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Mr.Eric Chuar – Head Badminton Coach & Founder of ST Badminton Academy 

Certified Badminton Coach, Mr Eric Chuar is also the Founder of ST Badminton Academy. He grew up in Gombak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At the young age of 4 he started playing badminton.


At age 14, he was already Assistant Coach at Long Badminton Academy. He becomes friends with his students as he was also young. This makes it easier for him to get his students to change their bad habits.

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badminton academy achievement st badminton academy singapore
Personal Achievements

Eric loves to participate in tournaments all over the different States in Malaysia. He said that by taking part in tournaments, he can gain knowledge and also mental confidence. Winning is not his priority. He said that by participating, he is able gain different skills to prepare him for other competitions.


He is also able to keep calm and not be distracted easily during competitions. This is very important during competitions. He keeps advising his students about this important point.


Eric has won many badminton competitions as per attached photos. He mentioned that ‘ however hard you work, you still need the little luck in order to win. But if you did not work hard, you will not be able to win even though you have a lot of luck’


He still maintain this belief even when he became a certified badminton coach. At the same time, he also wants his students to always remember this.

badminton academy bam level 1 stba
Certified Badminton Coach

Eric is a Certified Badminton Coach under BAM (Badminton Association of Malaysia). He mentioned that the Badminton Coach Certificate is just one part of basic foundation in badminton coaching. You still need good coaching knowledge. He is able to get good coaching knowledge because he has been coaching different students for the past 11 years.


When his students has bad habits, he try to find ways to help them change in the shortest time. He also prepare their mental confidence for tournaments. After 11 years of coaching, he can say that he has helped many students achieve good basic badminton skills. These experiences makes him a better Qualified Certified Badminton Coach in Singapore


A certificate in Badminton Coaching is just to let parents have more confidence in you. This will in turn allow the parents to trust their children to learn under your care. To be realistic, this does not mean that the students will learn or become professional faster.


Most coaches will try to recruit more students in order to make more money. They will also get more assistant coaches to help train the students. Their intention is to make money.


For Eric, this is not his intention. All his students who has been with him for 10 years can agree on this point. His priority is to make sure all his students understand and have good basic badminton skills.

Badminton Coach with Money or Passion

Some parents who really understand about sports will be able to know if a coach is passionate about coaching. They will also be able to know if the coach is just out to make money. Unfortunately, in Singapore, trying to make more money is very realistic.


This is why Eric respects a few Singaporean badminton coaches who are really passionate about teaching their students.


He teaches his students on footworks, backhand, backhand underarm lift, etc. All these Eric will personally teach his students individually. He also plans his training schedule to suit his students so that they will all improve.

Badminton Coach Eric Chuar - ST Badminton Academy Senja
certified badminton coach eric chuar
Our Head Badminton Coach will spend more time to our student

Our badminton coach, Eric, likes to spend more time with his students. He feels a personal achievement when his students play well.


Mr Eric will teach his students how to win crucial points during a game. And he feels proud when his students win a game. He always say that it is worth all his efforts and time paying attention to his students.


He hopes that when he gets older he gets a chance to partner his student in a doubles game. Hopefully his student will be good enough to help him win their games.


It is compulsory for badminton coach to register under MOE. Having a First Aid Certificate is also important. This is for the safety of everybody.


After 11 years of badminton coaching, Eric has this to say. “A good badminton coach is not judged by how many medals your students can win. It is how much effort you have spent on your student”