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Why we said parents must read about the benefits of badminton training is, normally when our badminton coach coaches around and saw some parents are very used to playing badminton with their kids during the weekend, on weekly basis. Playing with the kids have a good family day which is good, our coach also can see some children really like badminton. Saying this is not because asking more student to join us earn money, sorry we are full this year and will not take any more students. And we share so much is not about that few dollars of training fees, so parents, please continue to read and you will understand more.

Why our badminton coach can feel the kids like badminton

Why our badminton coach can feel the kids like badminton

As he saw some kids learn some patterns or badminton skills from some professional players. These skills are used from online platforms, Instagram short stories, reels or TikTok, Facebook, some Youtube channel videos, and BWF badminton tournaments like world No.1 Victor Viktor Axelsen, and some Chinese sharing videos. But the issue is all those patterns the kids learn online are not complete and are just a part of the surface in badminton. There are good and bad, quote an example following below

The Good benefits of badminton training

The Good benefits of Badminton Training

If kids like badminton, is a very lucky thing, as some children’s parents force them to join the training and most of them end up is waste money because they don’t even like it, so improvement is very slow, in short, waste money. We rarely find a student that really like badminton from the beginning, mostly are their parents ask them to join badminton training for exercise. And because their parents are smart, must look for a good badminton coach, then they will send them to join proper badminton training, and we discovered this and share it with parents.

Actually, if the kids can benefit a lot by joining badminton training, they can learn professional skills with no bad habits because many things in badminton, the kids are still not sure, badminton foundation can be complicated if not taught by some professional badminton coach. And also, they don’t even know which thing they did wrong causing too many bad habits, when they have a bad habit, very difficult to change back, most kids have spoiled their badminton careers on this part, to be honest. And they can also learn the proper footwork in badminton training, game strategy, and all the badminton skills that involve feelings, and tactics that cannot be learned online, and they can learn so much more including foundation sets.

Pay a few dollars of training fees and kill all your worries and your kids can be safe, why? They can have a better skill set, and these skills can be used in their entire life, stand a different level compared to those casual training and people who don’t have proper training, for us, we feel worth it enough. And the few dollars we cannot earn back, meaning the issue is not on the kids not hardworking, is about the parent’s mindset is wrong. As so far we have so many batches of a student, we can feel that every parent is willing to spend a little bit more money to let their kids have a better education even in badminton training.

The Bad things of Badminton Training

The Bad things of Badminton Training

Let our children join badminton training actually only has good benefits as the foundation is a king for every world’s top players. There are bad things if the parents choose the wrong badminton training for their kids. Many parents are wondering why kids badminton classes also have good and bad quality, but in fact, every education is the same, if you join the good badminton classes, your kids can improve faster than any other. But if your children join the bad one, which is because the badminton coach only wants to earn money instead spend more effort to make your children improve, this kind of classes we always advise not to join these, and must know how to monitor the progress.

For some part, some parents might think that their children are not relying on badminton to survive, apply for DSA, or future work, the main thing is they still want their children to continue studying, so just let them play for fun, but them a racket and everything they need but not joining badminton training, so they think they can save more money. in fact this is not the right way of saving money. Sports also have different levels, when reaching a certain level we will see certain new things to learn, and even meet different people. So our advice is, let the children learn everything in a proper way so that they can have a higher possibility to become perfect in both which is education and sport in their life.

As a parent, we are getting older and older, and what we could only give is not money, but education, because we wish to see our children succeed in a certain thing, what we worry about is whether without us they know how to take care their own, how to destress, proper badminton lessons is something that they can use entire life after learning, keep them motivated in sport, and they won’t blame us not letting them learn when they are still kids. This is a good way to help them build good discipline between sport and education, the best way parents can do to make sure they are healthy, that’s it.

Why Kids should join Badminton Training

Why Kids should join Badminton Training

If the kids like to play badminton but they do not join due to parents not allowing it or feeling that not necessary, will cause the kids to learn on their own and create bad habits. When talking about bad habits, is a pain point for badminton coaches, because changing a bad habit to the proper way of playing badminton is not an easy part. And bad habits took a very long time to change, some kids took 6 to 12 months to change certain bad habits. So when the parents feel that the kids did many wrong patterns, and decided to send them to join badminton training, this is already too late, and not easy for the kids change the bad habit due to muscle memory is already firm. This is why ST Badminton Academy always recommend parent if found their kids really like badminton, they should send their kids to join badminton training when they are fresh.

We can see many children in Singapore, who like to play but don’t like to join badminton training even though their parents send them to go. Why? Because at the start when they like to play badminton, their parents drag so long only send them to join the training, causing them to create many bad habits, and all the bad habit’s muscle memory is firmed. So when the time parents send them to training, the coach keeps forcing them to change, scolds them sometimes when the coach is frustrated if they do not change the bad habits, and improvement is extremely slow in training to compare other students, causing the kids lost of interested, scary to join the training. And end up they quit, so whenever the kids like to play but don’t like to join badminton lessons there must be a reason, so parents please take note of this. Don’t because of we feel that is not important so just drag for a long time, and end up causing the kids to lose on some advantage.

Benefit From Professional Badminton Class

Benefit From Professional Badminton Class

Whoever parents ever send their kids to join badminton class but got cheated because the kid’s improvement is slow, all the training is messy and teens coach cause them to quit and look for new ones. And now they realize that class quality also affects improvement, in the short parent are getting smart now. We always advise the parent to join a professional badminton class instead casual class because when our children are in childhood time, they are totally fresh and know nothing about badminton. So the person who teaches them, which is the badminton coach is super important. If the coach knows how to teach, the kids can definitely improve their foundation in a short period of time. Regardless of how slow the learner is the kids are, still customizes to an individual training method that specifically ensures the kids can improve as fast as possible, this is what we called professional badminton classes for kids.

But if found the wrong coach, they care more about money instead the student improvement results, which we called casual training, the mentioned children can be spoilt in just a few months. Why? Most of these coaches plan the coaching method according to class size, which means if 8 students in one class, then all students learn the swing racket, and stand there to do some exercise because the court space is limited. In this case, if their class size is big, their intention is no longer to help every individual student to improve. Their main intention now is how to make every student sweat out, and make them tired so that they can show something to their parents, and prove that their kids are on track during training instead of joining the class for nothing. This is why we always advise and advice again to parents, choose the right badminton coach properly to give full support to their kids on what they love.

We understand choosing a good badminton lesson or looking for a good badminton coach is never easy especially in Singapore this so-called digital world country. Everything advertises online and they can start to influence those parents who know nothing about badminton to send their kids for training. End up when the parents found their kids had no improvement and wanted to quit, the coach also will not care much, because they already took the lessons fees for so many months and the kids had no improvement, cannot bring up my academy’s reputation too, since wanted to quit is a good thing for them. And they continue to look for new students to join in, new victims can say so. This kind of badminton coach will get karma soon so do not worry. And to prevent all these happen, this is the reason our badminton coach gave the IT company many ideas to create so many tools that can help parents choose the best badminton coach for their kids.

Visit our tools on how to choose the better coach for your kids.

Look for Good Badminton Coach

Look for Good Badminton Coach

Not every badminton coach is bad, but as a parent, we have to help our children look for a good coach. For most parents when looking for a coach the first thing the layman action will look for is the expensive one, an ex-national player, and many google reviews one is the fact all these things can be fake. So what is the best way to find the right coach? To be honest, at the beginning we cannot even find out if the coach is good or bad, because we still cannot see how much improvement they can help our kids to improve. So the best way is for parents to keep monitoring them for the first to three months on the improvement result, look for chances to accompany their kids on the court, sit behind the court and monitor them, and let the badminton coach be more hardworking. At the same time monitor the character of the coach, monitor the training structure, and slowly you will have the 100% correct answer as to whether you found a good coach or the bad one.

The experience badminton coach is much more important than how many medals or certifications the coach has. In Singapore, most badminton academy the coach when they wanted to start a badminton academy or badminton coaching, can easily go for courses and register as an accredited badminton coach follows according to the requirement. Although this course is good because setting a standard for coaching is better than nothing. But still, there are many coaches has the certification, and treat this as a career to pass time, which means not putting effort to help the younger generation get better improvement. As a coach is not because of how good we are so we can become a coach, no, the coach is teaching the kids whatever they know.

And coach also needs to keep improving so that the student only can improve, this is the reason why our badminton always seeks improvement. Technology keeps changing, even training methods, so if we still use the traditional way of training, still good but it can be better if adapt to new technology. Many coaches when they coached for 20 years or even more, still use some method because they don’t believe on new technology can help. Just like the older generation of people don’t believe buy things online. Same as the badminton coach, if they do not keep improving and keep moving forward, no point to mention how many years of experience they have, mean nothing because they never improve, as changing the method of training, we can learn something from the method and students too. Past is the past, so we don’t live in the past and we have to carry forward even in badminton class.

Build Good Foundation in Badminton Training

Build Good Foundation in Badminton Training

When it comes to foundation, most parents will think about if want their kids to have a good foundation, just send them to join badminton training. But what if the badminton coach does not know how to teach? There are many badminton academies in Singapore focus will not focus on foundation for kids, what they focus on in the beginning is just simple surface training like footwork, and swinging a racket, but even if the kids learned this, they might learn the wrong basic foundation and causing them cannot move forward to professional, these are the common surface training following below

Footwork Training in Badminton

1. Footwork Training

Footwork is not just how to step forward, and rotate, for children’s foundation development, they have tons of things to remember from the beginning, this is why our ST Badminton Academy students have to learn a lot from this. Because parents have to understand, footwork there are many small part need to remember in terms of if really want students to learn the professional way. And we talk about just Single footwork, forward and return is more than 4 to 6 types in badminton classes, so this is why our students when they have mastered certain footwork, have to learn the other type of footwork.

We don’t push our students to learn footwork in just casual type and faster teach them how to hit the shuttle, because everyone knows footwork is one of the important parts of badminton. Our badminton coach will monitor students to ensure they are smooth and good in change their footwork, learned all types of footwork only start to teach them how to swing a racket. Because footwork is related to injury if they not doing the right thing. This is the reason why you can see so many adults or even young students they got injured their knees or leg because of a wrong foundation and not fully understanding footwork.

Strokes Training in Badminton

2. Strokes Training

When we started to train our students on stroke, we will need them to understand how to generate strength from the hand, wrist shoulder, and body. So our intention is more on the foundation instead of just faster teaching the kids how to hit the shuttle. But end up using the wrong way to generate power, the wrong wrist, and the wrong grip causing the kids looks so ugly and unprofessional when playing badminton. And when they created a bad habit and already know how to hit the shuttle, their badminton careers will not be able to move forward because the foundation is wrong and very difficult to correct back.

Some parent is very concerned about why their kids cannot hit the shuttlecock, but if the coach is lack experience, they will just follow what the parents want, which don’t care about right or wrong, just force the students to learn how to hit the shuttlecock, this is very bad practice. Because we understand parents want their children can play better, but no point if the children learned the wrong foundation, although can hit the shuttlecock but is in the wrong way. So the children cannot move forward, is not worth it, and a good foundation takes time to build.

Movement Training in Badminton

3. Movement Training

When talking about movement don’t get me wrong that means the coach plays a game with the students running around. No, in foundation training, movement training can be how to let the student’s movement more naturally adapt to footwork. Many children after they learned the professional way of footwork when turn to move which means chasing the shuttle, can be used back their old way to run instead of what they learned. So our movement training method will help the student get used to what they have learned in badminton. If not will cause the kids to learn one thing in training, but use the different things in their game, pointless.

We have also seen some other badminton training trains the kids how to hit the shuttlecock before footwork, is this the correct way of planning for foundation development? No. If the coach trains the student on how to hit the shuttle without learning footwork first, what happens is when the student when playing the game cannot run at all. Or the kids will just anyhow run creating bad habits, this is why we strictly follow the structured training that makes sense for our students to make sure they can improve within a short period of time. Lastly, we hope parents found something useful on the benefit of badminton training. Again, thank you for reading.

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