Badminton Training Buona Vista

Badminton training in Buona Vista is held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. This training will mainly focus on professional badminton foundations for adults.

Buona Vista Badminton Training for Adult and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023
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Badminton Training in Buona Vista

Welcome to Buona Vista adult badminton training held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. This BV badminton training mainly focuses on proper foundation development. For adults who are looking for professional coaching to enhance their badminton skills and experiences.

As usual, our training will be sorted according to the student’s current level. And separated into 3 types of group sizes. This badminton training is mainly held at Buona Vista CC. The entry requirements for applicants are from age 22 and above.

Buona Vista Badminton Training Video

This Buona Vista Adult badminton training video shows students performing multiple shuttle drilling, agility, and skill improvements.

Buona Vista Badminton Coaching for Adult and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Adult Badminton Training Buona Vista Overview

In this adult badminton training, our adult students will be able to a full set of proper foundations in badminton including footwork, upper and lower body parts, the strategy of the game, etc.

As usual, our adult students will have chances to enter theory and practical tests after 3 months of joining optional choices. This is to help our adult students to have excellent knowledge of the badminton foundation.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Training for Adult and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

Is Proper Foundation Important for Adult

Yes, very important. If adults without proper foundation skills, very difficult to get improve even if they play every day. And more and more bad habits will occur due to keeping using the wrong foundation to play badminton.

Normally if an adult has no professional badminton foundation, they can easily get injured after some time. This is the reason why proper badminton training is important for our adult students. So in this Buona Vista adult badminton training, we will deliver the proper foundation for our adult students.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Classes and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

What if the Adults Has Bad Habits

If adults have bad habits in badminton, no matter how many days they play a week, their skill and level will not get improve. Actually not they are stubborn and don’t want to change the bad habit, as they cannot control themselves from doing the wrong habit, we can understand as according to our adult badminton training experiences.

Why? Because their muscle memory is already firm, whenever they pick up the racket again, the bad habit will come back to them. Is there any way to change back to professional badminton skills? Yes, there is, but very difficult, students have to work very hard on it. This is the reason why we keep mentioning professional badminton training for the foundation is important for adults.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Lessons 
 by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

At what age can join Badminton Training

For adults, we recommend joining earlier as possible, the age can be from 22 and above. As if they already have some experience in badminton, we change and train them in a short time. As adult energy and stamina the older the more difficult to maintain. Some adults might understand this meaning especially if they have a sport exercise background.

Aside from this, in our current batch of adult badminton training, the age range is between 23 to 68. What we aim is at least they can learn some professional skills in order to prevent them to get an injury. In our badminton training, different ages have to learn different training methods according to their fitness level. So for us, age is not so important if they are keen to learn.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Coach and Children Class by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

What They Can Achieve from this Adult Buona Vista Badminton Training

In this adult badminton training in Buona vista, our adult students will be able to achieve a professional badminton foundation, skills, and game strategy. The student will also understand their own bad habit, which was pointed out by our coaches.

Aside from training, they will go through yearly theory and practical tests by optional choices. But most of our adult students will choose to test as they wish to understand more about professional badminton. We also have students are passed the certification with grades 80% and above.

Professional Adult Badminton Training Buona Vista by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

What is the Class Size for this Badminton Training

Not more than 4 students in one class, and also we have 3 types of class size choices for this Buona Vista badminton training. As usual, regardless of any classes, we will still aim for proper structure in order to let our adult students learn more in every single training.

Why? When adults are at a beginner level, they need more time to understand the proper foundation skills. So our coaches need to spend more time explaining and monitoring their progress. If the badminton training class size is too big, our adult students will not able to improve especially beginner level.

Proper Adult Badminton Coaching Ulu Pandan by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2022

Who will Conduct this Adult Badminton Training

Coach Eric will conduct this Buona Vista adult badminton training as usual. As he has more than 13 years of coaching experience in badminton. He understands that most adults wish to join badminton training because they wanted to improve their basic foundation in order to play better.

He is also able to train an adult from a fresh beginner level to an intermediate player. He believes his proper training method can help adults to improve within a short period of time. Coach Eric’s aim is to train every of his adult student to have a professional foundation in badminton as much as he can push.

Premium Badminton Coaching for Adult Buona Vista by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Learning Objectives from this Adult Badminton Training

The main learning objective in this Buona Vista adult badminton training is to help our students improve their professional badminton foundation, and full skills set. What adult need is to help them play better in the game, so we will improve their foundation in badminton. By doing this, their level and skills can be improved a lot in the long run.

We understand some of our adult students need to work, studying and training are not easy. So in our training, our aim is to teach our adults student as much as we can. And we hope our students at least can learn something from it, prevent get injury when playing games.

Ulu Pandan CC Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Quality of this Adult Training at Buona Vista

Quality wise for adults who are looking to improve their foundation in badminton, learn professional badminton skills. This quality will be good as we are concentrate on professional badminton coaching for many years.

Most adults are just wanted to exercise and have a good sweat out. Including some of our adult students, so the way they train is not very competitive, as we have structured training methods to improve their stamina according to their age too.

Best Badminton Coaching Ulu Pandan CC Adult by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2022

Common Question Before Start Training

For adult training, we are still not open to the public as most of the newcomers are introduced by our students. However, you may still drop a line to our coach for your inquiry.

Or use the button below to drop him a line.

For adult badminton training, you will need to check with our coaches, most of the adult training will be the same as our children’s training location.

Or use the button below to visit the training location page.

You may check with our coaches as for now he only wishes to remain with his old batch of adult students.

Or use the button below to visit the training location.

For adult training fees, you may refer to our “Training Fees” page for more details including group size, training ratio, etc, and more.

Or use the button below to visit the training fees page.

Currently, adult badminton training is mostly on weekday evenings from 8 to 10 pm and on weekends Saturday and Sunday. However, for adult training our coach only remains the existing batch of students, for newcomers you will need to drop a line to our coach to double check will be good.

Yes, new students who joined less than 3 months will have to pay per lesson due to no automatic invoice and student id provided in our panel.

No, as adults they can buy their own racker with their preference, however, you may still seek for recommendation after joining for 3 months. As our coach has deep knowledge of racket equipment. You may visit his “Stringing Page” to verify.

Or use the button below to visit his stringing page.

Applicant Must Fulfill 6 Requirements Before Apply

Adult applicants must try to work hard all the time in badminton training.

Reason: Life is too short to be honest, rather spend some effort to learn more instead of just dreaming will be good.

Applicant discipline must be good or please do not apply.

Reason: Adults and kids will be the same, and discipline will help you produce good results of improvement.

Applicants must be interested in badminton, and keen to improve more to play their badminton game better.

Reason: Some adults learn only 2 to 3 lessons, and skip for 2 to 3 weeks, due to busy, but we hope that they can keep maintaining the consistency of training and exercise in order to keep them healthy and improve.

Try to be punctual in badminton training, we understand our students mostly are working adults.

Reason: 2 hours of training is not very long actually, for a student who wants to get improve is not enough. So preparing earlier and training more will be good.

Adults must follow training instructions all the time, as we are all adults, mature enough, and trained to be healthy, not sleepy.

Reason: We hope our adults can improve within a short period of time, instead of wasting money.

Adult students must try to train harder.

Reason: Adults will get older and older, so if we not working hard now, our chances to improve will get lesser compare to youngsters.