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Child badminton class badminton academy sg
Welcome to a Family of ST Badminton Academy

ST Badminton Academy providing badminton coaching located at West and Central of Singapore for over 11 years since 2007. While,our badminton coach are mainly focus on children basic skill development.


To be sure,our badminton class for kids only able to bring twenty of student each year. Next,all kids and children badminton class student with competition mode will be success in 1 year .


Furthermore,this is the reason why our badminton coach are prefer conduct low ratio “less student” in a badminton lesson for kids and children.


For example,other people might said “this badminton coach the student always the same” .


Badminton Coaching for Youth 

But in fact ,every badminton coach should know that to train out a good badminton player is not easy. So if the student in one big group and are only learn 2 hours a week is that enough ? No.


Our rules are strictly not allow big group of badminton class in one lesson. All children badminton class are held by head badminton coach and no assistant coach allow to coach basic skill development.


Why ? As we understand the priority of basic skill development for each children. If any mistake on their basic ,the children will spoiled their future.


In the same way,in our badminton lesson for kid and children beginner level our badminton coach will have to put full effort on them. Why? To be sure all student have positive result on monthly improvement until they left.


Our head badminton coach will personally eyes on every trainee,every movement of the beginner did in the court. What if overlooked? the student might getting bad habit in basic which we don’t allow such cases happen in our badminton academy.

Badminton Class for Children
st Badminton Academy singapore badminton class academy
Badminton Skill and Basic Development

The advantage of the STBA is that our badminton coach wish to see the badminton kids & children learning and improving in short time.


We cover our student in lift up their fitness level and competition mode in short time.


Explain to our trainee each skills why or when should use in competition is our concern. Protect them to learn the right badminton skill and basic during children badminton class in our firm responsibility.


We don’t let our student stay in enjoy mode in badminton class. Parents are wasting their time and money to send their kid for badminton class.


So our student always understand how to payback result to their parents. For that reason we promise to bring and lead our student to highest level as we can.

Badminton Coaching for Kids who Talented

Hence,our badminton coach controlling the limited slot to take new student every year,to take care of each student have high improvement instead day by day months by months are passed without much improvement.


Certainly we cover our student in every badminton lesson learn the proper basic and with latest training method and skills . In other words ,we prefer to make our student become perfect and more perfect in basic development in every badminton lesson.


When accepted new student ,we have to priority on make sure the kids badminton lesson well planned to fulfill each student weakness instead all doing the same thing.


Hence,we don’t mind we have less student less income, but we are proud that our student learn the right badminton basic development aim for further achievement in short period.

Badminton Class for kids - ST Badminton Academy Singapore
st badminton academy singapore children badminton class
Kids Badminton Class by Head Badminton Coach 

According to our head badminton coach which he mention “Our badminton Coaching for kids when beginning we will feel tired ,as our student keep did the wrong practice.


But after few month they have a improvement you will feel they are growing up. We start to feel the difference and have more interested to bring them higher and higher,because they learn the right basic from us.


Slowly you will feel the kids are learn faster compare at the beginning, because they are started choose to trust on you.”


Our badminton class for children & kids we found all the children has the same issue which is playful ,naughty. But we cover and force our student use their all this bad into skill strategy. You will started to feel the student are clever instead naughty.


We protect our student learn in the right badminton skill basic development instead only able to hits the shuttlecock but is in wrong basic wrong footwork. Force our student get into a professional basic development and importantly each skills.


We encourage our badminton training for kids lesson strictly right basic development and lesson must be conduct by our head badminton coach. No assistant coach allow in our badminton academy due to we understand the priority of the children badminton training.

Main Badminton Coaching for Children 

Our badminton coaching focus on kids and children who are younger age. We cover our STBA student learn at earlier age so they will have more time and chances to change their bad habit.


Why a lot chances ? Some of the children in late age ,quote an example they start to join the proper training in age of 11. Start in learn footwork ,correct stroke and each skill fastest it took about 1 or 2 years to get learn all of it.


When 2 yeas passed now he is age of 13 ,he have to join competition under 14 and start to gain experiences. After 2 years experience age of 15 if the competition still make him keep losing.


At the same time our badminton coach will correct the mind set of him took about another 2-3 years until he got their first champion. By the time the children already 17-18 , went to college , poly or reservist ,in the end focus on study.


So , how about badminton training ? Give up ,or maybe come 1 month and skip 1 month. They have a lot chances to train and  get into national or international level ? No. Example of failure badminton career.

Badminton Coaching for Children Senja
Badminton Coaching for adult
Difference Between Adult Badminton Training 

This is the reason why our badminton coach focus on children badminton coaching rather than adult badminton coaching. Which children have more chances for their future.


Our head badminton coach conduct adult badminton coaching more than 7 years in central and Buona Vista area. He found that adult are easily understand the concept of training ,but not easy to change their bad habit.

When they not able to change the bad habit they always go back to the same reason ” we old already very difficult to change” This is the most what their mind set.


80% Adults badminton training is just for fun or to keep fit. Why ? Adult train 1 day ,muscle aching for 3 days. Come 1 day training and skip badminton lesson for any reason in example , ” work busy , sick ,dinner with friend ,injury , overtime ,oversea etc”.


So adult badminton coaching is just for come one time collect 1 time fees. Feel bad to collect the money due to they effort to pay but they have not much improvement.


But the worst is they calling you as a coach and you can’t bring them to be a good player. What their mind thinking of you ?


” You just want to earn money so you conduct the coaching, and after so long i have not much improvement. Your level and your coaching skill are so so.”


Can the adult improve faster ? No. So our head coach decided to only coach adult who are talented and give up 90% of adult focus on children badminton training which he is use to coach young generation.

Badminton Training For Kids

In our badminton training for kids we can found if the kid learn the right basic they able to pick up badminton faster within a year.


We have a example which our current student joining our badminton class in last year December 2017. During the time when he join in he is a basketball player totally 0 in badminton.


Our badminton coaches mention his age 13 to join badminton as a beginner are too slow get into school team. But if he work hard we can help him to get into school team within a year.


8 months are passed now we find his level are equally to other player who are already training for 2 years. The student are really put effort and no excuses for any type of training plan by our head badminton coach Mr.Eric.


He can improve faster firstly due to he is really work hard ,secondly this basic development are well build. Our badminton coaches not allow any mistake during his student learning the basic skill development.


This is the reason why the student able improve faster than others.

Badminton coaching for kids in Singapore STBA
Badminton Training for kids
Kids Badminton Training and Competition

Every badminton coach hope their student able to bringing good result in badminton competition. Our head badminton coach cover his student in training also insist and guide all his student to join competition to build their necessary mind set.


We ensure our student stay in competition mode instead only just paid for training, no aim no improvement. If join training with no aim the student will not have much improvement no matter trained for 2 or 3 years.


We cover our student strictly to build all the basic within a year and get ready to join badminton competition to gain experience. Of course we will protect our student will be well trained and join for competition. Not blindly send them for competition and case close.


In our children badminton class our children age between 4 to 6 years they will able to learn all the basic development within a year. As our badminton coach will conduct the training in low ratio 4 to 1 group to ensure all their basic are perfect.


But if this moment you train them in serious and explain to them why can’t use those skill they will easily change the bad habit too. So this is the reason why our student always able to improve faster and the lesson ratio are low.


All our student are same attitude and discipline no one lazy or too playful. So they can grow up together ,all our student badminton training are strictly insist train the right basic development before they grow up and left ST Badminton Academy.

Natural Badminton Class for Children

From our head badminton coach Mr.Eric Chuar “After 11 years in badminton coaching experience, we have learned how to set a future aim for our students.


Not just badminton training, especially at the beginner badminton skill training development. Please remember skill are not showing off ,but use your skill to exchange the medal.”


That is to say our badminton academy not aim for new classes and expanding. Whoever STBA student are lacking behind of skill, have to stay back to overcome their weakness at the same time and childhood time are precious.


Until now,for the student who are perform well under ST Badminton Academy. They would be able participate in all the badminton competition in Singapore or overseas lead by our head badminton coach.


We have few of student won several champion from CSC Tournament sanctioned by respected Singapore Badminton Association.


Our badminton coaches are all certified and attended First Aid training.

Badminton Training for Girl skill development