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What is the benefit of 4 Students in one badminton group training? The lesser student in one training the more the student can learn from it.

Kids Badminton Group Training 4 students by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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Badminton Group Training for 4 Students

Badminton group training for 4 students is a class provided by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. As a parent seeking the best option for your child’s badminton training, it’s important to understand that the class size can greatly impact the quality of training. At the beginner and high beginner levels, large class sizes can be detrimental to a child’s learning experience.

This is why we limit our badminton group training to a maximum of 4 students per session, allowing for more personalized instruction and attention from our experienced badminton coach. In the following section, we will delve deeper into the advantages of our badminton group training for 4 students. Rest assured that our classes aim to provide your child with the best possible training to develop their skills in a fun and engaging environment.

Groups 4 Students Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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The Benefit of 4 Students Group Training

In a group badminton training setting, having 4 students in a session provides numerous benefits to both the students and the coach. Firstly, it allows for a much better and obvious result of improvement, and the students can train at a reasonable pace for consistent progress. In contrast, larger groups of 5 or more students can often hinder improvement, even with an experienced coach.

The reason being that such groups make it difficult for the coach to concentrate on each student and tailor the training accordingly. Additionally, the students may not understand every aspect of the training due to the limited attention they receive. Overlooking bad habits may also become a problem. Based on our experience, we have found that the best group badminton training class size is 4 students. With this smaller class size, students can expect better and faster results.

Group Badminton Lesson for Kids 4 Students by ST Badminton Academy Singpore
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Reduce Chances of Creating Bad Habits

A low ratio of students in a badminton group training session can help reduce the chances of creating bad habits. When a student is new to badminton, their muscle memory is typically low. Therefore, it is easier for coaches to teach the correct foundation development. Bad habits are typically created in a few ways. Firstly, parents may teach their children the wrong techniques, which can cause bad habits.

Secondly, if a child has been playing badminton for some time but has never received proper training, bad habits may have already developed. Lastly, if the coach’s class size is too big, the student may be asked to do a particular training exercise such as swinging a racket. If the student performs the exercise incorrectly and the coach does not correct the mistake immediately, the student’s muscle memory may begin to solidify the wrong technique, leading to bad habits. Therefore, having a low ratio of students in a badminton group training class can help prevent bad habits from developing, leading to better results and a more effective training experience.

Badminton Group Coaching for kids 4 students by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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Learning More Specific Badminton Skills

In order for students to learn more specific badminton skills, it’s important to focus not only on the foundation, such as how to swing a racket and hit the shuttlecock, but also on more advanced techniques. However, in classes with more students, coaches may struggle to provide high-quality coaching and individual attention to each student, resulting in a lack of progress.

At ST Badminton Academy Singapore, we limit the number of students to four per group, so our experienced badminton coaches can dedicate ample time to correct individual wrong habits, teach more specific skills, and ensure that every student understands the skills they are learning. This approach allows our students to improve faster and receive a higher level of coaching than in larger classes.

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Learn the Professional Badminton Foundation

Large group badminton classes for kids may not provide professional badminton foundation training. This is because in a large group setting, the coach may not have enough time to teach and explain each student’s foundation development. The focus may be more on exploring interests or just providing exercise training. At ST Badminton Academy, we believe in providing professional badminton training, especially for foundation development.

This is why we limit the class size to a maximum of 4 students, to allow our coach to have enough time to teach and explain every student’s foundation development thoroughly. Our coach believes that if the foundation development goes wrong, it can result in a weird or unattractive playing pattern and can also slow down improvement or even cause injuries.

4 Students Group Training Calculation

Beginner Training

Learning Details

Student Learn

45 Minutes


12 Minutes

45 Minutes


12 Minutes

30 Minutes


8 Minutes

Total: 2 Hours

Learned: 3 Skills

Total: 32 Minutes

Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn if 4 students in one group.

Improve Quality of Training
Low ratios of badminton group training can help our students improve faster. Mean indirectly improves the quality of badminton training.

Obvious Improvement Result
When the student has more time to learn the right thing in badminton training, although just 1 week 1 training, the result of improvement can be obvious.

Coaching Interaction
In badminton group training for foundation development, the important thing is between coach and student to interact about every skill they learn.

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