About ST Badminton Academy

ST Badminton Academy is the home of a proper badminton academy in Singapore. We offer badminton coaching and training for both children and adults for the past 12 years.

Badminton Training for Kids

Badminton Training for Kids

For kids, we offer an effective badminton lesson in a safe environment where our coaches teach a variety of skills such as how to use a professional foundation in badminton. For example, the upper body, lower body, and other skill sets are required to play badminton professionally. We also will train them in overall fitness.

We also have badminton lessons for kids that focus on both general fitness and developing professional skills including matches, reducing mistakes for singles, doubles, and mixed doubles.

In addition, we are also launching a kid’s professional badminton training program in 2013. Most of our lessons are with a low ratio as we understand the importance of fundamental development. To put it differently, our good badminton coach will deliver proper badminton training to every one of our students. This badminton training is good for kids who looking to improve their game and/or learn new skills.

The Story of ST Badminton Academy

The Story of ST Badminton Academy

STBA story so far has been pretty simple. We don’t need a big academy quantity of students, as we wish to see only the improvement result. We start as a Badminton Academy and then became a Professional badminton academy not relying on marketing but on student improvement results. We’ve been through a lot of changes, but the one thing that never changed was our vision and core values.

As Singaporean Badminton players grew, we noticed many kids still lack of professional badminton foundations. Also, we can see tons of improper badminton training in Singapore, with no effective plan, to be honest, this is a very serious issue in long term. We knew we could make a difference. We knew we had the ability to coach and mentor, but we needed support from parents, teachers, coaches, and peers to make it happen.

Launched the first badminton class was held in 2007, but time passed too quickly.

We help create a completely professional, safe, encouraging, and positive environment for children and adults who love to play badminton.

That mission is still very much alive today. Even though we’ve grown significantly since then.

Who Are We ST Badminton Academy
Who Are We

ST Badminton Academy is a professional badminton academy situated in the West area of Singapore. Our mission is completely to nurture and develop the next generation of kids, not for fighting business growth, or a business mindset.

We provide comprehensive badminton lessons to help players improve their skills and compete at a high level. We provide access to the latest training methods and equipment for our students.

We are committed to providing excellent improvement results for kids and students who wish to improve.

A good badminton coach, Eric Chuar, has been part of the Singapore badminton training scene for over 13 years and is now in charge of one of the best badminton academies in the West area of Singapore.

Academy was founded by him back in 2007, and our focus is to provide the best badminton training possible to all levels of players.

We aim to train the whole spectrum of players, a complete skill set, from the young kids who want to take up the sport to the more experienced players who wish to perfect their skills.

Our lessons are designed to cater to all players’ needs, with a mix of traditional and modern training techniques. Our classes are highly interactive and we place great emphasis on individual development.

What We Do by ST Badminton Academy
What We Do

We are a badminton academy that only teaches proper badminton training to kids. From beginners to intermediate and advanced players, we also provide coaching specific to certain skills for individual player who needs to improve their specific skills.

In fact, our aim is to help players build a perfect basic foundation for each skill. We provide 3 types of private badminton training in Singapore as usual. With not randomly teaching, invest our effort into every single of our students. In short, our vision is to influence other badminton academies to follow the same proper training in Singapore to help the next generation including our own kids.

In short, we only do one thing, deliver proper badminton training. Never, never close one eye anyhow coach.

What Our Students Say ST Badminton Academy Singapore
What Our Students Say

Usually, our students although is tiring during the training, still rated the training as good because they are improving. They have been able to enjoy the benefits of ST Badminton Academy just like family members.

We only have over 100 students who have attended our training since 2007. Many of them have been in School teams, and Sports Schools and some of them are able to represent Singapore in international tournaments.

We offer training to fresh beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, catering to all age groups. The badminton lesson’s structure is designed to improve skills within a short period of time.

For the most part, our teaching methodology is one of the most important aspects of our program. We focus on helping students find their “Professional” skills in badminton.

With our lessons, we are confident our students will gain a lot of valuable knowledge in the short term and have a greater chance of achieving long-term success, which means we can ensure effective programs of training.

How We Do It ST Badminton Academy Singapore
How We Do It

We understand our parents and students don’t want to spend their money on something that doesn’t work. So our badminton coaches don’t just give you one cookie-cutter solution.

We have proper badminton classes where you learn proper technique and skills, and then we have professional classes where you work on developing those skills to be a professional level of player.

Equally important, our badminton coaches will be able to look at problems in every one of their students and find solutions. In short, we’ve got you covered in every way, ask any of our students if you feel this is just a marketing speech. We’re here for you and dedicated to your kid’s success.

How We Teach ST Badminton Academy Singapore
How We Teach

We teach with enthusiasm, purpose, and respect. The approach taken to teach each individual student depends on his/her current level of knowledge in badminton. Including motivation, and understanding of each coaching skill.

We believe learning badminton should be having improvement. As we provide an environment where students can feel at ease, learn and progress. We emphasize good sportsmanship, humility, team spirit, and discipline in our students.

We endeavor to create a badminton learning community that encourages our students to share their ideas and thoughts and contribute to each other’s learning of badminton.

We also strive to provide high-quality coaching and supervision in all aspects of the training method. This provides our students with a variety of opportunities to learn and improve their game.

Students Can Learn by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
Students Can Learn

furthermore, our badminton coaches teach our students a wide range of badminton techniques to help them achieve their personal best badminton. With regular training and the right coaching method, so they can have a more perfect foundation in badminton.

ST Badminton Academy training classes are seriously designed to help students of all abilities improve their skills. Whether you want to compete or simply learn new skills, we will help you achieve your personal best.

Teaching methodologies are constantly being developed and refined to ensure that students learn the most relevant badminton techniques to maximize their performance.

We offer a variety of programs lessons and 3 group training sizes so that you can choose the level and program that works best for you. But to be honest, the slot is very limited as we are here not for business.

How We Help ST Badminton Academy Singapore
How We Help

We assist students to develop and improve their kids in badminton lessons. With years of experience and our ability to evaluate potential badminton players and to prepare students with the right skills and abilities to compete, we also guide our students on how to improve their performance in training.

Most of our students are from Primary to Secondary levels in pursuing their dreams of becoming the best badminton players they can be.

We take pride in providing an outstanding learning environment for our students, and our dedicated badminton coaches work tirelessly to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to succeed in any situation.

What’s in a Academy Name ST Badminton Academy Singapore
What’s in an Academy Name?

ST Badminton Academy Singapore is a new meaning that stands for Strive To Be. It’s a name that communicates our purpose and mission, which is to train people to develop an enduring passion for the game of badminton.

We want to train the next generation of badminton enthusiasts who will be passionate about the game, and dedicated to developing their skills and achieving their dreams.

To do this, we aim to be excellent quality coaching and training, and a caring and encouraging atmosphere. With our mission in mind, we wanted a name that reflected the values and principles we wish to instill in our students. The mission statement is to strive to be the best.

The Team Behind ST Badminton Academy
The Team Behind ST Badminton Academy

The ST Badminton Academy is located in the Singapore West Area.

We aim to help players develop their skills by providing an excellent environment conducive to growth and learning. Next, our focus is to provide a challenging environment for our students to push their limits in a professional and safe environment where they can train. We want our students to learn self-discipline, develop skills and be real professional badminton players.

We have highly experienced badminton coaches who specialize in teaching the fundamental of badminton. The coaching team consists of dedicated individuals who are passionate about the sport and committed to ensuring our students have a good learning environment, which is important.


The Future of ST Badminton Academy
The Future of ST Badminton Academy

To be honest, we don’t look at money or business. But our students’ future has always been brighter.

The current head coach of the ST Badminton Academy, Mr.Eric Chuar has been the cornerstone of the Academy since its establishment back in 2007. We had our first batch of good players in 2009.

Overall, our goal is to train and prepare a new generation of kids who can represent Singapore at home and abroad in the future.

Why ST Badminton Academy
Why ST Badminton Academy?

We will mainly focus on the professional badminton foundation dedicated to kids in Singapore. As we hope more and more academies will follow the same help the new generation has a better future in badminton sport. Encourage every kid to learn badminton in the proper way.

in fact, our primary objective is to ensure Singapore has more and more good foundation badminton players. So indirectly can have more choices for our Singapore National Sport for badminton to choose a better quality player.  We provide our students with the resources needed to develop their skills so they can achieve their full potential.

In addition, our experienced badminton coaches will be able to help their students improve their game to reach the next level for sure if they are willing to learn.

We provide various training programs for beginners kids, including:

* Individual Classes

* Group Training

* Team training

* kids training

* Adult training

* Corporate training

As can be seen, our goal is to help students to improve their overall badminton skills, thus enhancing their performance and confidence to get a higher improvement result for techniques play. 

How to Get Involved in Badminton by ST Badminton Academy Singapore
How to Get Involved in Badminton

If you are looking for a place for your kids that have a good learning environment and improves badminton foundation at the same time, then this is the place for your kids.

On the positive side, Our academy offers only professional badminton lessons which are only proper badminton training. The best part is that all our training for beginners is open to beginners if they really wish to change and improve.

ST Badminton Academy Vision Singapore
ST Badminton Academy Vision

We strike a balance between providing high-quality badminton coaching, at a price that is accessible to the general public and giving our students a chance to compete at the highest level.

The reason behind this is, we want our students to meet the expectations to succeed, and this is the driving force behind our academy’s continued evolution and growth. We’ve been around since 2007 and we are very proud of the progress that we have made. 

Badminton Academy Mission
Badminton Academy Mission

The important mission statement for our academy is “To provide our students with the best possible educational experience and best improvement”

Also to provide a proper, professional, safe, secure, and good learning environment where all kids can learn and grow to the highest standard of excellence in badminton.

Academy Values ST Badminton Academy
Academy Values

We value our diversity and want to provide a professional, safe, and good learning environment for all our students. We are committed to building a better future for our students.

ST Badminton Academy is offering extensive proper badminton training for kids who live in the West area of Singapore. Including regular badminton training and activities for children beginner, lessons, holiday camps, and private badminton lessons.

Badminton Academy Philosophy ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Academy Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We want to help our local kids become better players, to be honest. That means teaching our students what it means to be a good player.

Helping them develop an understanding of the professional badminton foundation. It means helping them improve their skills so they can become better players, which will then translate to wins for them. That is the basic goal of every training at ST Badminton Academy.

Why We Are Different ST Badminton Academy
Why We Are Different

The differences between us and other badminton academies are many, and we won’t list them all here. However, there are some specific ones that we wanted to highlight to show you what makes us different. Specifically, our main objective as a badminton academy is to help kids improve their basic foundation, whether they are beginners or intermediate players. We try to cater to our student’s needs and preferences to ensure that they enjoy learning and improving. Our professional badminton coaches designed the training to be effective and interesting.

Unlike some academies that focus on ‘money’, we aim to focus more on ‘result’. To clarify, our lessons are designed for our students to have good improvement results and training in a good learning environment. We also have the advantage of having professional badminton coaches. To make sure that the lessons are good for all kids, we also have special effective badminton training lessons for younger students to learn the basic skills before moving on to our high level of training. In short, ST Badminton Academy is different in so many ways.

Academy History ST Badminton Academy
Academy History

We were originally known as ST Badminton Club in 2007 when our name was changed to ST Badminton Academy to reflect our corporate identity and focus on our academy model of delivering professional badminton training for the masses.

Our private and group classes are held by certified badminton coaches. We are also able to conduct badminton holiday camps where during the school holiday. Our goal is to provide an effective high-quality lesson and a good learning environment for our students.

Badminton Academy Experience ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Academy Experience

We are a well-established Badminton Academy providing effective badminton lessons to corporate and private lessons one on one.

Our badminton coaches are qualified and experienced. The badminton lessons training method is effective.

Our mission is to help our national kids to be the best they can be, by helping them get the perfect foundation, stay fit and live a happy life.

We do this by:

Teaching them the right techniques to improve their knowledge

Building their self-confidence to go the distance

Developing their skills as badminton players

Giving them the opportunity to excel in their training

Giving them support throughout their journey

Being there for them when they need us

ST Badminton Academy Community
ST Badminton Academy Community

We are a group of badminton coaches who is passionate about badminton. We love playing and teaching the game and being part of this community for more than 13 years.

In other words, we aim is to provide the best badminton coaching possible. We want to provide our students with the highest quality training to grow and develop their foundation to a perfect level, we strongly believe, we can.

We have been blessed to have some best players that are currently, or past, members of our Academy. With each player’s help, we are motivated to continues provide the proper badminton coaching in Singapore.

Our players have grown and become stronger over the years. Some are now full-time professionals as national badminton players. All of these players are very special to us and they are all part of our growing family.

Coaches Beliefs ST Badminton Academy
Coaches Beliefs

As a coach at ST Badminton Academy, our job is to help students improve their skills and develop their self-belief so that they can continue to reach their full potential.

When our coach Mr.Eric began coaching at ST Badminton, he wasn’t expecting it to be a job that would stick for so long time. He wanted to find a passion job that would provide a meaningful way to spend his time, and coaching was something he had been thinking about since he graduated.

In addition to personal development, players were also gaining confidence in their ability to play as a team, and as a family. This is important to him because a proper foundation in badminton is an underrated skill and it is not always easy to teach.

Badminton Training Commitment ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Training Commitment

In the past year, we’ve seen the evolution of modern badminton coaching. We’ve seen the growth of our players, coaches, and the improvement in technology and coaching methods.

For us, the most exciting thing about badminton is seeing our students achieve a higher level of skills in the foundation. As their confidence grows and their skill improves.

And from an education perspective, this is where we’ve seen the most impactful changes. That is the reason why decided to establish ST Badminton Academy.

Another key point is, our academy’s goal is simple: provide a place where kids can play and develop their skills. But more importantly, a place where they can grow and reach their full potential.

Badminton Coach Promise ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Coach Promise

We promise to provide a good environment where students can focus on their training and get better results of improvement. Important to realize, coaches are all highly experienced and trained, so they know what it takes to turn raw talent into professional badminton players.

At our academy, we strive to educate students about the professional foundation of badminton. To put it differently, our classes aim to give them a solid foundation in the fundamentals of badminton,

Badminton Academy Achievements ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Academy Achievements

We help badminton players achieve their goals, both on and off the court. By developing their skills, understanding the game tactics better, and helping them to get the best result.

Until today, our achievement and student improvement results are still good as usual. We have over 100 students and almost all of them have learned the good badminton foundation, enter school teams, sport school, and even national players.

ST Badminton Academy Awards
ST Badminton Academy Awards

ST Badminton Academy is dedicated to providing quality badminton training for children aged 7 years old and above.

Lastly, our students get numerous awards including winning the CSC, international competitions, and more.

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