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Badminton Coach Eric Chuar Singapore

Badminton Coaching Singapore – Mr.Eric Chuar Badminton Coach

Mr Eric Chuar, founder of ST Badminton Academy has been coaching badminton since 2007. He is also the Head Badminton Coach.


Eric focus mainly on coaching basic development for children between the age of 5 to 14 years old


Our badminton coaching programme include teaching students all  sorts of skills.  Skills like proper grip, forehand lob, forehand push, forehand smash,  forehand net, backhand lob,  backhand lift,  backhand underarm lift and  backhand smash.   Our coach will customise skill training for each individual student.


Our Head Badminton Coach, Mr Eric also insist on not hiring any Assistant  Badminton Coach.  He will personally conduct all his badminton classes for his students


This is the reason why our students always improve and play better than others. Why? Because all the students are coached by our Head Badminton Coach, Mr Eric Chuar.


Eric always mention that since we are passionate about coaching our students, we should be prepared to spend more time on them.  To him, making a lot of money through coaching is not his priority.  He believes that one day his students will appreciate all his hard work and attention given to them.

Limitation in Badminton Coaching From Eric

Eric will adjust his badminton coaching class in Singapore.  He will have only a maximum of 4 students in a class.  The class will be 2 hours long. He will also put students of the same level in the same class. This way, the students will enjoy the training more as they will try to be better than their friends.  They will also put in more effort during the training.  If there are 5 students in a class,  training for 2 hours,  each student will only get 24 minutes of training.   Based  on  our Badminton Coach, Mr Eric’s calculation and experience,  it is not enough


In a  2-hour class, students have to do footwork and swing badminton racket for 30 minutes. This leaves them with only 90 minutes left.  This comes up to each student getting only 18 minutes of coaching.  This is because they all take turn to get individual coaching.


Children learn 6 months with no Improvement

This is the reason why some parents always complain “my kids have already learned for  6 months but we see no improvements”  The answer as you can see from the above, they have actually only had 7 hours of coaching.

In most sports schools, every athletes have to train for at least 8 hours a day. They will do their studies in the evening.  So if you compare, a sports school student’s  1 day training is the  same as your 6 months  leisure badminton class.

On top of this, the fees are very expensive and yet your kids have learned nothing.


Some parents may understand this. They will also feel that it is a waste of their time to send their kids for training.

Badminton Coach Eric Chuar West SG
Eric Chuar - Badminton Coaching Singapore STBA
Badminton Coaching Planning 

Education and exam results is very important in Singapore.  This is why our Head Badminton Coach insist of having only 4 students in a class. He will not make any exception even if parents are willing to pay double fees.


Eric (Personal Achievement).


Eric always said “ a good badminton coach is not about how many medals your students can bring back. It is  about how much effort and time you  will spend on your students”.  The photo on the left shows one of STBA’s student. He was told by  his school that he is not good enough to be in the school badminton team.


The reason is because he is not very good as he has  just started to learn.  His  basic skill and  footwork is not good enough to be part of the school badminton team


Our Head Badminton Coach understand that this  student is very keen in badminton.  Eric arranged for him to train in the afternoon for 4 months during weekdays together with his primary school badminton CCA schedule.


This way the student will not feel down. Other students has their training in school but he has private training outside which is better

Personally Teaching his Student in Badminton Coaching

After 4 months of personal training from Head Badminton Coach, he was accepted into CCA Badminton. This proves that if a kid loves badminton or any sports, should let them try regardless of his age.


We should encourage them to learn even though there are better players than him.  We should not decide whether to ask him to quit or stay. This way the students will have more chances of achieving .


Part of the reason is that our Badminton Coach knows that students can learn very fast if they want to.


That is why he is willing to spend more time with his students, never expecting to be paid more. If our students succeed through our training and coaching, both coach and students will feel happy.  It is an achievement for both of them as they both love badminton.


A coach’s success is not about how much money he can make. It is more about when the student grows up and still remember how good the coach was to him.

Badminton Coach Eric Chuar
Badminton Coaching by Eric Chuar
Badminton Coach Eric Current held badminton coaching in :
  1. Senja Cashew CC Badminton Coach in Singapore for kids / School Team
  2. Bukit Panjang Badminton Coach in Singapore for kids/ School Team
  3. Choa Chu Kang Badminton Coach in Singapore for kids / School Team
  4. Bukit Batok Badminton Coach in Singapore for kids / School Team
  5. Bukit Gombak Badminton Coach in Singapore for kids beginner

Badminton Coach for Adult are following :

  1. Pek Kio Badminton Coaching for Adult
  2. Ulu Pandan Badminton Coaching for Adult
  3. Buona Vista Badminton Coaching for Adult
  4. Farrer Park Badminton Coaching for Adult
  5. Senja Badminton Coaching for Adult
Create Value into Badminton Coaching Singapore

Eric always believe that a good badminton coach should not always think about how much money he can make.  He should think how his students can benefit from his experience.  He should also try to share his skills with his students as much as he can. Make sure that all the slower students at the end of the course are able to master all the badminton skills.



If a badminton coach wants to make more money because of their badminton skill, this means they treat it as a business.


Secondly, in order to get more students, they will do  a lot of promotions to attract them. This is call Business Strategy


Thirdly, if you want more medals to prove that you are helping the badminton community, this is a good badminton coach.


Our Badminton Coach says  he  will not stop improving his coaching level.  If he stops, his students are unlucky as they will not be able to improve also.


His students will also not be able to achieve new heights in their badminton career.  That is why Mr Eric keeps travelling all over the world in order to learn different coaching skills.

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