Badminton Class for Beginners

Badminton class for beginners held by ST Badminton Academy. This badminton training mainly focuses on kids beginner professional foundation development.

Badminton Class for Beginners Singapore
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Badminton Class for Beginners Singapore

The beginner badminton class offered by ST Badminton Academy is designed for parents who are seeking proper foundational development for their kids. It is important to start with a proper foundation to ensure that the kids learn everything correctly from the beginning. Without proper foundational training, kids may develop bad habits, which can hinder their progress towards becoming better and more professional players.

This is why our badminton coach focuses only on providing professional badminton training for beginners, rather than casual training, to ensure that all students learn the correct foundation and avoid developing bad habits. Since beginners require more attention and explanation, especially kids, our coach provides the necessary guidance to ensure that our students are able to learn and explore the right badminton foundation.

The benefit of Choosing the Right Badminton Class for Beginners

The benefit of Choosing the Right Badminton Class for Beginners

When students join our beginner badminton class, they can learn the right foundation from scratch, including skills, technique, game-playing mentality, and more. Many parents believe that learning badminton for kids is just about swinging rackets and running footwork, but the foundation of badminton is broad and has many small techniques that are not easy to grasp in simple layman’s terms. Playing badminton for many years does not necessarily make one qualified to coach beginners.

Teaching is another aspect of badminton, and our coach must spend a lot of time identifying the student’s weaknesses and finding an effective communication method to ensure the kids understand the logic behind the foundation. The right coach and classes are crucial to ensuring good results, and there is much more knowledge needed to teach beginners. Therefore, our badminton coach is focused mainly on this aspect and continually improving to ensure good results are achieved within a short period of time. The benefits can be enormous if parents find the right badminton lesson for their kids.

Customized Badminton Classes for Beginners

Customized Badminton Classes for Beginners

We have had many parents who had a previous experience of finding a badminton coach for their kids at the beginner level, but ended up with slow improvement and their kid’s progress plateauing at a certain level. There can be a number of factors causing this, including the coach’s experience in the foundation, the class size, the coaching method, and more. Class size is particularly important for beginners, especially during the foundation stage.

For instance, if there are five students in one badminton class, each student may only have less than 20 minutes to learn from the coach, making it difficult for them to improve and learn properly, regardless of how experienced the coach is. At our badminton academy, we focus on quality rather than quantity, with class sizes structured, and our coach customizing individual training methods for each student, to ensure they all improve within a short period of time. Our badminton coach understands that every kid is different, some may be fast learners, while others may need more time to learn. Therefore, the same training method will not be suitable for all types of kids.

Experienced Badminton Class for Beginners

Experienced Badminton Class for Beginners

What does it mean to have experienced badminton classes? Many badminton training class for kids in Singapore only provide casual training which is just the surface of learning badminton and is not the professional foundation. Additionally, if the coach lacks experience in teaching the foundation, the student will get confused and have difficulty improving during the training, as they might learn the wrong thing. The coach may only teach the “surface” of foundation due to a lack of experience in teaching beginners.

As a result, the kids will not see good improvement within a short period of time. It is important for the coach to have experience in teaching beginners. Just because a coach has mentioned how many years of experience they have, it does not mean they have good knowledge in teaching beginners. This is just about how many years they have been in the industry. Parents should monitor their kids’ improvement progress regularly and choose the right coach and classes. This is why our badminton coach has been focusing on fundamental badminton training for the past 16 years.

Quick Improving Result with the Best Badminton Class for Beginners

Quick Improving Result with the Best Badminton Class for Beginners

Most parents now understand that the best badminton classes for beginners provide students with professional-level foundation training right from the start. This ensures that the coach can spend more time with each student, helping them to grasp everything correctly during training.

At ST Badminton Academy, our main focus is to help our beginner students improve their foundation and build their confidence in a short period of time. Our aim is not to claim that we are the best badminton class for kids or to simply earn more money – we only accept 20 students each year because we believe that if our beginner students receive the right foundation training, they will experience rapid improvement.

Our coach is committed to promoting proper badminton training and not just taking a business-oriented approach. We hope that all parents will find the right badminton training for their kids. Good luck, and thank you for reading!

Badminton Training for Beginner Table Calculation

Class Size

Student Learn

Skill Improvement

4 Students

30 Minutes


2 Students

60 Minutes


1 Student

120 Minutes


Private Training

120 Minutes (2 hours)

One Skill

Class size” means how many students are in one private training for 2 hours.
Student Learn” means how much time each student can learn in 2 hours of training.
Skill Improvement” means how long the students can learn one skill in 2 hours of training, for example, 25% means the student needs to attend 4 training to 100% get used to one skill.

Best Badminton Class For Beginner Kids

Better Quality of Class
A good badminton class for beginners can help your kids get better quality of learning.

Fast Improvement Result
The right badminton lesson for beginners helps your kids to get fast improvement results within a short time.

Better Understanding & Communication
With an experienced badminton coach and class size, students can have more time to understand the logic of the foundation.

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