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At ST Badminton Academy, we provide our students with expert badminton coaching in every lesson. Our experienced badminton coach adheres strictly to the international training standards, ensuring the highest quality training for all our students.

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Since 2007, ST Badminton Academy has been offering professional badminton training in Singapore. Our classes primarily take place in the western regions, including Jurong, Bukit Panjang, and Choa Chu Kang.

Our badminton coach focuses on establishing a strong foundation and developing essential skills for kids seeking to play badminton professionally. We believe that a solid basic foundation is essential for success in badminton, and our approach has led to several students being selected for the Singapore National Team and Singapore Sports School.

To ensure each child receives undivided attention and the best possible coaching, we limit our academy’s yearly enrollment to a maximum of 20 students. Our aim is to help students establish a perfect basic foundation to build on their skills and foster their growth.

Important Foundation

Footwork learn from Badminton Coach ST Badminton Academy Jurong Singapore 2023

Footwork Foundation

Footwork foundation in badminton is an important part to sustain the level of consistency, the key to success.

Upper Body Learn from Badminton Coach 2023

Skill Sets Foundation

Skills set training in badminton for kids, going by proper way of coaching can help the kids reduce tons of bad habits.

Badminton Coach Badminton Skill ST Badminton Academy Jurong Singapore 2023

Upper Body Foundation

The upper body skill is part of the foundation technique for every player before they start picking up all the skills.

Our Intention in Foundation

A solid foundation is important for kids and adults alike in badminton. Even a slight mistake in learning basic techniques can cause the shuttlecock to be hit in an unnatural, unappealing manner. The body appears stiffer, power generation becomes difficult, and players may even experience injuries due to improper form. Therefore, it is important to learn and practice the proper fundamentals in order to hit the shuttlecock effectively, avoid injury, and achieve a more graceful and aesthetically pleasing play style.

Be Smart Parents in 2023

Our badminton academy is nearing the full slot for the year 2023, and we would like to extend our best wishes to parents in their search for the right badminton coach for their children. As a parent, we understand that it is challenging to make the best decisions for our children. As badminton has gained popularity in Singapore, the number of coaches has increased significantly, causing confusion for those seeking high-quality training versus subpar options. We encourage parents to be discerning and take advantage of the Smart Parents Test, a resource that can guide them in making informed decisions about choosing the right badminton coach for their children.

Why Only Teach Professional Badminton Training

We understand that many parents struggle to determine whether their child is receiving quality badminton training, and this can result in bad habits and future issues for their children. The large number of badminton coaches in Singapore can make it difficult for parents to choose a suitable option, and some coaches may even use paid advertising to attract students, making the decision-making process even more challenging.

At ST Badminton Academy, we take our responsibility seriously and focus on delivering only professional badminton training to our students. Our goal is to produce batches of high-quality students, and we hope that our success will inspire other coaches to prioritize excellence in their programs as well.

Badminton coaching Singapore by ST badminton Academy Jurong

Why is Our Yearly Intake Limit to 20 Students

We have made attempts in the past to increase class sizes, accepting as many as 30, 40, or even 50 students for badminton training. Despite our efforts to implement a software system and hire assistant coaches to improve class organization and structure, individual progress and improvement for each student were minimal and slow.

The only way to make improvements without proper tracking is to teach randomly, allowing the students to work up a sweat and leave it at that. However, such an approach compromises the quality of our coaching and risks spoiling a child’s interest in badminton. Our coaching approach is focused on long-term goals and nurturing the passion of our students.

We limit our yearly enrollment to 20 students who are genuinely interested in badminton, and we plan to introduce casual badminton training for kids who want to explore their interest in the sport, but not until 2023 or later. We refuse to compromise our coaching standards for the sake of accommodating more students, as this would devalue the quality of the training classes we provide.

Badminton coaching in Singapore Jurong

Who Will Be Teaching Our Students in Training

Our experienced badminton coach, Mr. Eric Chuar, is personally responsible for conducting each badminton lesson from start to finish. It is important to have a coach with significant experience to monitor and guide students during skills training. Otherwise, students may develop poor habits that are detrimental to their progress and future success on the court.

If a student has developed bad habits, it can be challenging for our badminton coach to correct them, wasting precious time in the process. In such cases, the student’s interest in the sport may decline, and their future prospects may suffer. As a responsible parent, it is essential to provide your child with the best possible foundation and learning experience from the outset.

We have encountered similar issues in the past with parents seeking casual badminton classes. Our advice is to choose professional badminton coaching for your child to ensure that they receive proper guidance and learn the right techniques early on in their badminton journey. It is important to get things right from the beginning and allow our young students to learn everything correctly in one go.

What is so call Bad Habit in Badminton Coaching

It is important to learn proper badminton techniques to avoid developing unappealing and unnatural skill patterns that may impair power generation on the court. When students learn bad habits in badminton lesson, their confidence may be affected, and their interest in the sport may wane. Learning from coaches who repeatedly point out flaws in their techniques may be disheartening and even lead to students giving up.

To prevent these issues, we take extra care in ensuring that our students learn every skill with precision and avoid developing bad habits that may hinder their progress during our kids’ badminton lesson. Balancing a student’s interest and learning is important, as a lack of balance can hinder their growth, even if the lesson itself is of good quality. It is possible to change bad habits in students aged between 5 and 15, but it becomes slightly more difficult as they grow older, even with private badminton lesson. Therefore, we strongly advise our students to learn the right foundation at the youngest age possible to avoid these issues.

Why No Assistant Badminton Coach in Our Badminton Training

We have found that assistant badminton coaches can help improve students’ skills to some extent, but the progress made is not as significant as when our experienced badminton coach personally conducts the badminton lesson. Unless we can find someone with a similar passion and commitment to teaching badminton to children, we prefer to maintain our current approach.

We do not profess to be the best badminton academy in Singapore, and we do not rely exclusively on assistant coaches to conduct our classes, particularly those intended for children. We place a premium on ensuring that our students graduate from ST Badminton Academy with a solid foundation and skill set, and deep knowledge of the sport. We believe that having a strong foundation in badminton is more important than anything else, and we are committed to delivering the best possible badminton training to our students.

Experiences in Teaching Kids Badminton Lessons

Having an experienced coach who specializes in teaching foundation skills for kids in badminton lessons can help your children improve at a faster pace and ensure that they learn the right techniques from the outset. Coaching children in badminton is not as simple as just teaching surface-level skills like racket swinging or footwork in badminton classes. Many more techniques need to be taught, particularly to kids, which require a great deal of experience and expertise.

Some coaches offer badminton classes for kids just to earn money, taking advantage of the fact that children and parents may have limited knowledge of badminton. Many badminton academies claim to have a vision of helping everyone improve, but this can often be nothing more than a marketing label that results in students being spoiled.

However, at our badminton academy, our coach understands the importance of building a solid foundation and the principles of karma. We focus solely on badminton classes for kids and will not engage in any activities solely for financial gain that could mislead students who are keen to improve. If we are not capable of teaching something, we will be upfront with parents and let them know, to ensure that we do not waste their children’s time.

Badminton Coach ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Common Types of Badminton Coach in Singapore

There are several types of badminton coaches in Singapore that parents can choose from, and not all of them are necessarily bad. However, parents must exercise close monitoring of their children’s progress under any coach they choose. For instance, some badminton academies may advertise a coach’s reputation as a former national player with 20 years of experience, but upon joining the academy, the child may not receive the best badminton knowledge from that coach, but instead, from an assistant coach.

This practice is not uncommon in Singapore, and parents must be vigilant in monitoring their children’s progress, as the training information may not be correctly conveyed. Losing training fees is a minor issue for parents, but the slow progress caused by inadequate training methods can significantly affect a child’s interest in badminton.

It’s important for parents to avoid basing their decisions solely on a badminton academy’s player quality, as it doesn’t necessarily reflect the coaching quality. Instead, parents should closely monitor their child’s progress and take appropriate action if needed to ensure their child’s development is not hindered.

Badminton Coach Singapore

Experiences Badminton Coach For Beginner

Hiring an experienced badminton coach for beginners who only relies on their reputation, medals, or accolades may not be enough. If they do not put forth effort into teaching the kids, or pass them off to an assistant coach, the student’s progress may be hindered. For us, experience in coaching does not solely depend on how many medals a coach has won, but on how fast the coach can show results and improve each student’s skills consistently.

This is particularly important in beginner badminton classes, where quick improvements indicate the coach’s experience in teaching beginners. Some coaches may have private badminton training classes with just two students but show no improvement each week, as they do not plan or think about how to help the students improve. If a coach does not plan or put forth effort for their students, the students will not improve, even if their parents pay for private training. Therefore, a coach’s experience and effort are vital for students to improve effectively.

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Only Focusing on Structured Badminton Classes

Since 2007, ST Badminton Academy has taken a student-focused approach to training, paying close attention to their individual weaknesses, such as their skill sets, and providing tailored guidance. This dedication to personalized coaching has led to many of our students excelling in both local and international tournaments, with some even being selected for the Singapore Sports School and National Team.

Our renowned Badminton Coach, Mr. Eric Chuar, has played a significant role in guiding our students to success. Our coaches are certified and have completed First Aid training, ensuring a safe and professional learning environment. While we prioritize the quality of our training over the number of students, we warmly welcome those who are truly passionate and committed to the sport.

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Our Vision and Values by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Our Vision And Values

Our vision and values in badminton training may be appealing to parents, but it takes dedication and perseverance to sustain them over time. Fortunately, when our students achieve significant results, we feel that all our efforts are worthwhile. This is why our coach approaches training like education rather than just a business.

Our Academy History Timeline

While most badminton academies strive to balance providing quality coaching with financial success, we at ST Badminton Academy have moved beyond this phase. Our focus is on continuous improvement in coaching our students, with the ultimate goal of creating cherished memories with them for years to come.

Academy History Singapore ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Coach Profiles ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Our Coach Profile

Our coach, Mr. Eric, believes that being the best badminton trainer is not determined by the number of medals you earn, but by the amount of effort you dedicate to your students. He has transitioned from being an active badminton player to a dedicated badminton trainer and stringer, with a focus on serving his students. His commitment to his students is evident in the effort he puts into each coaching session, always striving to help his students achieve their best.

Our Badminton Training Methods

Our badminton coach is adept at developing training methods that are effective and practical, instead of using outdated or ineffective techniques. With a deep understanding of the principles underlying each training method, he can help our students achieve significant improvements in their skills and abilities.

Our training methods by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Our Training Category

Badminton Class

For parents who seek significant progress for their children in a short span of time, we offer private badminton training that is customized for a 1 to 1 learning experience.

Badminton Class

Pair training is a form of group training that involves two students working together with a dedicated badminton coach. This training method has been shown to be highly effective in quickly improving the overall foundation of the students.

Badminton Class

Our group training program involves a class size of up to 4 students, and each session lasts 2 hours. While the improvement results may be slightly slower compared to one-on-one or pair training, this approach helps reduce the likelihood of developing bad habits, which can impede progress in the long run.

Badminton Training Intake 2023

Please use the “APPLY” button to submit an application for new student intake, providing us with more detailed information for assessing the availability of the appropriate training classes. Thank you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To ensure fair and efficient allocation of training slots, we kindly request that all class applications be made through our online system. As we are experiencing an overwhelming number of applications, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate direct calls for slot inquiries at this time. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Therefore, we kindly request that all new student applications be submitted online, as it enables us to have a comprehensive understanding of our data and allocate badminton classes appropriately. Thank you for your understanding.

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