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clementi cc badminton class children badminton training
Badminton Class Clementi for Children

This badminton class is for children in Clementi area. It focus mainly on children’s professional badminton basic skills development. It is also for children at beginner level. Entry age is from 6 to 11 years old. Why? This is the best age for children to learn proper badminton skills and also within the shortest time.


Another reason is that the children are new to badminton. Thus they have no bad habits which will be difficult to change. They are also able to absorb and understand proper basic skill foundation quickly and easily.


What is Proper Basic Skills Foundation? Most parents will understand that a strong and correct foundation is important if they want to play any sports. Without proper basic foundation in badminton, they cannot play well even though they may train for many years. There will be minimal improvement plus they may injure themselves along the way.


This is the reason why we always focus on foundation development. For the children, the more we focus on their basic foundation, the higher their chance of succeeding in their badminton career.

What we focus on Clementi Badminton Class

Sometimes we see some children even though they have been training for 1 to 2 years, they have not improved very much. Meanwhile, they have to keep paying training fees. We noticed that the children’s learning speed takes a long time to adapt to new badminton skills. Why?


This is because from the beginning, the children’s foundation was not build up properly. What is the cause of this? Does their parents understand and know the difference between casual and proper basic foundation classes for children?


Let us talk about casual badminton class. Normally this type of badminton class has many children. Probably between 5 to 6 children in a 2-hour session. If you care to divide 120 minutes (2 hours) by 6 children, then each child actually will only get 20 minutes of learning time.


On top of this, normally at the beginning, students have to do 30 minutes of footwork. This leaves them with only 90 minutes. You can see now that the students will be getting much less than 20 minutes of actually learning time.

clementi badminton training children badminton class
badminton class clementi badminton training
Badminton Skill Development for Youth

With less than 20 minutes per student, how can the badminton coach concentrate on their basic development? There is not enough time even if he wants to. The children also do not have enough time to learn. Most of the time, the badminton coach will ask all of them to do footwork together.


He will then hope that he can spot some mistakes and correct the students. Sometimes, the class is coached by an Assistant Coach. He may not even have the experience to spot mistakes when all the students are doing footwork together at same time.


This is the reason why our children badminton class at Clementi will be coached by our Head Badminton Coach. He is none other than Mr Eric Chuar. He does not allow any assistant coach in his class. Why? We had a case back in 2018. One of our new student who joined us told us why he left his previous badminton class.  He said he was confused. One week the badminton coach told him to do this. Another week, there was a different coach and this new coach told him to do another style.


The poor student did not know what he should be doing. On top of this, he also does not know if he is doing right or wrong.  After spending some time with him, we found that it was because his previous badminton coach had double standards.


There were different coaches who gave different coaching styles. Plus, their training programme was not properly structured to help their students. After a while, students will lose interest in learning proper basic badminton skills.

Youth Kids Beginner 5 to 11 years old easier become skillful

Sometimes we see notice some kids like to play badminton. When it comes to proper training, they do not pay attention at all. There are some kids that during training they do the right thing but during games, they do not use the skills they have learned. This is because of the double standard and it makes them stressed up. In the end, they are not serious about learning the proper basic skills.


When a student has lost interest in learning proper badminton basic foundation, they will never improve. Even if they are learning from Ex-Olympics or Ex-National players, they will never improve.  The reason is because their basic foundation is not there.


This is the main reason why STBA always focus on children’s basic skills development right from the beginning. All basic skills development will be taught by our Head Badminton Coach, Mr Eric. In line with our company’s policy, there will only be a maximum of 4 students in a class. No extra slot or children will be admitted once a class is full. We will not accept even if the parents are willing to pay extra training fees.


Children in this class are eligible to take test to get PBST (Professional Badminton Skill Test) Certificate. Only students who have passed every skills with flying colours will be given this PBST Certificate. No amount of money or favouritism will give you this Certificate.


Last but not least, no matter whether the parents want their children to be a professional or leisure badminton player, we strictly insist they must learn the proper basic skills development. The students must also have a humble attitude at the same time.

clementi badminton class children badminton lesson
Fees & Term
Beginner Fee : $115 / month 4 sessions

2 hours per session

Class size 4 student in a session

Beginner shall be coach by – Eric Chuar

Location : Clementi




Clementi Badminton Class registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Socks
  4. Shoulder bag
  5. Badminton racket
High Beginner Class Fee : $115 / month 4 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4 trainee in a session

High Beginner shall be teach coach – Eric Chuar

Location : Clementi Area



Clementi Badminton Class fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Socks
  4. Shoulder bag
  5. Badminton racket
School Team Class Fee : $115 / month 4 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4 player in a session

School Team skill and strategy shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Location : Area of Clementi


Cleementi Badminton Training registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Socks
  4. Shoulder bag
  5. Badminton racket
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