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Badminton Training Yishun Nee soon CC

Badminton training yishun are fixed held at Nee Soon Community Club. In this badminton training training Yishun we will fully focus on the children beginner to high beginner level.

For children beginner badminton training Yishun we will only focus to train their basic skill. Why? In Singapore we seldom see the coaches will only coach basic.

As long as their student able to hit shuttlecock then they are consider successful to completed their responsibility.

Same thing so we will not able to see no good player represent Singapore after so many years although Singapore a lot of student trained in badminton.

What we focus on children badminton training at Yishun

Hence,our classes we will more on focus to our student basic skill. Some parent they might no expectation on their child as they just want their kid to more exercise.

Although we know this but we are not able to pass through our personal professional standard. We can let the child rest when they are tired,but can’t let them learn the wrong practice in badminton.

Our coach feel guilty, as a badminton coach we must have a target to let our student achieve higher standard.

We don’t care about how much the parent can pay. But we care about how much that our skill can absorb by our student.

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Our Badminton Training Yishun for Children from 4 to 13 years old

Most of the Singapore badminton training for rich people they prefer 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 badminton coach. Actually from the beginner stage we prefer 5 student in a group. Why?

We ever experienced if we 1 to 1 with the student in a badminton lesson. Although the student able to learn more,but after sometimes they will lost interest. Because they feel tired and bored as they have no friend in badminton lesson.

In fact no kid like to join badminton lesson alone. But their parent are want the coach only teach their kid because they feel can learn more. Honestly,your kid will not much improve even in private lesson. Unless your kid are already very good standard need the coach sparing with your kid.

What if the student are independent they prefer train alone

Yes,in this case the student able to learn faster,but after few years later,the student can be very good and go into school team. But they are forever lose to one person,which is their coach. They will not able go to globally.

Parent might be not understand this meaning,but for us after 20 over coaching experience,we know this. The student will became  “Failed product”. Badminton coaching actually the badminton coach must have a set of coaching procedure.

So the student can easily improve,after we seen so many coach in Malaysia and Singapore coach. They are totally different coaching style,not say who are good or bad. But can see the different

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Yishun Badminton Class Location

Yishun badminton classes for kids

Proper basic development in badminton classes for kids is important.