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What is the benefit of 4 Students in one badminton group training? The lesser student in one training the more the student can learn from it.

Kids Badminton Group Training 4 students by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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Badminton Group Training for 4 Students

Badminton group training for 4 students held by ST Badminton Academy Singapore. If you are looking for badminton group training for your kid, at beginner and high beginner levels, what size of the classes is the best for your kids to learn more? Most parents do not know that the bigger the sizes class the lesser can learn, which is not good for children. As they deserve to learn more since the kid is still young. So for us, in this badminton group training, we will set a maximum of 4 students in one training. We will elaborate more on the benefit of badminton group training for 4 students.

Groups 4 Students Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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The Benefit of 4 Students Group Training

The benefit of 4 students in one group of badminton training is the result of improvement is much better and obvious. And the students can train in under a reasonable improving speed. Have you realized some groups of badminton training, their student’s sizes can be 5 or more in one session? This type of badminton training does not matter if the coach is very experienced or an expert, the student’s improvement result will not be fast.

Why? No matter if the coach design some training that all student can do together, can sweat out and tired, due to a lack of concentration on the student. The student still cannot understand much about every training they did, bad habits can appear if overlooked. From our experience, the best group badminton training class size is 4 students is good, in terms of improvements results.

Group Badminton Lesson for Kids 4 Students by ST Badminton Academy Singpore
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Reduce Chances of Creating Bad Habits

Why we mentioned a low ratio of students in one badminton group training can help to reduce the chances of creating bad habits. To be honest, most of the students if they are fresh in badminton, their muscle memory normally is low, meaning the lower it is, the easier for our coaches to teach the correct foundation development by right.

Normally bad habits will be created in a few ways, first one is, parents teach wrongly and the kid already play badminton for some time with the wrong habits in badminton causing bad habits. Secondly, the kids play badminton for quite some time but have never joined proper training before. Third is, the coach’s class size is too big so when they ask the student to do some training example like swing a racket, the students did the wrong thing and the coach not correct it on the spot causing bad habit occurs, as student’s muscle memory percentage increases with the wrong way of swing racket.

Badminton Group Coaching for kids 4 students by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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Learning More Specific Badminton Skills

Learning more specific badminton skills means that the student not only learns the normal foundation like how to swing a racket and hit the shuttle. Mean sometimes if more students in one class, the coach is not suffering how to improve the students with quality coaching, what they suffer is how to make every student able to train something in his training, must let students sweat out otherwise parents feel their kid is learning nothing.

So our group training is set the students to 4 in one group, our badminton is not suffering from this but he suffering how to make the students improve faster, can to correct their individual wrong habits, and teach them more specific skills if necessary. Can have more time talking to the students to make sure they understand the skill they are learning instead blindly do.

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Learn the Professional Badminton Foundation

Can the big-size group badminton training learn the professional badminton foundation training? No. The answer is very obvious, for parents who are sending their kid before to this kind of group training should understand better than us. This type of training is only for exploring interests or just for exercise training. But to us, this is not professional badminton training, especially for foundation development.

This is the reason why our coach needs the class to be small so that he can have more time to teach and explain to every one of his students to ensure they learn the professional badminton foundation. He doesn’t like his student to learn only halfway on foundation because foundation development if goes wrong, the pattern of playing badminton can look weird or so call ugly, and also improvement can be slow and easily get an injury.

4 Students Group Training Calculation

Beginner Training

Learning Details

Student Learn

45 Minutes


12 Minutes

45 Minutes


12 Minutes

30 Minutes


8 Minutes

Total: 2 Hours

Learned: 3 Skills

Total: 32 Minutes

Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn if 4 students in one group.

Improve Quality of Training
Low ratios of badminton group training can help our students improve faster. Mean indirectly improves the quality of badminton training.

Obvious Improvement Result
When the student has more time to learn the right thing in badminton training, although just 1 week 1 training, the result of improvement can be obvious.

Coaching Interaction
In badminton group training for foundation development, the important thing is between coach and student to interact about every skill they learn.

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