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Badminton Academy Near You?

As a badminton lover or the parent of a kid, you always think this “I want to find badminton classes near me” so that you can send your kids for training regularly and keep improving. But the fact is in most of the badminton academies near you the coach is not up to your standard.

This means the coach might just want to earn your money, but never teach your kids properly. The worst thing is you can feel your kids are not improving a lot after learning for so long. Today, we will be discussing, how to get the best badminton lesson near you and prevent you to get frustrated by a casual badminton coach.

The fact of Badminton Academy near me in Singapore

The fact of Badminton Academy near me in Singapore

Actually, the fact of everyone loves to search for badminton training near me in Singapore because of convenience for their children. But end up all the badminton academy near you is not good, and cannot help your kids to improve that much due to some reason. But many parents are not sure how to determine whether badminton class is not good as they are totally not in this field. 

Parents can easily detect by following these few steps to determine the badminton coach or the academy is good or not. The first thing is the class size, if you are not a rich person, probably you will feel that your kids don’t need to join private badminton lessons because not sure they really like to learn. So normally parents will send their kids for group training.

What should be aware of when joining Group Badminton Training

What should be aware of when joining Group Badminton Training

When parents send their kind to join group training, the important thing is to ensure your kids are able to learn as much as possible. So in our experience, there are few group training be indirectly linked to your kid’s improvement speed. Which are :

1. Group Training Size

2. Coach/Trainner Experiences

3. Coaching Style

4. Structure of Badminton Training

5. Badminton Training Record

6. Result of Improvement

7. Training Tracking System

8. Academy Advertising Behavior

Group Training Size

Group Size of the Badminton Training

We mentioned this before, the group badminton training actually works for children, but the group size is indirectly linked with the speed of improvement results. Imagine if your children join a big class of badminton lessons no matter how good is the coach, your kids still will get the same output, which is slow improvement.

Regardless of how many assistant coaches they have, the improvements still will not be good as coach by the head coach. For example, in one class of 5 students, your kid is one of them, in 2 hours lesson, so 120 minutes divided by 5 students, every student only learns 23 minutes, “IF” the coach is very good and knows how to chat with every individual student on time, and stop on time, but in fact, it is not possible.

The worst thing is if your kids are slow learners, and the coach has not given more concentration on your kids, the improvement can be even slower.  So the best way is for parents should always monitor the group training size, try to not more than 4 students in one group, and your kids should have better improvements.

Badminton Coach Experiences

Badminton Coach Experiences

Almost whoever wants to set up a conduct badminton lesson in Singapore, will tell you or write on the website how many years of badminton coaching experience they have to attract their customers. Some say they have 10 – 20 years of coaching experience to coach kids.

Or coach the school for many years, but end up when you send your kids to join the training, train for 1 year and your kids seem like still everything also doesn’t know to play properly.  So how do check the badminton coach’s experiences?

The best way is, if you like to find a “badminton academy near me” randomly on search, just ignore the coach experiences they mentioned after you found them, send your kids there for 3 months, and use your eyes to see how they teach.

And how much your kids are an improvement, if a coach is a good experience, normally within 3 to 5 months you can find your kid’s fundamental skills like footwork, swing racket on the single court, elbow, leg and more can be improved a lot and looks professional. Regardless of how bad or how slow your kids learn badminton, within 5 months they should be improved a lot accordingly to our training experiences.

If your kids after this period still like don’t know how to use foundation badminton in games like swing properly, and run footwork. Definitely, the coach is not putting effort into your kids, to be honest, don’t waste time. 

Coaching Style ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Badminton Coach Coaching Style

Do you see some badminton coaches when conducting coaching just like a shuttlecock machine? Meaning that they coach students and just keep feeding the student shuttle, even if the students did a lot of wrong foundation skills in badminton they still like pretend to see nothing.

Another possibility is maybe the coaches really don’t have experience detecting which is correct and which is the wrong fundamental of badminton. This is not acceptable, why? As a coach, the important thing is when the students did something not right in badminton, we have to correct them on the spot. Because this is the reason why the students come join us, they want to get improve and not just join training for nothing, right?

The last possibility is the coach saw the student’s lack of talent and they lazy to talk to them due to keeping explaining also the same. This is possible, as sometimes certain kids really need to keep monitored, and changing them, is not an easy task. But why does the coach still want to keep the students? Because their parents do not care about their improvement, and training fees are good and pay on time, consistent money who don’t want? So parents really need to monitor regularly if sending their kids for training. 

Structure of Badminton Training

Structure of Badminton Training

Many badminton academies always advertise they have structured badminton classes. But what meaning of structured badminton training? Most of the parents don’t know this, what parents know is to see what they are writing “Structured badminton classes” sounds good. So send their kind to join the training, in fact, this can harm your kids if they really like badminton. Actually if really need your kids to improve all the fundamentals in a short time, a structured badminton class is really needed.

But to be honest, to tell you that most badminton coaches have no structured training plan. What they feel is, the students have so many weaknesses that need to train, we can train either any one skill will do. So this is the reason why your kid trains for 2 to 3 years the improvement is still very slow, time is gold parents.

The Academy really has structured badminton lessons, you can see the coach is very rush on every second during the training because they want their student to improve. So when you see some coach bring a chair and sit down there to play phone, not meaning that they have a lot of assistant coaches to help them to coach so they can relax. But this is showing they are not putting full effort into his students as a head coach. So parents must clarify with the trainner regarding their structured training meaning. 

Badminton Training Record Badminton Academy

Badminton Classes Improvement Record

You can see many badminton academies near your home, and the coach always brings a box of shuttlecocks to conduct training. What else? Actually, a good badminton coach, when they conduct proper badminton training just like our coach Mr.Eric, always likes to bring find out the student weakness and note them down on his note remember every student weakness.

This can help his students improve in the long run, because badminton fundamental is not just footwork, swing racket, and smash lob, as they are many many things that need to correct by the students and we guarantee 100% that no coach can detect and remember all the student’s weakness. So this is where the badminton lessons records come from, which is very important to help our students to keep improving within the targeted frame.

And honestly, even if the coach is an ex-national player, or an Ex-Olympic player, without a proper training record as guidance, no matter how good is their students, they will still stuck at a certain level and cannot improve, because they have no data which thing is training and not trained? So data which is training record is important. Some coaches like to scold students, but they don’t even know how to coach properly and so messy training records but still dare to scold the students, this is not the right practice. So parents can find some coach that really has good practice they have proper badminton training record for each student.

Result of Improvement Badminton Coach

Result of Improvement After Lessons

As a parent, what is the purpose to send your kids for badminton training? Definitely want your kids to get a good improvement result right? If no point to learn badminton. So parents, if you already send your kids to join certain badminton academies for quite some time but have no improvement. Whose fault? Parent’s fault actually, because parents never monitor. So always remember to monitor your kids and the result of improvements, and give a quick check on a regular basis so that your kids can have consistent results.

But we know that a lot of parents do not know how to monitor, and this can be a difficult task for us to explain too. For example, some parents of the students like to stay with the kids on the court and watch their kids in the training. First 2 to 3 months the parent’s feedback was that found the kid’s footwork got improvement, and they feel satisfied. But our coach is still not satisfied because they are many things to be improved.

When the 4 months of every lesson, their parents start to mention to our coach “every week we can see the improvement, really appreciate your teaching” even though the parents don’t know how to monitor the result of improvement in badminton lessons, but after few months of accompanies, they can still spot the difference. So, parents, the best way is to spend some time with the kids during the training will be better for your kids. Is not about trusting or don’t trust the badminton coach, this is about your kid’s precious childhood time.

Training Tracking System Badminton Coaching

Training Tracking System

When you search on the internet for “badminton academy near me” and found the nearest badminton classes for your kids, that is just a small part begins. The next step is you need to know if the academy has the proper training tracking system or just casually coaches without any tracking. In fact, the tracking system is really needed if you need your kids to improve within a short period of time.

For coaching example, if a coach has a tracking system, they will know what to train the student’s certain skills even just a minor bad habit but still can be detected. For our training tracking system, we have an inbuilt system for students training records and a tracking system for whoever joins us. 

Many badminton academies keep mentioning they have the latest training technology, or the latest training methods, in fact, they have nothing, they dare to mention the latest technology or something because parents did not know about all of these. That is why the coach mentioned tons of how their technology, ended up when saw the coach only a bag of shuttlecock, racket, and mouth. Where is the technology? Too expensive so have to buy it yet. So parents, don’t trust what the internet wrote unless really showing in front of your eyes. 

Academy Advertising Behavior Badminton Coach

Academy Advertising Behavior

When you type “badminton academy near me” in an online google search and after that, many badminton coaching advertisements floated on your Facebook, Instagram, and Google Search “ad” or even Email. Which one you can believe? If you think the opposite way, if your academy is good enough, and has a good improvement result, do you still need to do advertising to attract more students to join? The answer is no, as they have no hand to coach more players due to too many parents queuing to join them.

So what is the intention to pay money for advertisements to attract more students? Simply, they want money, so they need more students, a free jersey, a free racket, a free trial lesson, and package training at a cheaper price. All this is to attract those parents who like to take this small thing and thought they are earning, in fact, you get trapped. A good coach and education will give you such a discount? No, because this is like insulting the coach’s effort. Unless the coach is not putting any effort so they feel nothing.

So all this sales tactic is trying to get people who are greedy for small things, to think is worth it because free racket and free jersey all in one package. Everyone like to save money, but must need to know how to save money in the correct way. You thought you are saving big money to send your kids to join badminton classes, but end up your kids did not learn the proper foundation, spoiling their badminton career. So parents, please clarify properly if you are looking for a good badminton lesson that is near you. 

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