Badminton Classes for kids in Singapore

Badminton Classes for kids in Jurong Singapore

We delivering the proper foundation in badminton for kids. Our badminton classes keep the true way of foundation development training for kids according to international tournament training standard.
Badminton Classes for Kids Jurong - ST Badminton Academy Singapore
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Proper badminton classes for kids held by ST Badminton Academy have been providing badminton coaching in Jurong and Choa Chu Kang area in Singapore since 2007.

Our badminton coach focuses mainly on children’s basic foundation and skill development.

To make sure that all the kids get the best-undivided coaching, we limit our intake to 20 students a year in our badminton academy. Our vision is to keep building a perfect basic foundation for our students.


Footwork Foundation

Footwork foundation in badminton for kids is the proper way to sustain their level of consistency, the key to success.


Skills Training Foundation

Skills set training foundation, train with proper skills in badminton classes, this is the only way to be the top players.


Upper body Foundation

Upper body foundation is an important skill set technique for wrist and elbow in badminton classes for kids.

Why basic foundation development and skills are important for kids?

Simple, not only kids, even adults when they have no simple foundation to generate power, the body looks stiffer. Similarly, when they have no basic footwork, although the shuttlecock is just one step away, they can’t even run.

Really interested in learning badminton? Not necessary to join us. You may read all the explanations below as this can help a lot polish your kid’s standard.

Badminton Classes for kids in Choa Chu Kang Senja Singapore by ST Badminton Academy

Important Milestones to monitor Proper Badminton Class

Yes, very important. In general, regardless of any type of sports training or tuition, the bigger size it is, the lesser chances to get the student to fully understand the class “content” given by the instructor. Especially for kids at the childhood stage, they are shy and did not intend to ask when not able to understand during the training. From our experience, we need to spend more time to give more concern to each individual student, they can be better. Therefore, we strictly do not allow a big group of students in one badminton training of 2 hours.

From our tracking improvement record show that the best badminton class size for kids is not more than 4 students in one badminton lesson for casual monthly training. Ideally, for skills training, not more than 2 students would be the best. Except for stamina, gym, agility, and muscle memory workout “out of the court” can be larger group and not affected if add into home work or extra lessons. Every badminton coach knows that to train out a skillful player is never easy. Therefore, if a student learns only 2 hours a week, it is not enough. Furthermore, worse if learning in a big size of group training.

We ever tried to take more students 30, 40 even 50 students or more in badminton training for kids. And we spent so much effort trying to structure, deploy a software system to plan the class better, including get more assistant coaches to organize for each badminton class size. End up the result of improvement on every individual student, honestly, very less, which is not much improvement. Unless we randomly teach without proper tracking result of learning new skills, agility, strength, power, and understanding of game tactics. In simple words ” close one’s eye”, let the student have a good sweat out and finish, and by doing this we can have an easier life in coaching. But if our coach doing this to spoil the kid’s future, someday his “kids” will get spoil by other education teachers or coaches too. So he prefers to do the right training, and good karma will come to you. This is the reason why our badminton coach does not want to take in too many students for the past 14 years.

Head coach or experiences trainer for kids is better. In fact, the person who teaches your kids badminton training is playing an important role. Why? If someone that who has not enough experience to take care and monitor your kids during skills training, this can lead the student to the wrong direction develop “bad habit” in court which we hate to see this.

In a simple explanation, you can see their certain skill can be very ugly pattern looks compare to professional player standard. This ugly pattern can be causing them hard to generate power in order to play well. Learn the wrong thing which is a bad habit in badminton, can depress the student’s confidence and pause their interest right away. As interest is lead to learning, either one of these not balances the student can be in the trouble.

From our improvement tracking result show assistant coach, can help, but the improvement not as good as our head coach teach personally. Unless we found someone who has the same passion for teaching kids. So for us, we do not allow assistant badminton coaches to teach basic skill development especially badminton classes for kids.

From our experience, we found that some coaches can play very well, not meaning they can teach well. Teach well in terms of know-how to monitor the student carefully during training, teach step by step with passion regardless of the student learning speed fast or slow. Partly the character of the coach also plays a huge part, the best way is a parent should monitor closely on the training progress. For example is the coach keeps talking to your kid, correcting their bad habit, or just a few words lack concern in 2 hours badminton lesson, it means something.

If the badminton coach really knows how to teach their students at the beginning stage, the parent will see monthly improvements. But if chosen the wrong coach, regardless of how many years in a train, the improvement is still slow. And if the coach really has passion, they will put full effort to teach the student and benefit more from the training. For our badminton coach, he will personally look at every trainee’s movements in the court. This is to make sure that his students do not develop bad habits, very importantly, those who play badminton might understand why. We do not allow such things to happen in our Academy.

Badminton Training for kids in Jurong West Singapore - ST Badminton Academy

Aim of ST Badminton Academy

The Pro of our aim is to help our students improve every inch of badminton skills in the shortest time. We believe the fast they can learn, the more chances they can succeed in the future. As a coach, we deliver the right training to assist the student in building their future along with discipline.

The Con is our coach prefers the small size of group training and this will require a longer time stay in the court. Actually, he can get all 30 students and 5 assistant coaches to gather in one timing, but as mentioned above, he doesn’t do this. And now due to pandemic of covid-19, many badminton coaches is losing their job, indoor court availability on and off. So they only rely on some school training fees to carry on their living, this is a difficult period for them. As a student, we should extend gratitude to your coach for their love and support regardless of any badminton academy in Singapore.

As we know, every student cannot succeed without a proper badminton foundation, they must learn and grow in this way. We believe in teaching the kids the correct basic foundation, dig deeper on it, they can have high chances to be a perfect badminton player. When they grow up, they will know why we are so strict during their childhood time. When the kids grow up maybe after years, our coach still can be their close friend, because we don’t cheat their precious time in training, also not waste their parent’s money. We have truly experienced this.

In our badminton classes for kids, we taking every moment seriously due to we only have 2 hours to conduct the training. Keep the student on the right track with an improvement plan. Similarly, we will keep parents up to date if on the improved result. Our usual practice is to keep the badminton classes for kids are fully under monitoring so that every student can improve equally.

We always develop new with the right method, run A/B test before deploying a new training method for our students. Compare to traditional training methods, new training methods can help our students improve better and consistently. In Singapore, we need to follow the current sports technology trend in order to achieve a new goal. Look further and aim further, do not stay at the same spot and saying we are the best, and never change and listen to current sports technology.

Badminton training for kids in Choa Chu Kang - ST Badminton Academy SG

What parents Need to Know

How expensive the parent afford to pay for the training fees, not meaning that you can get the best badminton coach for your kids. Regardless you afford to hire an Ex-Olympics player, National Coach, or Ex-National player. The success of the coach not meaning your kids can have the same success. Why? Money and effort is a different topic, the result of improvement is dependent on how much effort the coach willing to spend on your kid. Remember, training is about passion before income, and not expensive means high standard, cheap means low standard.

A good badminton coach is not about how many medals they have, is about how much effort they can spend on his student in the training. We talking about the coaching experiences for kids from the coach, not about how good the coach can play in court. As teaching and playing level is a different topic, teaching is how to make the kids understand and learn faster. Some badminton coaches will understand this meaning.

Badminton class structure like group size, age, and level managing is important. For example, if the student level is different from others when we single out each student’s weakness and try to make them improve, they can compete with each other in the same group. What if all different levels are in one group? This kind of environment for kids will create the student under pressure, disappointment, and unhappiness. That is why we do not mind fewer students especially in our badminton classes for kids. If a badminton class for kids more than five students in a group, we call it to exercise badminton classes, just for sweat out. We need our students to improve and enjoy themselves at the same time instead of wasting time.

Kids’ childhood time is short, if learn the wrong foundation at the beginning stage, the success is very low, waste money. Therefore, our badminton coach will personally monitor every single student, including their character and behavior.

There might be a few reasons if your kid is not improving in badminton. Mainly is related to the type of class, there are many types of badminton classes for kids in Singapore, there are some just for exercise one, run around, happy exercise day. There is also proper training is to train become able to compete with other, training is tiring but definitely is in improving progress. Depend on the parent which type of class they would like to sign up for their kids in badminton.

If we patiently teach the student until they realize they can play better, this will build up confidence and generate their interest as we have experience on this. Including teaching our students the correct footwork so that they will not hurt themselves. We do not believe in just teaching them to hit the shuttlecocks in our badminton classes for kids, meaningless. We strongly believe in teaching our students professional basic development skills can help them go further in badminton.

ST Badminton Academy singapore Children Badminton Training

Know more about Badminton Classes

We encourage kids to start learning badminton at a young age in proper badminton classes for kids. Kids can start learning from 4 – 5 years old if they are really interested in badminton. In terms of they like this sport “Not forcing my parents” This is an advantage to them if they start at this young age same as other countries.

Start badminton training early is good for kids because they can go for several failures. All these failures can generate experience while they are growing up. In our badminton academy, we prefer young blood to learn and prepare in competition mode, this is why we called proper badminton classes for kids.

When facing a win or lose situation they will show nervousness, cannot perform well will feel scared during the competition. This is the right time for our badminton coach to teach the right mentality. This way they can have the right mentality and experience in the competition, these both thing is cannot be found in the training routine. If the kid starts to learn badminton from 5 years old, combine with proper badminton training and the right mentality coaching. And this is why you can see now for the world champion badminton player’s age is at a young age between 17 to 25 years old.

If the kids pick up the right basic badminton skills, they can improve faster. But what if they learn the wrong basics came from parents or others, this is creating huge trouble for our coach to correct them back to the right skill. The kids will not aware if they did any wrong, and the mentality will get confused and not interested to learn. So whenever you want to change them, very difficult and took a very long time. Where did they learn this? Normally is the parent or coach. Anyway not about whose fault, but the fact this is already inadvertently destroying the kids.

Badminton classes for kids in Jurong West - STBA Singapore

Important thing of Badminton Classes for kids

Basic fundamental development is important, if the student learning the proper badminton foundation at the start, they will improve faster than others instead the coach is spending time to correct their bad habit in the first place. 

Every badminton coach hopes that their students can win when taking part in competitions. This will make them proud and a sense of achievement. Our badminton coach will prepare his students during training to have a competitive mindset. Therefore, he will be more focusing on proper badminton classes for kids, no adults, except our existing students for sparring purposes.

Take part in competition not only can bring them to a serious stage in this sport, but also help them to gain huge experiences. Let them understand why they need to be serious during training instead of playing. At the same time, when our coaches feel that his student is ready to gain experience, he will plan and arrange either friendly matches or quarterly competitions aggressively.

Badminton coaching experiences can help the coach understand the student better. Including coming out training workflow especially for individual students instead of all students doing the same thing in one badminton coaching.

Badminton Coaching for adult in Jurong Singapore - STBA

About our badminton class Aim

What We Want from the kids

We want all students that have graduated from ST Badminton Academy with a solid basic foundation and skills sets. When they own the proper foundation in badminton skills, this can use until they old 60 or 70 years old. To us, we feel that the childhood period is precious. Let them learn especially if the kids are interested, very important.

Motivate our students to work hard

Give our students more guidance, explain every inch of badminton. For students that play well will be able to play in local or overseas competition. This will be lead by our Head Coach.

Our badminton coaching preferred results

We have a few students that have won several championships from CSC Tournament and were selected into Singapore Sports School. Sanctioned by respected Singapore Badminton Association. Last but not least, all our badminton coaches are certified and have attended First Aid training.

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Badminton Classes Intake 2021

Use the “APPLICATION” button to submit for new student intake application. So that we can have more data “details” to check the proper training class availability.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the unstable condition of an indoor badminton court, and Government Heightened Alert rules changing frequently, strictly no direct call for an asking slot during this COVID-19 period regardless of any reason, as we are not able to provide any on the spot solution.

Hence, all application intake must be made online, so that we can have a clear picture of data in order to properly form the proper badminton class.

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