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Our Badminton Coach History

Badminton Coach Mr Eric Chuar who is also the founder of ST Badminton Academy and Wilson Tuan are partners. Between them, they have more than 11 years of badminton coaching experience. Eric began work with Johor Badminton Association in 2000 and quit in 2006.


Eric set up ST Badminton Academy in 2007. During those days, he realised that badminton coaching is not so simple. He had to solve different skill problems that his students encountered during badminton training.


Eric had to pick up all these responsibilities when he started his own Badminton Academy. In the beginning he thought that him being a professional player with good skills should have no problem teaching students.


He started to conduct group training for children between the age of 4 to 15 years old. They used the same training method that his coach used on him during his childhood days.  He found that even though the training method works but it takes a long time to see improvements.


Research in Badminton Training Method For Children

Eric continue to do research and create new training programmes. He wants to ensure that his students can improve their skills within the shortest time. He makes his students learn footwork, drilling, strength, power training and stamina work. In the end, to see results still takes a long time.


Why? Eric found that one of the reasons is because the training method is not good as compared to overseas standard. Furthermore to go into detail for each skill, you have to properly explain to his students. This makes a lot of difference.


Through coaching his students, Eric also gained a lot of experience. Eric did a lot of research as he wants to solve his students skill problems. He also went to GZ Sports School in China for coach exchange programme in badminton. After working hard for 5 years, he is able to solve his students skill problem. He was also able to improve his students skills within a short time. Meanwhile, Eric still keep improving is badminton coaching technique.

eric chuar badminton academy badminton coach

Setup Badminton Academy is Easy

Eric understands that to set up a badminton academy is easy. If you want to treat it as a money making business, how much to charge for training is first on the list. To train up a good badminton player is never easy. STBA’s aim is to produce good badminton players. Making a lot of money is not their priority.


It is a long and tedious journey in badminton coaching. However we do have tears of joy as most of our students have become professional players. Eric is passionate about badminton. In the beginning Eric was giving coaching during his spare time as he was holding a regular job. After some time, Eric realised that his students need more training during weekdays. He quit his job and became a full time Badminton Coach.


Every week Eric spent most of his time doing research. He also created new training methods for his students. Now he has numerous training methods to help his students improve within a short time.

children badminton class badminton coach

Proper Badminton Training for kids

Why must we teach our students the right basic skills? Students will be happy if you allow them to play for fun and not teach them anything during badminton classes.


When these students grow up they will realise that you were just interested in making money from them. They also know that you did not teach them anything at all during the badminton classes.


By the time he is able to differentiate between a good and money making coach, he is already an adult. He is also able to know which coach has been good to him. If he is still interested in badminton, he will turn to YouTube and will know whether his coach was a professional or just trying to make some money. He will also know whether you have coached him the correct skills.


Badminton Coach Eric Chuar

Be a Good Badminton Coach to Let the student Like You


It is easy to be a badminton coach. If you are dishonest with your students, you will not last very long as a coach. That is why sometimes we have coaches who have been coaching for 20 years and yet could not produce any professional badminton players.


Sometimes parents might be too busy to accompany their children to badminton training. When that happens, sometimes the coach may be in a relax mood and not teach the students properly. The parents may not know it but the students will when they grow up.


The angry and disappointed student may go around and spread your bad reputation to his friends. He will probably tell his friends that you are not a professional coach. You also made money from him. This is the main reason why our Badminton Coach always make sure that they give proper training especially for children. He feels that it is his responsibility to properly guide them to learn correct basic skills.


adult badminton coach for adult eric chuar

Adult Badminton Coaching ( West )

With adult badminton coaching, they will easily know if you just want to make money or really want to help them improve.


We have an adult of 65 years old in our badminton class. She really train very hard during training. She is always try her best to learn everything needed in badminton. She also try to remember to get rid of all her bad habits even though she is old.


Lastly Eric said “ I started full time badminton coaching since 2008. 11 years later, I am still here for badminton coaching. My friends asked me if I will go back to Malaysia when I am older. My answer is no”


“I like Singapore a lot. I cannot leave my friends and also my students whom I have coached for so many years”.

badminton coach adult badminton class
badminton coach eric chuar short profile

Badminton Coach Short Profile

Name : Eric Chuar

Badminton Coaching Experience : 11 years

Coaching location :West and central of Singapore

Bio :A former State Player who represented KL city and numerous national and international tournament.


Aside NCAP level 1 Theory and practical Eric still under BAM (Badmimton Association of Malaysia) Qualified Coach and First Aid Certified.

Personal Achievements 

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