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Proper badminton classes for kids held by ST Badminton Academy has been providing badminton coaching in Jurong and Choa Chu Kang area in Singapore since 2007.

Our badminton coach focus mainly on children’s basic skill development.

To make sure that all the kids gets the best-undivided coaching, we limit our intake to 20 kids a year in our badminton academy, especially proper badminton classes for kids.

Footwork Foundation

Footwork foundation in badminton for kids is proper way to sustain their level consistency, the key of success.

Training Skills Foundation

Training skills foundation, train with proper skill sets in badminton classes, this is the only way to be the top players.

Upper Body Foundation

Upper body foundation, this is a important skills set technique for wrist and elbow in badminton classes for kids.

Why basic skill foundation is important for kids?

Simple, not only kid, even adult when they have no simple basic footwork, although the shuttlecock just one step away, they can’t even run.

Really interested in learning badminton? Please read carefully all the following below as this can help a lot

4 Important thing in Proper Badminton Classes

We strictly do not allow a big group of students in a lesson. All badminton classes for kids will be train under our Head Badminton Coach, we prefer less than 4 students in a class.


Every badminton coach should know that to train out a skilful player is never easy. Therefore, if a player learns only 2 hours a week, it is not enough. Furthermore, worse if he is learning together in a big group.


We want all students will be able to take part in competitions with confidence. So have to focus more on every individual student weakness and correct them.


This is the reason why our badminton coach does not want to take in too many students.

We do not believe in allowing Assistant Coach to teach basic skill development especially badminton classes for kids.

Why? We understand the importance of basic foundation development for every child. If not taught properly from the beginning, they will not be able to play well in future.

Yes, very important, that is why during badminton lessons for kids and children’s beginner level, our head badminton coach will put in full effort to teach them. The students will see monthly improvements until they leave.


Our Head Coach will personally look at every trainee’s movements in the court. This is to make sure that the students do not develop bad habits, very very important, who play badminton might understand why. We do not allow such things to happen in our Academy.

Badminton Classes for kids in Choa Chu Kang Senja Singapore by ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Training for kids in Jurong West Singapore - ST Badminton Academy

Why prefer Small Size Badminton Classes

The aim of our head badminton coach at ST Badminton Academy is to see the kids and children improve their badminton skills in the shortest time.


He will try to raise all the students’ fitness level to competitive level, fast, why? because of focus. And also explain to his students what skills to use during competition, this is PRO.

Honestly, when small size of classes, so strict in the training, and the kids don't like, how we able to earn money? waste time, why not just close one eyes and grab more students then take money, real speech, this is CON

But we will not do this, very difficult to do so. For students who train under STBA before, they will understand how is their badminton coach character, the coach has the passion, not because of earn that few dollars training fees. 

Every badminton coaching cannot without basic foundation skills for sure and it’s is fact. 


He firmly believes in teaching the kids correct basic foundation skills, dig deeper ensure they are perfect in foundation.


When they grow up, they will know why we are so strict during their childhood time.


When the kids grow up maybe after years, our coach still can be their close friend, because we don't cheat their precious time in training, also not waste their parents money.


We have experienced this.


In our badminton classes for kids we are serious during coaching and will not allow students to relax, as we only 2 hours to conduct. This way, their parents will not think that they are wasting their money and time. 


Why say so, parents wasting their own time send their kids here for training, and pick them up, tiring and time consuming. This is why we only provide proper training, if the student not serious in the training, out on the spot.

Our students will see improvements every month because we limit the number of students in a class.


Our badminton class for kids are fully under monitoring so that every student can improve equally.

We teach our students with the latest training methods and skills. Training method is keep changing, no such traditional method. 


We must follow the new training method trend in order to achieve new goal, look further and aim further, do not stay at the same spot and saying we are the best, pointless.


In other words, we want our students to be more and more perfect in basic development during every lesson.

As a Parents need to know

No matter how expensive you can pay, not meaning that you can get the best badminton coach for your kids.

No matter hire an olympics player, national coach or ex-national player. His success not meaning your kids can have the same success. This is depend how much effort the coach willing to spend on your kids, if don't do so, learn 10 years and pay for 10 years, the kid still learns nothing, play ugly.

A good badminton coach is not about how many medals we get, is about how much effort we can spend on the student. Some coaches will understand this meaning.


Money is not everything, shark fin, abalone, Mercedez and bungalow, after sometimes you will get bored too, so disciplines and attitude important than all this. As a parent, we have to look closely at what the kids really get in their life cycles.


In our Badminton Academy, rich or poor, fast or slow learner, strictly follow discipline, or out.

We will single out each student’s weakness and try to make them improve. That is why we do not mind less students especially in our badminton classes for kids.


If a badminton class for kids more than five students in a group, we call it to exercise badminton classes, just for sweat out. 

We need our students to improve and enjoy at the same time instead of wasting time.

Kids' childhood time are short, if learn the wrong foundation in this time, no point talk about future, definitely spoil. Therefore, our badminton coach will monitor every single student, including their character and behaviour.


Their parents part, being a parent is not easy. We have the responsibility to change them to be good. Every single small matter, we will be inform the parent on the same day.

There are many type of badminton classes for kid, one type is for exercise one, run around, happy exercise day. Another type is to train in proper way, tired but improving.


And after a few months, with proper basic skill training, they improve and slowly their skills become better and better. By then the kids has learned to trust their coach and obey.

If we patiently teach them until they realise they can play better, this will definitely build their interest. We experienced this.


Including teach our students the correct footwork so that they will not hurt themselves. We do not believe in just teaching them to hit the shuttlecocks in our badminton classes for kids, meaningless. We strictly believe in teaching our students the professional basic development skills in badminton.

Badminton training for kids in Choa Chu Kang - ST Badminton Academy SG
ST Badminton Academy - Premium Badminton Classes for kid in Senja Cashew CC

Know more about Badminton Classes

We encourage kids to start learning badminton at a young age in for proper badminton classes for kids. Kids can start learning from 4 – 5 years old. 


This is an advantage to them if they start at this young age.  If a kid starts at 11 years old, after 2 years of learning, he will be able to take part in competition for those under 14 only.

So they will probably lacking behind of "standard" compare to other country, as most of them are start early.


In our badminton academy, we prefer young blood to learn and prepare in competition mode, this is why we called proper badminton classes for kids, not for fun.

When facing a win or lose situation they will show nervousness, cannot perform well will feel scared during the competition. This is the right time for our badminton coach to teach the right mentality, Coach is one of their booster help student with this. 

This way they can have the right mentality and experience in the competition, these both thing is cannot be found in the training routine. 

If the kid starts to learn badminton from 5 years old, combine with proper badminton training and the right mentality coaching. When they are 16 years old, they have already had enough experience. Every shot they perform will be very different from the other players.

During badminton training, we found if kids pick up the right basic skills, they will improve quick within a year. We have a 13-year-old kid that joined us in December 2018. He was a basketball player with no badminton skills.


He worked very hard and after 8 months, his badminton skill level is equal to those who have trained for 2 years. And now he is in the school team play very well.

Important thing of Badminton Classes for kids

Basic fundamental development is important, if the student learning the proper badminton foundation at the start, they will improve faster than others. 


Same as everything. If your foundation is good, you can sustain everything while you are learning an additional matter, and you can succeed. Some parents might understand this meaning.

Every badminton coach hopes that their students can win when taking part in competitions. This will make them proud and a sense of achievement. Our badminton coach will prepare his students during training to have a competitive mindset.


Therefore, will be only focusing on proper badminton classes for kids, no adult, expected our existing student for sparring purpose.

Train so hard for what? Show off? So we don't let them just learn in our academy, but do nothing. There must be an aim. Which is taking part in competitions, this can help them gain experience and confidence for sure? Yes.


Therefore, we spending so much effort to teach the proper foundation in badminton. We can blindly send them for competition and tell them win lose nevermind, but end up let people laugh, in this case how the kid gain confidence? Study a PhD with no working experience, honestly, who wants? Mature people will understand this meaning. At the end of the course, all the children will have the same attitude and discipline regards badminton. 

Quote from our Head Coach, Mr Eric Chuar, “After 12 years of coaching experience which only focus in kids foundation, really what type of students we also met before. 


We must always remember that skills are not for showing off. This is what we teaching in proper badminton classes for kids.

It is to exchange for medals during competitions, gain confidence in this sport, learn to be a better person in every part of life.

Badminton classes for kids in Jurong West - STBA Singapore
Badminton Coaching for adult in Jurong Singapore - STBA

About our Badminton Classes aim

No. ST Badminton Academy ’s not expanding since 13 years ago, not interested to make it as a business. For what? Earn few dollars thing, but after fews years when the kids grew up, keep saying you not a good coach, just for earn money only, is that worth? No.


This is why we trust quality, instead quantity, we will put in extra lessons for children who are lacking behind in any skills, until they improve.

We not childish, sorry for the words, nowadays the kids are not stupid. They will know you really coach them, or just close one's eye for time to pass take their parents' money, no matter how good the mouth can convince the parents, useless, time can prove everything.


Why we say so, some coach might understand, when they do this kind of irresponsible thing, after a few years the kids grew up, someday meet anywhere in this small country, he feel awkward, because he never do properly as a badminton coach.

We want all students that has graduated from ST Badminton Academy to have solid basic foundation and skills sets when they are young. We also don't know when we will stop because we already old.


To us, we feel that childhood period is precious. Let them learn especially if they are interested, very important, sometime money concern and stop you do many thing you wish to, but this is our responsibility to bare on this, give the kids the right thing.

All students that play well will be able to play in local or overseas competition. This will be lead by our Head Coach.


We have a few students that has won several championships from CSC Tournament, and selected into Singapore Sport School. Sanctioned by respected Singapore Badminton Association.


Last but not least, all our badminton coaches are certified and has attended First Aid training.

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