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If you are looking for coach, and you have checked the training location we are providing. The best way is submit application from our system, click the Application button on the menu so that we can find out more data to understand about your kids.

For badminton training inquiry, due to our badminton coach most of the time will be on the court, the phone is in the bag. Also when Coach Eric is conducting badminton training, he will not touch his phone due to personal self-discipline and respect for his students. 

Some parents or students who introduce by another may be heard about his coaching style. Sometimes he will late reply due to too tiring on the day. You may also fill up this form and we will help you drop a message to him. Appreciate your reading!

If prefer badminton training Jurong, mostly will be in the following location,

Westwood Secondary – Badminton training for kids and teens

Gek Poh Ville CC – Badminton Training for kids and teens 

Jurong West Sports Hall – Badminton Training for kids and teens 

Jurong East Sports Hall – Badminton Training for kids and teens 

But still, depending on the court availability, court booking is very competitive, some parents or players might understand the situation.

Due to court limitations, crisis of Coronavirus causing the indoor court booking on and off which is unstable, and our head coach will be the only person to conduct the class especially badminton training Jurong for kids. Therefore, we have limitations to accept new students.

But we believe there will be much better passionate badminton coaches around Singapore, Every badminton coach has their strong point. importantly is do not let the kids stay at home if he is really interested in badminton, wasted! 

For example, if I am the parents of the kids, probably will choose badminton training near me. Let’s say stay in Jurong, should choose badminton training Jurong for kids and make inquiries. Because this can help parents save their time, and maintain the student attendance rate. Also, this can help the students can have consistent improvement.

If your kids are really interested in badminton and prefer better improvement. You can still inquiry about a private badminton lesson.

This between the coach 1 to 1 fully focuses so this is why the student can be improved faster. But parents must be afforded to pay the cost as Private badminton training Jurong for kids.

Badminton Training Jurong

LOCATION : Jurong Badminton Training

11 Jurong West Street 25, Singapore 648350

Badminton Training Bukit Panjang

LOCATION : Senja Badminton Coaching

Bukit Panjang Road, Singapore 677910