Beginner Badminton Training for Kids

Beginner badminton training held by ST Badminton Academy mainly focus on beginner that totally fresh and wish to learn a professional foundation in badminton.

Beginner Badminton Training Singapore
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Beginner Badminton Training Singapore

This badminton training for beginners will be held by ST Badminton Academy. Suitable for parents who have kids at fresh beginner level looking for professional badminton foundation development. If the kids are interested in learning badminton, the best way is to send them to the proper foundation.

Why do we only take fresh beginner level? As if the kids start to learn everything correctly from scratch with our badminton coach, their improvement results will be faster than any other improper casual badminton training.

Beginners always need more concern and more time to learn and understand. As usual, our badminton class size will be controlled strictly by our coach to ensure all his students are able to improve within a short period of time in order to keep moving forward during their childhood age, which is precious time for kids. The earliest they started for a proper foundation, the better they are.

The Benefit of Beginner Badminton Training

The Benefit of Beginner Badminton Training

First, the benefit of beginner badminton training is students will learn everything from scratch and our badminton coach is normally will concern more about the proper foundation, especially for kids at the beginner level.

The reason behind this is if the kids learn everything right from the beginner, their improvement result can be faster, although a beginner is slower and not easy to learn and remember, once they master and understand the logic behind the proper badminton foundation, they can improve within a short period of time.

We can see many children start at the wrong foundation, as Singapore’s current scene of badminton classes for kids is just for sweat out, and exercise is not for education so no strict rules to learning professional badminton foundation. Causing many kids to have a happy life from the beginning, and end up quitting badminton due to cannot improve anymore due to being stuck at a certain level and having too many bad habits. This is the reason why our badminton classes must go according to professional badminton coaching instead casual badminton lesson.

Better Training Methods Customized for Beginners

Better Training Methods Customized for Beginners

For beginners, during their lessons normally our coach has to customize training methods for every individual, as every beginner is different especially for kids. For example, some of our students when they just join our training can be good at their leg, which means their leg is very flexible, so they can learn and understand the footwork training faster than other students.

But some students are slow in their legs when learning footwork foundation, which might be due to their seldom exercise or either they are slow learners. Slow learners not meaning they are everything slower than others if the coach knows how to teach, after some time the student’s learning speed can be back on track or can be better than students who are good in legs.

This is the reason why our coach concern about class size, so that he can have more time to understand. As he understands every kid is different. So he has to customize better training methods for every individual student so that they can improve better within a short period of time. This is the reason why we don’t ask all our students to do the same thing during the training.

Better Training Environment for Kids Beginners

Better Training Environment for Kids Beginners

When our students are at a fresh beginner level, we always give them more learning opportunities during the lessons, which means that students can have more time to learn in their badminton lessons. Especially in the learning badminton foundation development stage, the student can easy to pick up the right skills if the coach is given full concern to them.

In the casual badminton training environment we normally saw are the students can have more than 5 students in one class, and the coach mostly assistants badminton coaches to teach basic knowledge which is only at the surface level. This is easily causing the kids to learn lesser and cannot pick up professional skills due to the class size being too big, and the coach might lack time to teach, correct and explain every individual point that each student has to change.

This is where most beginner badminton training failed to help their student continue to improve within a short period of time. Causing students to have serious bad habits, wrong patterns,s and skills, and looks ugly body patterns due to generating wrong strength. Of course, our coach experience is important, but the training structure, and class size which we mention as a “better training environment” is more simple yet important for every student, especially for beginners.

Quick Improvement Results with Beginner Badminton Class

Quick Improvement Results with Beginner Badminton Class

If the kids joined the right badminton classes, their improvement results can be quick, but if they joined the wrong training. They can be stuck at a certain skill for a long time. If the beginner badminton class is well structured like what our badminton coach planned, normally parents can see result within 6 months time.

All along ST Badminton Academy has focused to take more kids at the beginner level to join our to the kid’s beginner class, is not because we are only capable to teach beginners, just that we want the student to learn the right badminton foundation from the start so that after they learn everything right from our coach, their improvement result can be obvious.

Why are we not taking some kids who already have learned from another badminton academy due to these few years we received too many students who with bad habits, the wrong foundation, and even the grip of the wrong racket. Our coach wasted too much time correcting them. So if the kids can learn from us at the beginner will improve faster, as our intention is improvement results, so the kids are able to register for competitions for their age instead of suffering to correct bad habits.

Kids Beginner Badminton Lessons Table Calculation

Class Size

Student Learn

Skill Improvement

4 Students

30 Minutes


2 Students

60 Minutes


1 Student

120 Minutes


Private Training

120 Minutes (2 hours)

One Skill

Class size” means how many students are in one private training for 2 hours.
Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn in 2 hours of training.
Skill Improvement” means how long the students can learn one skill in 2 hours of training, for example, 25% means the student needs to attend 4 training to 100% get used to one skill.

Beginner badminton training for kids

Better Standard of Lessons
Kids beginner lesson helps your children get a better standard of badminton foundation which is higher and better.

Quick Learning Result
The students can have a quick improvement result if they start the right foundation from the beginner, especially for kids beginner level.

Better Understanding & Communication
From our structured kid’s beginner badminton class, our coach will be able to have more time to explain and communicate so that all our students can have a better understanding during the training.

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