process are took about 1-2 years like rally time ,run with care. Although bring my student to move on is tiring,but someday when you saw them improve in certain level you will feel everything worth” . By that time is not about matter of coach and student,is about a family member are growing up.


Some of the school if you wanted to become a badminton coach at least you must be register under MOE. Also First Aid Certified. Strongly agree that this are important as for the children safety.


Eric said: “After 11 years in coaching career what i learnt is  ‘A good badminton coach is not about how many medal you have, is about how many effort you can give to your student’ .