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Child badminton class badminton academy sg

Welcome to a Family of ST Badminton Academy – Badminton Coaching (SG)

ST Badminton Academy has been providing badminton coaching at West and Central Singapore since 2007.


Our badminton coach focus mainly on children’s basic skill development.


To make sure that all the kids gets the best undivided coaching, we limit our intake to 20 kids a year in our badminton academy.


In a years’ time, all students will be able to take part in competitions with confidence.


This is the reason why our coach does not want to take in too many students.

Badminton Coaching for Youth

Every badminton coach should know that to train out a good player is never easy. Therefore if a player learns only 2 hours a week, it is not enough. Furthermore worse if he is learning together in a big group.


We strictly do not allow a big group of students in a lesson. All badminton classes are trained by our Head Badminton Coach. We do not believe in allowing Assistant Coach to teach basic skill development.


Why? We understand the importance of basic skill development for every child. If not taught properly from the beginning, they will not be able to play well in future.


That is why during badminton lessons for kids and children’s beginner level, our Badminton Coach will put in full effort to teach them. The students will see monthly improvements until they leave.


Our Head Coach will personally look at every trainee’s movements in the court. This is to make sure that the students do not develop bad habits. We do not allow such things to happen in our Academy.

Badminton Class for Children
st Badminton Academy singapore badminton class academy
Badminton Skill and Basic Development

The aim of our Badminton Coach at ST Badminton Academy is to see the kids and children improve their badminton skills in the shortest time.


He will try to raise all the students’ fitness level to competitive level. And also explain to his students what skills to use during competition.


He firmly believes in teaching them the correct basic skills. Every badminton coaching cannot without basic skills for sure and it’s is fact.


We are serious during coaching and will not allow students to relax. This way, their parents will not think that they are wasting their money and time.

Badminton Coaching for Kids who Talented

Our students will see improvements every month because we limit the number of students in a class.


We also teach our students with the latest training methods and skills. In other words, we want our students to be more and more perfect in basic development during every lesson.


We will single out each student’s weakness and try to make them improve. That is why we do not mind less students in a class.


We believe in quality and not quantity.

Badminton Class for kids - ST Badminton Academy Singapore
st badminton academy singapore children badminton class
Kids Badminton Class by Head Badminton Coach

According to our Head Badminton Coach, the kids will feel very tired because they have been doing the wrong things.


After a few months, with proper basic skill training, they improve and slowly their skills become better and better. By then the kids has learned to trust their coach and obey.


In the beginning, we find the kids and children to be playful and naughty. We patiently teach them until they realise that they are able to play better.


Including teach our students the correct footwork so that they will not hurt themselves.


We do not believe in just teaching them to hit the shuttlecocks.


We strictly believe in teaching our students the professional basic development skills. All lessons are conducted by our Head Coach, not Assistant Coach.

Main Badminton Coaching for Children

We encourage kids to start learning badminton at a young age. Kids can start learning from 4 – 5 years old.


This is an advantage to them if they start at this young age. If a kid starts at 11 years old, after 2 years of learning, he will be able to take part in competition for those under 14 only. In our badminton academy, we prefer young blood to learn and prepare in competition mode.


If he does not do well during the competition, he will have to play under the 16 age group the next year.


In all, he has only taken part and gain competitive experience twice.


If a kid starts at 5 years old, by the time he reaches 16 years old, he would have gained a lot of experience and confidence.


He will definitely play better during competition.

Badminton Coaching for Children Senja
Badminton Coaching for adult
Difference Between Adult Badminton Training

This is the reason why our Head Coach prefer to focus on children badminton coaching. Children will have more chances in future.


Our Head Badminton Coach has conducted adult badminton coaching in Central and Buona Vista area for more than 7 years.


Adults understand better but has a lot of bad and wrong habits. Adults always give the excuse that they are too old to change.


80% of adults go for badminton coaching just for fun or to keep fit. They will train 1 day and skip for the next 3 days. Their reason is that their muscle ache, no time, traveling overseas, etc. Head Coach feels bad that he see not much improvements in his adult students.


He also feel that adult students will blame him if they do not see improvements in their badminton skills.


Head Coach also feels that adult cannot improve fast or better unless they are willing to change their bad habits. They must also be willing to attend lessons regularly.


Therefore, he is focusing on children badminton coaching as they have better future.

Badminton Training For Kids

During badminton training, we find that if kids pick up the right basic skills, they will improve very fast within a year.


We have a 13 year old kid that joined us in December 2018.


He was a basketball player with no badminton skills.


He worked very hard and after 8 months, his badminton skill level is equal to those who have trained for 2 years.


This kid can improve so fast because he worked very hard. Secondly, his basic development are well built.


Head Badminton Coach also does not allow him to make mistakes during coaching.

Badminton coaching for kids in Singapore STBA
Badminton Training for kids
Kids Badminton Training and Competition

Every badminton coach hopes that their students can win when taking part in competitions.


This will make them proud and a sense of achievement. Our Head Badminton Coach will prepare his students during training to have a competitive mindset. This is important when taking part in competitions. Not only learn in the badminton academy but aim further for their badminton career.


Training for 2 – 3 years is not enough. There must be a aim. The aim is to take part in competitions. It is during competitions that you gain experience and confidence.


Our plan is to train students on basic skill for a year. After that they will take part in competitions. Of course we will only send them to competitions when they are ready.


In our children badminton class, they are aged between 4 – 6 years old. They will be able to learn all the basic skill within a year.


There will only be 4 children in a class. This is to make sure that every child gets the attention and guidance needed by Head Coach.


At the end of the course, all the children will have the same attitude and discipline regards badminton. No one is playful or lazy. They will all grow up together. This is the aim of ST Badminton Academy.

Natural Badminton Class for Children

Quote from our Head Coach, Mr Eric Chuar, “After 11 years of coaching experience, we have learned how to set a future aim for our students”


We must always remember that skills are not for showing off. It is to exchange for medals during competitions.


It is not ST Badminton Academy ’s aim to keep creating new classes and expanding. We will put in extra lessons for children who are lacking behind in any skills.


We want all students that has graduated from ST Badminton Academy to have basic skills development. To us, we feel that childhood period is precious.


All students that play well will be able to play in local or overseas competition. This will be lead by our Head Coach.


We have a few students that has won several championships from CSC Tournament, sanctioned by respected Singapore Badminton Association.


Last but not least, all our badminton coaches are certified and has attended First Aid training.

Badminton Training for Girl skill development