How to choose badminton classes for kids

Badminton classes for kids in Singapore. Today we will guide you through 11 things on how to choose the right badminton class for your kids in Singapore.

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How to choose

Badminton Classes for kids in Singapore

All parent knows, finding the right extracurricular activity for their child can be a challenge. You want to find something that your child will enjoy, but that will also provide them with some structure and discipline. Badminton is a great option for kids who are looking for an active outlet, but with so many different classes available, it can be hard to know which one is right for your child. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a badminton class for your kid: 

-The age of your child: Different classes will cater to different age groups, so it’s important to find one that is appropriate for your child’s age and ability level.

-The class size: You want to make sure that the class is small enough that your child will get individual attention from the coach. 

-The location: The class should be easily accessible and located in a safe area. 

-The cost: compare prices between different classes to find one that is worth and affordable for you. 

-The schedule: Make sure the class fits into your family’s schedule and that there are no conflicts with other activities. 

Badminton Classes for kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2023
Badminton Classes For Kids

1. The Footwork Foundation

We can see the kid’s footwork, and we can feel comfortable seeing his whole body reaction, including proper footwork, this is well-developed. Footwork for badminton is one of the important parts of a badminton foundation for kids.

Footwork is the most basic thing the kids must develop well. No matter in badminton or any sport, parents must believe in badminton ” how well your children’s basic development,  how far their career can go. ”

Not to mention the name, the photo attached student has been selected into Singapore Sports School in 2020. Working hard with the proper right thing is the key to success.

Today will guide you through eight things that how to choose the right badminton classes for your kids in Singapore.

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Badminton Classes For Kids

2. The Training Class Size

The first thing to choose the right badminton classes for your kids. You have to know the class size of the badminton class your kids are attending. Why?

If you refer to the photo, the children are learning proper finger wrist and finger technique on the part of the upper body. Can you imagine, let’s say the class size is 6 students in 2 hours lesson with one badminton coach, do you think the badminton coach has that much time to cross over the net and carefully teach the right technique to all students?

No. Please remember the ideal proper badminton class for kids is not more than 4 students in one lesson.

They did even not have enough time to feed the shuttlecock to the students. This is why you can see the coaches instruct the students to queue like “taking free gift”, every student hit 1 or 2 shuttlecocks and walk back to the queue again. So these badminton classes we don’t call proper badminton classes for kids, we call it “fun” gathering badminton class “Shuttle Time“.

Have you seen this way of coaching before? No? Nevermind. If you don’t get the meaning above, let’s turn to another way to help you understand more.

Badminton Coaching for kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024
Badminton Classes For Kids

3. Calculate The Class Size

Let’s say 6 students in 2 hours training class, and every student got how much time to learn with the badminton coach or talk to the coach? Go simple, 2 hours mean 120 minutes divided by 6, so every student only has 20 minutes, we not yet count warm-up already took 15 to 20 minutes.

And now, you know your kid’s character well, do you think they can learn proper skills and correct technique in just 20 minutes times with the badminton coach? No. Even if you downstairs HDB badminton court to play for 20 minutes, will you sweat out? No.

The parent will get confused with choosing the background or level of coach. National player better or an Olympic player or tournament winner? We will explain this after a few topics, but for now, please ignore the badminton coach background at the beginning. No matter whether they are Tournament winners, Ex-National players, or Olympic Gold medal players, put aside. Not saying they are not good, yes, they are, but honestly, this depends on how much effort they invest in your kids. Some parents might understand this meaning.

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Badminton Classes For Kids

4. Is Big Size Class Can Learn More

The purpose is to burn the kids’ stamina and make sure they sweat out and tired. Why? they are afraid the kids will tell their parents they have not learned much today because no sweat and not tiring. But parent, do you know what your aim is? It’s you want your kids to learn the proper basic foundation in badminton.

This is why we always said when badminton skill is up to Level 2, stamina will need to go to the same Level 2. Not Skill Level 0 but stamina level 3, meaningless. When the kids don’t even know how to hit the shuttlecock. The basic foundation of the upper body is more important than stamina at this stage.

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Badminton Classes For Kids

5. Monitor the Training Structure

Monitoring the badminton training program structure is the easiest way to find out the quality of the kid’s badminton class. Most parents are not sure how to check the quality of training. Not to worry, aside from class size, you can monitor if the coach is keep spending effort to correct the student’s bad habits and make sure they learn the correct foundation on every skill.

If the coach or assistant coach will “blindly” feed the shuttlecock, even the student did the wrong basic foundation during the training. When your kid is training, parents can see from the side, and also can feel the whole training plan that your kid is in is it messy? maybe like you feel the training group might be too many students? Too many assistant coaches?

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Badminton Classes For Kids

6. Correct Bad Habits

Refer to the photo of “Correct bad habit”. The coach is spending time correcting the bad habit of the students and monitoring the student. This is to make sure the elbow is not too low when doing the shadow of the swing racket. To be frank, these students previously join big-size badminton academies and learn for years.

And when these students join us, our coach used more than 6 months to correct his bad habit and lead them to the proper basic foundation. We can understand every student’s character is different, some kids might be able to learn fast, but some are slow, and have attitude problems. But this is not an excuse for us not to spend more time on these students.

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Badminton Classes For Kids

7. The More Expensive You Pay And The More Professional Your Child Can Learn

As badminton coaches, we have no right to spoil the kid’s future in their badminton careers. We have to bear the responsibility to try our best to keep guiding them to learn the proper basic foundation. As a parent, we can imagine you are busy. But no matter how you have to carefully eye your kids during the training. Not just to pay money. Don’t think that the more expensive you pay and the more professional your kid learns, NO.

This is why we have been told that his kids learn from a “masked” badminton academy for about a year but they still like don’t know how to play badminton not much improvement. Parents have to bear this responsibility as kids know nothing. Why? because they are fresh, and parents are the ones to choose the badminton coach for their own kids.

Professional Badminton Coaching for kids by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024
Badminton Classes For Kids

8. Sparring Badminton Coach

The second type of coach we call it Sparring Badminton Coach. These types of badminton coaches mostly help your kid to build experiences. This type of coach suits kids who already have a good basic foundation but lacking behind of competition experience. This type of coach normally will not be interested in teaching basics. Why? Because basic is not easy to teach, not just simple like doing footwork and swinging a racket. The basic foundation, including sets of training, depends on the individual kid.

This is why you usually can see some of the ex-national players doing coaching; most of them are concerned about the game, and sparring. But what if your kid’s basic is not well developed? They will just hire an assistant coach to coach your kid because they want the money too. But still depending on the condition of an assistant coach, some are good, and some are not.

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Badminton Classes For Kids

9. Private training 1 to 1 for beginner kids

Honestly, if your kid is at the beginner stage, and you send them a private coach “sparring badminton coach,” even 1 to 1. The improvement will still slow. Why? Can you imagine if you are a Ph.D., will you able to put full effort into a 7-year-old kid teaching them English words A, B, C to Z? No. The Ph.D. feel bored so not able to put in their effort. But because the private class can earn good money, that’s the reason they accept. Some parents might understand this meaning.

But when your kid reaches a certain level and is well-developed in the foundation. They will need competition experience, so if you need your kid to improve at this stage, you have to look for an experienced sparring coach for them. This way, your kid is able to absorb the experience from the coach.

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Badminton Classes For Kids

10. Sparring badminton coach for kids in Singapore

After so many points, we hope can help you to have more ideas. Be more clear on how to choose the right badminton class for your kid. Looking for a good badminton coach is not easy, there are too many types from teenage to older age. Also from China, Malaysia, Local, or Indonesia. Nationality is not important. As long as the coach is able to help your kid improve and you are able to see results, why not?

Now getting more and more badminton academies in Singapore. Every country with popular badminton will be having the same problem. They struggle with how to choose the right badminton class for their children. Especially in the small island of Singapore. So parents, please put more effort to monitor the training structure on your own even if you have already found a badminton coach for your kid. Everything is possible, maybe this coach at the beginning very hardworking but after a few months are got lazy. Who knows? So all these need to be self-monitor by parents. This is to make sure your kid can have a better learning environment.

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Badminton Classes For Kids

11. Best badminton coach in Singapore

In this world, there is no best badminton coach. But they will have some badminton coaches willing to spend time and effort on your kid. Not every second counts with money, the coach will treat your kid like his own kid like a family. Every coach knows to bring up a good badminton player is not that easy; we might spend 50% of our time a day.

Some students even if the coach spent a lot of time, the student will not appreciate it. So this is not all about the coach’s fault unless the coach is no experience in coaching. Lastly, we wish you all the best and hope you are able to find a good badminton coach for your kid.

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