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ST Badminton Academy Singapore offers badminton training in Buona Vista, with a primary emphasis on providing adults with professional badminton foundation skills.

Buona Vista Badminton Training for Adult and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023
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Badminton Training in Buona Vista

Welcome to the Buona Vista adult badminton training class held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. Our Buona Vista badminton training class mainly focuses on the development of proper foundations for adults who are seeking professional coaching to enhance their badminton skills and experiences.

As always, our training class will be sorted according to the student’s current level and separated into three group sizes. This badminton training class is primarily conducted at Buona Vista CC. Applicants must be aged 20 or above.

Buona Vista Badminton Training Video

This video showcases the Buona Vista Adult badminton training class, where students are engaged in various activities such as shuttle drilling, agility drills, and skill enhancement exercises.

Buona Vista Badminton Coaching for Adult and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Adult Badminton Training Buona Vista Overview

In our adult badminton training class, our students are provided with a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of proper badminton foundations, including footwork, upper and lower body technique, game strategy, and more.

After a 3-month period, our students are given the option to participate in theory and practical assessments to ensure a thorough understanding of the fundamental concepts.

Our aim is to equip our adult students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the sport of badminton.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Training for Adult and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

Is Proper Foundation Important for Adult

Ensuring proper badminton foundation skills is important for adult learners, as it is difficult to improve without them even with consistent practice. Moreover, continuing to use improper techniques may lead to the development of bad habits and, ultimately, injuries.

That’s why we emphasize the importance of proper badminton training for our adult students. At our Buona Vista adult badminton training, we aim to equip our adult students with the necessary foundation skills, such as footwork, upper and lower body techniques, and strategic gameplay.

Our comprehensive approach to training also includes optional theory and practical tests, which help our students gain a deeper understanding of the sport and their own abilities.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Classes and School Team Children by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

What if the Adults Has Bad Habits

Even if adults play badminton for many days in a week, their skill level may not improve if they have developed bad habits in their play.

While it may not be that they are unwilling to change these habits, their muscle memory may make it difficult to control these movements.

As such, it can be challenging for them to return to proper badminton form. Although it is possible to overcome these habits, it requires considerable effort on the part of the student.

This underscores the importance of professional badminton training for adults to establish and maintain proper foundational skills.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Lessons 
 by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

At what age can join Badminton Training

We highly recommend that adults join our badminton training class as early as possible, with the minimum age requirement set at 22 years old. If they already have some experience in badminton, we can adjust our training class to suit their needs and help them improve their skills in a shorter amount of time.

As adults age, it becomes more difficult to maintain energy and stamina, which can affect their training progress. Some adults may be familiar with this concept, especially if they have a background in sports or exercise.

Our current batch of adult badminton training includes a wide range of ages, from 23 to 68 years old. Our goal is to ensure that all students learn the proper skills and techniques to prevent injury.

Our training methods vary depending on the fitness level of each individual, and age is not a significant factor as long as the student is enthusiastic about learning.

Adult Buona Vista Badminton Coach and Children Class by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

What They Can Achieve from this Adult Buona Vista Badminton Training

In this Buona Vista adult badminton training, our students will have the opportunity to acquire professional badminton foundations, develop their skills, and gain an understanding of game strategy.

In addition to the training sessions, our coaches provide valuable feedback to the students, helping them identify and correct their bad habits. We also offer optional yearly theory and practical tests, which most of our students choose to take in order to gain a deeper understanding of professional badminton.

Our certification system ensures that our students have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills, with some achieving outstanding results, with grades of 80% and above.

Professional Adult Badminton Training Buona Vista by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

What is the Class Size for this Badminton Training

In order to ensure a quality learning experience, we maintain a maximum of 4 students per class in our Buona Vista badminton training class. Additionally, we offer 3 class size options for our adult students to choose from.

Regardless of the class size, we prioritize a proper training structure to maximize our student’s learning potential. For beginner-level adults, it is essential to take the time to develop a strong foundation, which requires a coach to provide detailed explanations and closely monitor progress.

With larger class sizes, the individual attention required for effective learning may not be possible, which is why we limit class sizes to 4 students.

Proper Adult Badminton Coaching Ulu Pandan by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2022

Who will Conduct this Adult Badminton Training

Buona Vista adult badminton training will be conducted by Coach Eric, a highly experienced coach with over 13 years of experience in badminton coaching.

Understanding that many adults seek badminton training to improve their basic foundation and skills, he is skilled in training adult students at all levels, from beginner to intermediate.

With his effective training methods, he aims to help his students make significant progress within a short period of time.

Coach Eric is committed to pushing each adult student to their full potential and helping them attain a professional foundation in badminton.

Premium Badminton Coaching for Adult Buona Vista by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Learning Objectives from this Adult Badminton Training

The primary objective of this Buona Vista adult badminton training is to enhance our students’ professional badminton foundation and skill set, ultimately helping them to perform better in the game.

By improving their foundation in badminton, their skills and level can be significantly enhanced in the long run. We recognize that some of our adult students have work and study commitments, and therefore we strive to teach them as much as possible during our training.

Our goal is to ensure that our students can acquire valuable knowledge and skills from the training, enabling them to prevent injuries while playing.

Ulu Pandan CC Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Quality of this Adult Training at Buona Vista

Quality-wise, for adults who are looking to improve their foundation in badminton and learn professional badminton skills, our training is of good quality.

We have been concentrating on professional badminton classes for kids for many years, and we apply the same standards to our adult training. While many adults simply want to exercise and work up a good sweat, we also have structured training methods to improve their stamina, which are tailored to their age.

As a result, the way our adult students train may not be very competitive.

Best Badminton Coaching Ulu Pandan CC Adult by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2022

Common Question Before Start Training

For our adult training, we are currently not open to the general public, as most of our new students are introduced by current students. However, you may still contact our coach for inquiries.

Or use the button below to drop him a line.

For adult badminton training, you will need to check with our coaches. The location for adult training will mostly be the same as our children’s training.

Or use the button below to visit the training location page.

You can check with our coaches, as for now, he only wishes to continue with his current batch of adult students.

Or use the button below to visit the training location.

For adult training fees, please refer to our “Training Fees” page for more details, including group sizes, training ratios, and other information.

Or use the button below to visit the training fees page.

Currently, adult badminton training is mostly held on weekday evenings from 8 to 10 pm and on weekends, which are on Saturdays and Sundays. However, for adult training, our badminton coach is only accepting existing students in the current batch. For newcomers, you will need to contact our coach to confirm availability

Yes, new students who have joined for less than 3 months will have to pay per lesson because our panel does not provide automatic invoices and student IDs.

No, adults can buy their own racket according to their preference. However, after joining for 3 months, they may seek recommendations from our coach, who has deep knowledge of racket equipment. You may visit his “Stringing Page” to learn more.

Or use the button below to visit his stringing page.

Applicant Must Fulfill 6 Requirements Before Apply

Adult applicants are expected to put in consistent effort during badminton training.

Reason: Life is too short, so it’s better to put in some effort to learn new things instead of just dreaming about it.

We require good discipline from our applicants. If you do not meet this requirement, we kindly ask you not to apply.

Reason: Both adults and kids will benefit from discipline as it can lead to significant improvements in their performance.

Applicants must have a genuine interest in badminton and be committed to improving in order to enhance their performance in the game.

Reason: Some adults may only attend 2 to 3 lessons and then skip for 2 to 3 weeks due to busy schedules, but we encourage them to maintain consistency in training and exercise in order to promote good health and continued improvement.

We kindly request that our adult students strive to arrive promptly for their badminton training sessions, recognizing that many of our students have work commitments.

Reason: Two hours of training is not very long, actually. For a student who wants to improve, it is not enough. Therefore, preparing earlier and training more would be beneficial.

Adults must follow training instructions at all times. As mature and trained individuals, we must take responsibility for our health and avoid being sleepy during the training sessions.

Reason: We hope that our adult students can make significant improvements within a short period of time, rather than wasting their money.

Adult students must strive to train harder.”

Reason: As adults get older, if we don’t work hard now, our chances of improving will decrease compared to younger individuals.

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