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Badminton Academy Near You?

As a badminton enthusiast or a parent seeking training for your child, you may often find yourself wondering, “Where can I find the best badminton classes near me?” It can be frustrating to enroll in a nearby badminton academy, only to find that the coach is not up to your standards.

Unfortunately, some coaches are more interested in taking your money than in properly teaching your child. As a result, your child’s progress may be slow or non-existent, leaving you feeling disappointed and disillusioned. In this article, we will provide tips on how to find the best badminton lessons in your area and avoid the pitfalls of working with an unprofessional coach.

The fact of Badminton Academy near me in Singapore

The fact of Badminton Academy near me in Singapore

Actually, many parents in Singapore search for badminton training near them for the convenience of their children. However, they often struggle to find a good badminton academy that can significantly improve their children’s skills.

As parents may not be familiar with the industry, it can be challenging to determine whether a badminton class or badminton coach is suitable. However, parents can follow a few steps to identify whether the badminton coach or academy is good. Firstly, parents can consider the class size. If they are not wealthy, they may opt for group training instead of private lessons.

What should be aware of when joining Group Badminton Training

What should be aware of when joining Group Badminton Training

When parents send their kids to join group training, it is important to ensure that they are able to learn as much as possible. From our experience, there are a few factors in group training that can indirectly impact your child’s rate of improvement. These factors include:

1. Group Training Size

2. Coach/Trainner Experiences

3. Coaching Style

4. Structure of Badminton Training

5. Badminton Training Record

6. Result of Improvement

7. Training Tracking System

8. Academy Advertising Behavior

Group Training Size

Group Size of the Badminton Training

We have previously discussed that group badminton training is suitable for children, but the group size can indirectly affect the speed of improvement. If your child joins a large badminton class, regardless of how good the coach is, your child’s progress will still be slow. Even if there are assistant coaches, the improvements may not be as good as being coached by the head coach.

For example, if there are five students in a two-hour lesson, each student only gets about 23 minutes of coaching if the coach is able to chat with each student on time and stop on time, but this is not always possible. Moreover, if your child is a slow learner and the coach does not give them enough attention, the improvement can be even slower. To ensure better progress, parents should monitor the group training size and try to limit it to no more than four students per group.

Badminton Coach Experiences

Badminton Coach Experiences

Almost everyone who wants to conduct badminton lessons in Singapore will advertise their coaching experience on their website or in person to attract customers. Some claim to have 10-20 years of experience coaching kids or coaching in schools. However, it’s not uncommon for children to train for a year and still not know how to play properly. So how can you check a badminton coach’s experience?

The best way is to randomly search for a “badminton academy near me,” ignore the coach’s experience they advertise, and send your kids there for 3 months. Observe how the coach teaches and monitor your kids’ improvement. If the coach is experienced, your kids’ fundamental skills like footwork, racket swing, elbow and leg movements, etc. should show a marked improvement within 3-5 months.

Regardless of how slow or fast your kids learn badminton, they should show significant improvement within this timeframe. If after this period, your kids still don’t know how to use foundational badminton skills like proper swinging and footwork during games, the coach is likely not putting in enough effort, and it’s best not to waste your time with them.

Coaching Style ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Badminton Coach Coaching Style

Have you ever observed some badminton coaches who merely act like a machine that keeps feeding the shuttlecock to their students without correcting their mistakes? This can occur due to several reasons. Firstly, the coaches may lack the experience to identify the correct and incorrect fundamental skills of badminton.

Secondly, some coaches may perceive the students’ lack of talent and avoid engaging with them as they feel it is a futile exercise. Finally, it is possible that the coaches are willing to keep such students because their parents do not monitor their children’s progress, and they pay their fees promptly. However, as a coach, the critical aspect is to correct students’ mistakes on the spot, as they are paying to improve their skills. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to monitor their children’s progress and ensure that they receive quality training.

Structure of Badminton Training

Structure of Badminton Training

Many badminton academies advertise that they have structured badminton classes, but what does “structured badminton training” really mean? Most parents do not know the answer to this question, they only know that it sounds good. However, sending their kids to these classes can harm their kids if they truly love badminton. In order to improve all the fundamentals in a short time, a structured badminton class is essential. Unfortunately, most badminton coaches do not have a structured training plan.

They feel that the students have so many weaknesses to train that any one skill will do. This is the reason why kids train for 2 to 3 years, but their improvement is still slow. Time is precious, parents! A good academy will have structured badminton lessons, where the coach is very focused on every second of the training to ensure that their students improve. If you see a coach bring a chair and sit down to play on their phone, it does not mean they have many assistant coaches to help, but rather they are not putting full effort into their students as a head coach. Parents must clarify with the trainer regarding the meaning of structured training.

Badminton Training Record Badminton Academy

Badminton Classes Improvement Record

You can find many badminton academies near your home, and the coaches often bring a box of shuttlecocks to conduct training. However, a good badminton coach like our coach Mr. Eric always likes to find out the students’ weaknesses and note them down for future reference. This can help his students improve in the long run because badminton fundamentals go beyond footwork, swing racket, and smash lob. There are many things that need to be corrected, and we guarantee that no coach can detect and remember all the student’s weaknesses. This is where the importance of badminton lesson records comes in, which is very important to help our students keep improving within a targeted framework.

Even if the coach is an ex-national player or an ex-Olympic player, without proper training records, no matter how good their students are, they will still be stuck at a certain level and cannot improve. This is because they have no data on what has been trained and what has not. Proper training records are essential to guide coaches in their teaching, and to help students to track their progress over time.

Some coaches like to scold students, but they don’t even know how to coach properly and have messy training records. This is not the right approach. Therefore, parents should find coaches who have good practices and proper badminton training records for each student.

Result of Improvement Badminton Coach

Result of Improvement After Lessons

As a parent, what is your goal in sending your child to badminton training? Undoubtedly, you want your child to improve, right? Without improvement, there is no point in learning badminton. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to monitor their child’s progress on a regular basis to ensure consistent results. However, we understand that many parents do not know how to monitor their child’s progress, and this can be a challenging task to explain.

For instance, some parents prefer to stay with their child on the court and watch their child during training. In the first two to three months, the parents may notice an improvement in their child’s footwork and feel satisfied. However, the coach may still see room for improvement.

By the fourth month of lessons, the parents begin to mention to the coach, “every week we can see the improvement, really appreciate your teaching,” even though they do not know how to monitor their child’s progress in badminton. Nonetheless, after accompanying their child for a few months, they can still spot the difference. Thus, spending time with your child during training is beneficial, not because you do not trust the badminton coach, but because it is valuable time in your child’s life.

Training Tracking System Badminton Coaching

Training Tracking System

When searching for a “badminton academy near me” on the internet and finding a nearby badminton class for your kids, that is just the beginning. The next step is to determine whether the academy has a proper training tracking system or whether they just casually coach without any tracking. In fact, a tracking system is crucial if you want your kids to improve within a short period of time. For example, if a coach has a tracking system, they can identify and correct even minor bad habits in a student’s technique. At our training academy, we have an inbuilt system for tracking student training records, and we use this to track the progress of every student who joins us.

Many badminton academies claim to have the latest training technology or methods, but in reality, they have nothing. They make these claims because many parents are not aware of what is actually needed for effective training. These coaches often mention technology but end up just using a bag of shuttlecocks, rackets, and their own voice. The truth is, they cannot afford expensive technology. So parents, do not blindly trust what you read on the internet, unless you have seen it with your own eyes.

Academy Advertising Behavior Badminton Coach

Academy Advertising Behavior

When you search for “badminton academy near me” on Google, you may come across many advertisements for badminton coaching on Facebook, Instagram, Google Search “ad,” or even in your email. However, it can be difficult to determine which ones to trust. If a badminton academy is good enough and produces good results, then there may be no need for them to advertise to attract more students.

Instead, they may have too many parents waiting to enroll their children. The intention behind advertising may be to attract more students in order to make more money. Advertisements may offer free jerseys, rackets, trial lessons, and discounted packages to attract parents who are interested in such deals.

However, a good coach and education will not offer such discounts as it can be seen as an insult to their effort. Sales tactics that offer such deals may attract people who are greedy for small things, and such deals may not provide the quality of education that your child needs. It is important to be cautious and thoroughly research before enrolling your child in a badminton academy.

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