Our Academy Coaching History

Our coaching history since the year 2006, from traditional training methods to advanced training system recognized by parents and players. Until today, we still keep trying hard to bring the proper right and best foundation for our students.

The Startup of Our Academy Coaching Foundation

In 2006, Coach Eric is a competitive player who loved badminton so much. Until he met Coach Wilson Tuan who is his partner in coaching. Coach Wilson has more than 15 years of experience in the coaching industry. He is the first person who explains to Coach Eric has all the coaching foundations to be a coach.

Practical like how to serve shuttlecock to students, sparring, multiple shuttles, differentiate the quality of coaching, etc. Coach Eric mentioned that without Coach Wilson’s teaching all these, he will not be able to have today’s success.

ST Badminton Academy Established

ST Badminton Academy was established in 2007. During those days, we found that if want students to improve fast is not as simple as serving shuttlecocks.

Our coaches realize that play and teaching are totally different things, meaning is, a person who is good in play badminton, not means good at teaching. Especially every student’s weakness is different, in terms of their style, and pattern character.

Training Method Development

ST Badminton Academy coaches started learning to develop new training methods for our students in 2008 as summarized and found that the right training method is important for our students if want to get better improvement.

Sometimes our coaches train themselves until all the muscle is aching for a week as they will self-train the training method they created to ensure effective and useful for their students.

Implement Academy Terms and Conditions

After our training method is getting matured, we realize that coach and student discipline is important to keep our academy moving forward. Our coach needs to follow our coach rules, for example, no phone on the court while coaching, etc.

For kids, we aim to only take in kids who really interested in badminton training and have good discipline learning with us. As we have limited coach, time, and training slot. Hence, ST Badminton Academy implements terms and conditions regulation in 2009.

Implement Academy Training Group Structure

We implement separate classes according to level and age on different days and timing in 2010. As we found that if mixed all students into one session as per the parent’s preferred timing is not a good practice.

Unequal levels, ages, and gender can cause slow improvement and affect the progress of improvement of every student. We need our badminton training to be structured, every student gets to learn more in a clean and tidy environment.

Implement Academy Training Group Size

As our coaches found that the best way to get our students to improve within a short period of time, the class size is the main concern. We realize some students need more care, concern, and monitoring during our training.

Most students cannot improve if learning in a big size of training. Hence, in 2011, Our academy badminton classes group size implements to maximum 4 students instead of 6 students in one training.

Implement Beginners Training Method

Traditional badminton training method for beginner students is all grouped into one class and taught by an assistant badminton coach. But our coaches found that this way can cause many bad habits and wrong foundations to appear in the students.

If we teach all students with the right fundamental from the beginning, they can improve in a shorter time. Hence, we implement all the training methods for our academy beginners will train under a professional training method by our certified coaches in 2012.

Implement Sport Science

Our coaches believe the knowledge of sports science helps them to build a scientifically sound rudder and compass so that our young students who are under their guidance don’t aimlessly drift about.

In search of their seemingly illusive optimal performance in the court. Strengthen the correct internal body structures and develop the nervous system pathways for enhancing speed needs and power, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and more. Our coaches implement Sport Science into our badminton academy training in 2013.

Implement of Foundation Training Method

There are thousands of training methods for high-level players in the badminton coaching industry. But we realize rarely see any fast and effective training method for beginner’s foundations, especially for kids.

In 2014, our academy coaches started creating more effective training methods only for beginners students. This helps our student can have a more perfect foundation in badminton.

Implement Precise Rules of Footwork Foundation

In 2015, our coaches necessary to provide our beginners students with precise and strict footwork training. So our academy students can have a better understanding and deeper knowledge of professional footwork.

As our academy coaches found that footwork needs to be more professional and precise as it is the core of the badminton foundation. We also realize that for students who have improper footwork, improvement progress is slow.

Implement New Technology

We prefer fast improvement in coaching, so we always bring new technology to the academy to help our students better. In 2016, we implement a shuttlecock feeding machine for beginners and develop a training method accordingly.

The shuttlecock machine can be helpful if we use it right, so our coaches will monitor the shuttlecock and student progress to see how it adapts to training and how the wrong training can cause it to function inefficiently.

Implement Training Rules of Upper Body Foundation

Our academy coaches insist to implement the training rules of the upper body foundation including wrist, finger, thumb, and turn body as they know how important is upper body foundation.

Hence, our badminton coaches can only teach the right foundation of the upper body in beginner’s classes. As we want to maximize the potential of all our students under our guidance and provide them with a lifetime of positive memories.

Implement Grading and Award System

We implement a grading and award system for our students. All our students need to be passed practical and theory tests when they are learning badminton with us.

As we found that most of our student come training but lack of target. Hence, our grading and award system help students get a better understanding of professional badminton knowledge in both theory and practical.

Implement High-Performance Coaching

We are proud to have specific types of badminton training programs become recognized as best practices. Our academy coaches realize that the physical capacity of players is absolutely useless without concurrent development of the appropriate movement skills.

Hence, we implement High-Performance Coaching, which our training method now is including the physical player capacity and skill proficiency combination.

Implement Sports Data Analytics

Our academy coaches found that sports analytics can be useful for our students. Sports data sets mean using the Python programming language in order to generate insight and analysis of our student’s performance.

So what makes this interesting is that our coaches learning a programming language in 2020. Until today, our coaches are able to use advanced programming techniques in order to analyze large datasets on specific performances like repeatability of footwork, swing racket, and agility training time.

Implement New Technology for Agility

Our academy coaches found that if teaching our students the right training method combined with new technology, the improvement can be huge. Especially now our coaches know many ways of breaking down the data using Python.

In the year 2021, during the Covid-19 period, we also implement agility equipment that helps students with better performance during the training. This sensor concept is using IoT sensor in the action method.

Implement New Technology for Upper Body

The traditional ways of swinging rackets like hitting plastic and shadow swing cannot help much, especially for beginners, these methods cannot provide students with the sensing accuracy and feel of hitting a shuttle.

Hence, we implement shuttle training equipment 2022, which can help beginner students firm their upper body skills including swing racket, a better sense of hitting, and consistency, and also improve their reaction speed to hit the shuttle.

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