ST Badminton Academy-Natural Badminton Coaching Class in Singapore
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Child badminton class badminton academy sg
Welcome to a Family of ST Badminton Academy

ST Badminton Academy located at West and Central of Singapore for over 11 years since 2007. While,our badminton coach are  mainly focus on children basic skill development.


To be sure,our badminton coach only able to bring twenty of children each year. Next,they successfully achieved to the next level in our year end practical test. Furthermore,we prefer conduct low ratio “less student” in a lesson.


For example,other people might said “this coach the student always the same” .But in fact ,every badminton coach should know that to train out a good badminton player is not easy.


In the same way,in our badminton class for the children beginner level we have to put full effort on them. To be sure eyes on every trainee,every movement the beginner did in the court.

Natural Badminton Coaching

Hence,this is why the slot are limited to take student every years. Certainly every coach got their different attitude and badminton coaching style. In other words ,if we take the student without proper plan for a class ,coaches have to bare the responsibility.


When we take in the trainee ,we have to granted submit the improving result to their parents ,their loves. Hence,we don’t mind we have less student,but i proud my student are the best.


We have all this experience after so long in coaching industry. Especially at the beginner badminton skill training basement development.


That is to say badminton coach not allow to overlooked any mistake on the student during this development stage.

st badminton academy singapore children badminton class
st Badminton Academy singapore badminton class academy
Youth Badminton Skill and Basic Development

The advantage of the STBA is that our badminton coach wish to see the children learning and improving. As a result the coach able to plan effective badminton training method to solve the issue for our trainee.


To explain to the trainee each skill and improve their weakness as well. For that reason he promise to bring and leading their student to highest level as he can.


Until now,for the student who are perform well. They would be able participate in all the badminton competition in Singapore or overseas.


We have few of student won several champion from CSC Tournament sanctioned by respected Singapore Badminton Association.


Our coaches are all certified and attended First Aid training.