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ST Badminton Academy Clarification

What is the reason for hiring a badminton coach?

As well known, ST Badminton Academy will never hire any assistant badminton coach or expand to make it a business. The reason is recently due to too many children being unable to join our badminton training and feedback from many parents. Especially badminton classes for kids some parents who waited more than 2 years to join us, this is very unproductive and wastes the children’s precious childhood time.

What type of badminton coach we are hiring?

We decided to hire an experienced badminton coach with deep knowledge of badminton, especially in the foundation. To help more students able to learn proper badminton foundations and boost their results within a short period of time.

Is the badminton coach having freestyle to coach my kids?

No, all badminton training will be still fully under monitoring by our badminton coach. In addition, if found anything is not right, for example, if the coach has character or attitude issues, and blindly teaches without sticking to our training performance schedule, we will take immediate action. As all along, we will not allow any mistake made during badminton coaching, especially for kid’s beginner training. Repeat again, we need all kids to be safe and learn the right thing.

Any changes to the badminton classes, for example, class sizes, exams, and training rules?

All badminton class sizes, rules, and regulations will still strictly follow, as usual, and no changes will be made.

We hope there is an experienced badminton coach wish to has the same vision, to make sure all the kids are learned the professional badminton foundation to guide them to have a better future in their badminton career.

Badminton Coach Career

Careers position

Badminton Coach (Professional)

Apply on Linkedin

Salary: SGD$60,000 Yearly

Terms: Permanent / Full Time

Location: Singapore

Language: English and Mandarin

ST Badminton Academy is currently hiring a permanent full-time Chief Badminton Coach. The badminton coach jobs will be coaching private or group badminton lessons. Including establishing the latest specific skill set in our SSP (Standard Skill Procedure) system. This coach will collaborate with our head badminton coach.

Benefits: In these badminton coach jobs, you may be eligible for bonuses and salary increases if you are showing the result of improvement for our students. As our coach is well known not a calculative person especially salary wise. If you are good at coaching experiences but lack qualifications, you may also be sponsored for coaching certification.

Coaching Duties:

– Conduct badminton coaching for kids private training, and group badminton training.

– Create effective “results” lesson plans for private lessons and group lessons.

– Observe and analyze the skills improvement list during lessons and at tournaments

– Prepare students for competitions, for example, the National game, CC competition, Active SG, Alpha, and CSC, including registration to attend competitions to guide students during matches.

– Assist students in the polish every skill set in the training schedule

– Provide advice to students on their improvement progress during training and quarterly exam.

– Feedback to our head badminton coach with students and/or parents for the progress of improvement updates


5 – 8 years of National and International competition experience in badminton

Basic Badminton Coaching Certificate
Deep knowledge of skill sets, and strategies in badminton
Punctual, good character and attitude

5 years above of professional way badminton coaching experience in the badminton industry

Good communication skills
Guaranteed results
Creating high integrity and bringing value to continuous improvement
Badminton Coach Career

Careers position

Social Media Assistant

Apply on Linkedin

Salary: SGD$30 – 35 per hour (Must Committed 15 hours minimum per week)

Terms: Part-Time

Location: Singapore, overseas welcome to apply

Language: English and Chinese

ST Badminton Academy is currently hiring a part-time social media assistant to help grow the proper professional badminton skills for online presence. The social media assistant will be responsible for managing all ST Badminton Academy’s official channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. In addition to developing content and maintaining a consistent academy voice across all platforms, the social media assistant will also coordinate with our badminton coach to identify new programs and improve current social media platforms.

Benefits: Although is part-time, you may be still eligible for bonuses and salary increases for every hour if you are showing the result of influencing more people to understand proper badminton training instead casual training to help up the community. Working hours-wise, you have a free hand to do the task anytime, as long as completed within the deadline. For other needs, you may request a new laptop or any necessary program or software purchase you need while helping us. If you are good at Marketing but lack qualifications, you may also be sponsored for a digital marketing course to enhance your career if necessary.

Social Media Duties:

– Fully comprehend advertiser’s marketing needs and translate how ST Badminton Academy will drive KPIs and goals

– Identify and pitch incremental opportunities that are aligned with community growth objectives and scale accordingly in the badminton industry

– Critical thinking, curiosity towards online advertising, and passion for true facts instead just the business mindset

– Track record with servicing and growing top-tier helping the badminton community in Singapore

– Experience in day-to-day digital social media campaign management

– Strong interpersonal skills are necessary to interact with parents and inquire about some questions on Social Media Accounts.

– Fluency in English and Chinese (speaking and writing).


3 – 5 years of data-driven strategy in Digital Marketing

Experience in badminton knowledge
Stay current on Sports industry digital trends
Related Digital Marketing certificates

Data Science with simple python knowledge

Good communication skills
Ability to analyze data and identify insights to assess social media campaign performance
Propose, develop, maintain and manage the academy website on update

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