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If you are looking for the best badminton coach in Singapore, then you probably need to read this article. As you need to understand what is the meaning of the best badminton coaches in Singapore.

Benefits of learning from a Private Badminton Coach

When parents choose a private badminton coach for their kids, probably they will try to look for the best one. But too bad is, now the badminton coaching industry is full of advertising saying they are the best, properly structured system, taught by Ex-National Players, but end up all are not the right way. Causing your kids not improving, and even gaining more bad habit make parents extremely disappointed. 

But if the parents are able to choose the right private badminton coach for their kids, in a good learning environment. This will benefit them by having a good improving result, and help the kids build a good future in badminton career. A good private badminton coach can benefit the kids in many ways, including helping the kids build the perfect foundation skills, tactics, and more.

So never ever find a coach that always makes advertising how good there are. Think the opposite way, if the private badminton coach is good, why do they still need more students? They want more money but never pay full effort, and spoil your kid’s future, not worth it. Choose a badminton coach that really can help your kids improve within a short period of time. 

Here are some important points of the sign of a good private badminton coach:

  • Have a good planning schedule and proven data sheet to show the kid’s improvement (Not anyhow)
  • Good tracking record on what skills the students learned every training (Not randomly)
  • Will invest more time in your kids instead make the class bigger 
  • Class size is low so that they can concentrate more on your kids
  • The badminton coach keeps explaining to your kids while they are doing something not right (Not keeping quiet)
  • The parents really can feel the coach is putting effort into their kids (Not only mouth talk blame the kid slowly)

The Increase of Private Badminton Coach in Singapore

There are many badminton coaches that are available in the Singapore market that can be found online. However, for those who have been searching for the best badminton coach in Singapore, really have to be careful.

In terms of the kid’s future, money got cheated still can earn back, but if the kids get bad habits and the wrong foundation, it can spoil their career easily.

5 Things to understand to choose the best Badminton Coach

First of all, if you want to develop your kid to the next level or beginner, you must start by hiring a good badminton coach. Help your kids build the right foundation in badminton and ensure they keep improving during childhood time.

Secondly, if your kids are fresh beginners, it is very important for you to find a badminton coach that will teach them a proper foundation at the correct pace so that they can have a good knowledge of the foundation. A good and knowledgeable coach will help your kids to improve their foundation badminton skills at the perfect level.

Thirdly, if your kids are already in badminton training, please always check their progress. We understand train good students need time, but the parent must ensure the training is really focused on their kids. Not because of the training plan is bad, or because the coach’s lack of experience causes your kids to improve slowly. 

Fourthly, if you really want your kids to continue to improve consistently, and want them to become good badminton players, then you need to find a good badminton coach. A good coach will help you improve your game by improving your foundation over skills including fitness, strategy, and mental ability.

Last of all, if you find the coach really cannot help your kids keep improving. Do not hesitate to look for another good badminton coach. Do not wait until 6 months or 12 months after only looking for the new one, as this might cause the kid has tons of bad habits and very difficult to change back, don’t need to look for the best badminton coach, but look for the coach who really best to your kids.

Is that important to have a Coach Certification Course in Singapore

For parents to understand, the coach certification course is good for those coaches who are new and wanted to step into the coaching industry. Not they are very good or expert badminton coaches so have attended coaching certification courses in Singapore. From a badminton coach’s point of view, when the coach just newly step into the industry, no one know them, they are not famous, or nothing can convince people to learn from him, so they will get the coach certification course. And when they complete, they will learn basic coaching knowledge from the course, and at the same time they can market themselves are “Certified Coach”. So please monitor the coach for at least 3 months for your kid’s improvement progress, do not go blindly believe the coaching certificate.

Become a Certified Badminton Coach in Singapore

Become a Certified badminton coach in Singapore, many parents misunderstand that the coach certified, got certification means they are good, never think this way.

There are many badminton coaches in Singapore with certified, but end up their coaching quality is not up to standard disappointing the parents. Using the name Certified Badminton Coach advertising, as a marketing label is common to happen in Singapore.

So to ensure your kids have a good certified badminton coach, kindly make sure the coach has the following capabilities

Deep understanding of how to teach the Basics of Badminton

The coach must have very good knowledge of the basic foundation for kids. Not only on the general of basic badminton but overall knowledge including how to help them from beginner to advance in basic foundation. So that the student can have better knowledge of badminton. In Singapore, there are many beginner coaches who only teach beginners because they feel they lack of knowledge to teach pro players, but this is totally not right, because teaching a beginner, needs more advanced knowledge of coaching. So the coach must have very good knowledge of basic badminton fundamentals.

Latest Coaching Knowledge in Badminton

Many old generations of badminton coaches can teach the students the wrong training method due to not being up to date. For example, 20 years ago Sports Science was very new, and the structured training system is not launched, so all the training can be very messy. What to train and see the coach’s mood on the day, what they imagine can work, and what they will do. But in current years, every training method is linked to data analytics and sport sciences, not work mean not work. So proper and structured badminton training is a must to ensure the kids can learn more. So parents please remember, the coach must have the latest teaching knowledge. 

The Coach must be able to spend more time with the student

If the coach really has that kind of good responsibility, they will spend more time on the students instead of every cent count. If the kids are talented, if every cent count, the parent needs to be very rich to maintain the kid’s expenses to pay the coach. So parents if found a coach that is really willing to invest their precious time in their kids, with reasonable charges, not asking the assistant coach to teach their kids. Good to keep them for a long time, as this type of coach help your kids build a better future in a badminton career.

Always keep Helping the Student Improve Their Weakness

Every coach has their own strength, but some coaches when teaching their students even see the student’s weaknesses that need to be improved but still pretended nothing happen. In short, the coach just wants an easy life, teaches the students, is not in rush, and continuously takes the training fees from the parents. Or the coach really lacks experience don’t know where the student’s weakness is to be improved. So the best badminton coach always keeps helping the student improve their weakness improve within a short period of time.

Understand What the Student Should Improve

We can see many badminton coaches will teach their students always the same training, like all the way only smash, actually this is a very bad way of coaching. The coach must understand the student’s skills and what should improve in order to make the player’s overall skill more balanced and consistent. If focus on the students only one skill, they will not be able to improve to the next level, especially when competing with other players in the competition. So the coach must be able to understand where the students should improve.

Be More Concentrated on the Student’s Result Instead Business Mindset

Many private badminton coaches wish to help their students get good results in badminton, but in fact, this is very difficult to achieve. Because if focus on the student, the student must become one week of at least 3 days of training only they can get a very good improvement result. But most of the coaches every hour also count on money, and cannot do free work.

Sometimes really have no choice, as the coach concentrates more on the result, they have to spend more time on the kid, but due to parents not being willing to pay more, and end up the students cannot improve. So the best thing is, the coach has to give a good solution to this, instead of strictly treating coaching as a business. Remember, there is no best badminton coach in Singapore, but there must have a coach willing to spend time on your students, not everything money in life.

After a long explanation of the term “best badminton coach in Singapore”, we believe already have guidelines on how to choose a good coach for their kids. Lastly, we wish you to get a good badminton coach and good luck to your kids in the future, all the best. Appreciate for reading!

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