Backhand Smash Badminton Training

Backhand smash badminton training is one of the most famous shots in badminton, especially in the professional badminton world.

How to learn the badminton Backhand Smash

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Backhand smash badminton training is rarely used in badminton because it is a very difficult skill to learn among all the badminton skills. It is a stroke that can be used both offensively and defensively.

Also, it can be used to win rallies and end points quickly due to the opponent not expecting. If you really want to learn how to play the backhand smash, then you have to really improve your badminton foundation. 

Backhand Smash Badminton Class by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

1. What is the Badminton Backhand Smash?

Badminton Training

A backhand smash is one of the shots that most badminton lovers love to see, also seldom player can do it nicely with power and get the point. Less than 10% of casual players can do it perfectly especially in Singapore.

In the badminton world, everyone remembers the famous badminton player Taufik Hidayat. His backhand smash is the first player that can produce controllable and most powerful among so many badminton players.

Backhand Smash Badminton Coaching by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

2. How to Play the Backhand Smash

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To play the backhand smash, you must already have very good backhand stroke skills like backhand clear, backhand lob very used to the backhand. As backhand really needs the maximum swing and coordination with momentum. 

Aside from that, the wrist also must be well trained as normally backhand smash or clear require a lot of wrist flexibility and strength. If your wrist is stiff, and not flexible, the best way is to train your wrist for a normal backhand shot until you get the momentum before learning backhand smash badminton training.

Some casual players without learn proper grip or they don’t even know how to control the backhand grip like holding too tight or something. They won’t be able to master the backhand smash badminton training. 

Backhand Smash Badminton Coaching Singapore by ST Badminton Academy 2024

3. Why Is it Important?

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To a professional player, every point is important to them especially when they found a chance to kill a point. So most of the professional players are good in backhand smash badminton training, although they are seldom used in backcourt like Taufik Hidayah. Similarly, for example, in the front net, we can commonly find Ng Tze Yong and Lee Zi Jia using backhand smash at the front net when any chance to kill the point. 

But if you are just a casual player, not necessary to learn backhand smash badminton training. Why? Normally casual players even if they are at an intermediate level, still, have many skills that are not mastered yet, so backhand smash is not helpful for them. If they insist to learn backhand smash, this might cause them injury, or increase the chances of mistakes.

4. Tips for Playing the Backhand Smash

Badminton Training
Step 1. Prepare Position

Firstly, change your backhand grip front body facing back, and get ready to use your backhand swing from the side when the shuttlecock comes to you. In addition, remember the shuttle hitting point is in front of your clock at 10 to 11 instead 12.

Step 2. Upper Body Position

Remain your arm and shoulder close to the front of your body, keep relaxing, and execute the power of your wrist and shoulder to turn your body and get the momentum of a backhand smash. 

Step 3. Execute Backhand Smash

Subsequently, try to hit the shuttle’s highest point when the shuttlecock comes to you. Remember hit the shuttlecock must be in front of you! But if you are a casual player, the foundation is not very good to develop, try to avoid these backhand smash skills, unless you are very good and used to playing backhand. Lastly, thank you for reading!

Backhand Smash Badminton Training by ST Badminton Academy Singapore 2024

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Benefit of

Professional Badminton Backhand Smash

Increase skill level

Improve attack

Increase the speed of the shot

Improve speed of skills

Improve wrist flexibility

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