Badminton Training Bukit Batok

The Bukit Batok badminton training offered by ST Badminton Academy Singapore will focus on developing children’s foundations in badminton, starting from fresh beginners to high beginners.

Bukit Batok Badminton Training Classes by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023
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Badminton Training in Bukit Batok

The badminton training class at Swiss Cottage Secondary School places a strong emphasis on developing a solid foundation for children in the Bukit Batok area of Singapore. It is designed for kids and teenagers aged 6 to 17 who are seeking to improve their badminton skills, upgrade their level of play, and build a strong foundation.

Our classes are arranged according to professional badminton coaching standards and are suitable for both fresh beginners and high beginners who lack a proper foundation. We are committed to providing high-quality training that helps our students achieve their goals and develop their skills to their fullest potential.

Bukit Batok Badminton Training Video

The video showcases our Bukit Batok badminton training class, which focuses on teaching students the proper foundation set of skills, including footwork and upper body techniques.

Badminton Classes in Bukit Batok by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Badminton Training Bukit Batok Overview

Our Bukit Batok badminton training class is designed to teach students of ages 6 to 15 the proper foundation and full skill set of badminton, including a competition mindset.

Our experienced badminton coach understands the importance of teaching these fundamentals at an early age and is able to effectively guide the students to achieve their goals in a shorter period of time. With a focus on developing the correct techniques and mentality, our students are better equipped to improve their badminton level and excel in competitions.

Bukit Batok Badminton Coaching Classes by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Is Proper Foundation in Badminton is Important for Kids

Indeed, it is very important. Why is that? Most coaches think that young kids learn badminton just for the sake of enjoyment and that the proper foundation is not as important at this stage. However, we believe that a strong foundation is crucial for long-term success. Although our training may seem strict, tiring, and not particularly enjoyable, our students still find it fulfilling in the long term.

The reason for this is that they see significant improvements within a short period of time and continue to progress, both in terms of fitness and skill level. On the other hand, some parents send their kids to training class solely for the sake of exercise and enjoyment. However, in the long term, if the children cannot improve or achieve any significant results, they will lose motivation and eventually quit. Therefore, we strongly believe that a proper badminton foundation is crucial for the long-term success and enjoyment of our students.

Best Bukit Batok Badminton Training Classes by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

What if the Kids Has Bad Habits

As a coach, it is important to acknowledge that changing a student’s bad habits is a challenging task. We have encountered numerous experiences where rectifying these habits proved to be an arduous process. It is crucial to note that the student’s bad habits may not be a result of our teachings, but rather, they may have developed these habits from their previous training in other academies. This prompted us to include a request for parents to submit their ex-coach’s information during new intake applications.

This allows us to gain insight into the student’s previous training and coaching style. In effect, it helps us to address any bad habits early on and ensures that the student’s badminton training remains consistent. It is disheartening to witness children unable to progress or ultimately give up on the sport. Therefore, it is our goal to minimize the time and effort spent on unlearning bad habits and to maximize the time spent on skill development.

Good Bukit Batok Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

At what age can start Badminton Training

The ideal age to start badminton training is from 7 years old, but if a child is interested in the sport, they can start earlier. However, in Singapore, it is common for parents to enroll their children in badminton training at 8 years old and above, which may be a little late. At our academy, we believe that starting at a young age, between 7 to 9 years old, is ideal.

We recommend dedicated training for children at this age, with small class ratios. That’s why all of our badminton classes for kids are conducted in small groups. Younger children need more attention and monitoring during training, which is why we ensure that our students receive the best possible environment to learn and improve their badminton skills under the guidance of our experienced coach.

Profrssional Bukit Batok Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

What They Can Achieve from this Bukit Batok Badminton Training

In this training class, our students will acquire a comprehensive set of badminton foundation skills, which includes both upper and lower body techniques for the practical component. In addition, they will receive a verified certificate from the “Badminton Foundation Level 1” that corresponds to the level assigned by our academy.

This certification will adhere strictly to our guidelines and regulations. As such, all of our students must complete our academy’s annual theory and practical exams to maintain their enrollment status with us. Our aim is to instill a sense of purpose and understanding behind our training regime. We are committed to providing a Bukit Batok badminton training class that is not only beneficial but also meaningful.

Bukit Batok Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

What is the Class Size for this Badminton Training

Our Bukit Batok badminton classes will continue to offer three types of classes, which can be found on our Class Size page. As an academy, we prioritize our students’ results over expanding our business. Therefore, we offer only three class sizes, which include groups of four, two, or one student, respectively.

We have found that these small class ratios are highly effective in helping our students make significant progress in just two hours of training. Many of our students require additional guidance and attention when learning something new, and we believe that a smaller class size with proper badminton training can be more effective in helping our students reach their full potential.

Badminton Training Bukit Batok by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

Who will Conduct this Training

This training will be conducted by our head badminton coach, as is customary. We do not allow assistant coaches to teach beginners for an important reason – if incorrect fundamentals are taught from the beginning, it can lead to the type of problematic situation described in section 1.3. Our goal is for all students to acquire proper badminton foundations during their childhood.

At present, we have an overwhelming number of pending applications for enrollment, and our coach is unable to accept more students due to a very limited number of slots available. Our coach is currently seeking a solution to this problem as he believes that more children will be able to learn the correct foundation if this issue is resolved.

Badminton Coaching Bukit Batok by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Learning Objectives from this Badminton Training

The main objective of our badminton training in Bukit Batok is for students to develop a comprehensive set of foundational skills in badminton. This includes all the skills necessary to join school CCA, school teams, and competitions. We are focused on facilitating student progress and improvement, not simply going through the motions with no real results.

If a student does not have a clear aim, we will set one for them, and they are expected to comply with our training Terms and Conditions. If a student does not comply, we will take appropriate action. We have many parents who share our view that training should be rigorous. We hope that every one of our students will not waste their parents’ time and their own childhood by learning the proper skills with us, even if it requires strict training.

Badminton Classes Bukit Batok by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Quality of this Training at Bukit Batok

The quality of our Bukit Batok badminton training is focused on providing an environment that fosters improvement for students seeking to develop strong fundamental skills. However, it may not be suitable for those seeking a more relaxed and leisurely atmosphere. Ultimately, the training approach will depend on the individual needs and preferences of the parents and students.

We are constantly exploring new methods and techniques to enhance the training experience and promote accelerated progress in our students. While we have received positive feedback from parents regarding their children’s significant improvement, we remain committed to refining our methods and striving for even greater success.

Bukit Batok Swiss Cottage Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023

Common Question Before Start Training

The best way is to use the APPLY button on the top left side to submit your children’s details. So that we can find out more data to understand about your kids, and easier for us to arrange the slot for your kid if our training slot is available.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

Kindly refer to the “Training Location” page from the toggle menu to check all the available locations of badminton classes and the status of the class availability.

Or use the button below to visit the training location page.

First, you need to check the “status” of the class availability from our “Training Location” page.

Or use the button below to visit the training location.

Secondly, after checking the slot is available, use APPLY button to submit your application into our system, make sure you received the confirmation email with the application number.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

For training fees, you may refer to our “Training Fees” page for more details including group size, training ratio, etc, and more.

Or use the button below to visit the training fees page.

Our training class schedule is separated by different levels and days, the best way is to submit your application by using “APPLY” button and choosing the preferred location and preferred timing.
Our coach will contact you and advise the available timing if your kid is suitable for us to slot in.

Or use the button below to submit your application.

Sorry No, for now, we only take kids who are interested in badminton.

From the beginning, No. But A high-end racket will be provided after the student can play well, depending on the student’s performance in badminton training. As our coach is not just a coach, he is a Certified Stringer and Master Racquet Technician in Singapore with, huge knowledge of badminton equipment. So very particular on badminton racket equipment. You may visit his “Stringing Page” to verify.

Or use the button below to visit his stringing page.

For all other questions use the button below to visit the common questions page.

Applicant Must Fulfill 6 Requirements Before Apply

Applicants must be able to work hard all the time in badminton training.

Reason: We strictly do not allow any students to waste time just “passing time” in our training, and wasting parent’s money too.

Applicant discipline must be good or please do not apply.

Reason: Any bad discipline found during the training will be informed to quit, so better do not apply.

Applicant must be interested in badminton, not forced by parents to join this training.

Reason: To be honest, we are looking into results instead of that few dollars of training fees, so the student itself must be interested in badminton and wish to learn more from our coach, so all along for training progress, we will keep parents up to date to make sure their kid is improving.

All students must be punctual in every badminton training, for example, must wear indoor shoes and should be ready before training starts.

Reason: Our coach spent time figuring out every student’s weakness and planning the training schedule for the day in advance, if our coach saw this kind of attitude, will kill his motivation to think of how to make the student improve more.

Must follow training instructions all the time, if missed any instruction more than 3 lessons will be informed to quit.

Reason: If we keep asking the student to do something but they are not listening to the instruction if they have “no heart” to train, no point to let parents need waste money and send them for training. If they wish to just play for fun, nobody scolds or cares too much in the training, there are a lot of other badminton academies outside there welcoming you to join, but not with us.

Students must be able to train harder, or please do not apply.

Reason: If the student does not train hard, to be honest, the improvement is very slow, some more is only 1-week train 1 time, and only 2 hours, how long need to learn all the foundation? 1 year or 2 years? Impossible, so the best way is to train as much as they can.

For all other terms and conditions use the button below to visit the Term & Conditions page.

Back to training location page.

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