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Are you a beginner looking for a badminton coach who can teach professional skills to your children? ST Badminton Academy has always provided proper badminton foundations from the very beginning.

Badminton Coach for Beginner Singapore
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Badminton Coach for Beginner Singapore

This beginner badminton class is provided by ST Badminton Academy. We will explain how we conduct our badminton training for kids, so parents can have a clear picture of the current scene of Singapore badminton training. After emphasizing the importance of foundation for beginners for many years, most parents now understand the significance.

However, some parents are still unsure about which badminton coach can teach beginners properly. They are uncertain whether the coach is capable and experienced enough to teach beginners, or if the coach will give their children the full effort required. Our badminton coach will explain our training in detail, so parents can understand more about what a proper badminton coach means.

The benefit of Choosing the Right Badminton Coach for Beginners

The benefit of Choosing the Right Badminton Coach for Beginners

We have had parents tell us that before joining our badminton academy, they didn’t really understand how their previous coach taught their children. However, after observing our badminton coach conduct training with his students, they started to understand that choosing the right coach for their children can make a significant difference in their understanding and improvement.

What does this mean? When parents find a badminton coach for beginners, the head coach usually leaves the teaching to the assistant coach. However, the assistant coach often only teaches the surface of the badminton foundation, lacking experience in coaching proper foundations. When the student makes mistakes, the assistant coach rarely corrects them and instead keeps feeding the shuttlecock, even though they are doing it wrong. This results in the student becoming used to the wrong foundation, and muscle memory becomes firm, leading to bad habits.

In short, this approach is not helpful and can cause the student to develop numerous bad habits that hinder their progress. At the beginner level, students require more explanation and attention, as every child is unique. That’s why our badminton coach will not allow any assistant coach to teach beginners in his class.

Customized Training Methods for Beginners

Customized Training Methods for Beginners

When our class size and training schedule are structured, the next important thing is the training method. Our badminton coach doesn’t just have all the beginner students do the same training and wait for results. Instead, he customizes a training method for each individual student to help them improve faster and understand their weaknesses better.

The reason behind this is that while the training method may be the same, our coach understands that for beginners, effort needs to be spent to understand every student’s individual needs. For example, a student may not understand a training method that works for other students, so we might need to break down the steps into smaller parts to ensure they understand better. Customized training methods are essential for every individual student at the beginner level.

Experienced Badminton Coach for Beginners

Experienced Badminton Coach for Beginners

In the badminton coaching industry, there are many types of coaches with different strengths and experiences. When choosing a badminton coach for beginners, it’s important for parents to select a coach who is good at teaching kids at the beginner level.

Beware of academies that claim to be “One-Stop Badminton Training Centers” without a clear and structured plan for teaching the broad foundation of badminton. Such academies may prioritize profits over coaching quality, and may not help students achieve good improvement results.

At ST Badminton Academy, we understand that everyone’s energy and time are limited. That’s why our coach has been focusing on providing proper badminton classes for kids for many years. Our coach doesn’t just teach skills, but also helps his students minimize the chances of developing bad habits and getting stuck at a certain level.

Quick Improving Result with the Good Badminton Coach for Beginners

Quick Improving Result with the Good Badminton Coach for Beginners

What qualities make a good badminton coach for beginners? Many parents assume that their children will only make slow progress in beginner badminton classes, but our coach has found that students can quickly improve if he dedicates himself to each lesson. However, not all coaches are equally dedicated. Some are content to let beginners flounder in the early stages of training, leaving them with bad habits that are hard to correct later on.

Our coach understands the importance of teaching proper foundations right from the start, and he avoids large group classes that would prevent him from giving individual attention to each student. By focusing on quality instruction, our coach ensures that his students not only progress quickly, but also build good habits that will benefit them throughout their badminton careers. We hope that these explanations have helped parents to identify the best badminton coach for their children. Thank you for reading!

Badminton Coach for Beginner Class Table Calculation

Class Size

Student Learn

Skill Improvement

4 Students

30 Minutes


2 Students

60 Minutes


1 Student

120 Minutes


Private Training

120 Minutes (2 hours)

One Skill

Class size” means how many students are in one private training for 2 hours.
Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn in 2 hours of training.
Skill Improvement” means how long the students can learn one skill in 2 hours of training, for example, 25% means the student needs to attend 4 training to 100% get used to one skill.

Better Quality of Training in Badminton Class

Better Quality of Training
A good badminton coach for beginners can help your kids get better quality of learning.

Better Improvement Result
An experienced badminton coach in the foundation will produce better improvement results for students, especially beginner level.

Better Understanding & Communication
Our structured training plan ensures students can have a better understanding and communication with our experienced coaches.

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