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ST Badminton Academy delivers professional badminton coaching for our students in every badminton training. All training is strictly followed according to international badminton coaching standards.

Badminton coaching in Jurong by ST Badminton Academy 2021

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ST Badminton Academy Singapore

ST Badminton Academy has been providing professional badminton coaching in Singapore since 2007. Most of our training classes will be in the West areas of Jurong, Bukit Panjang, and Choa Chu Kang.

Our badminton coach focuses mainly on professional basic foundation and skill development for kids. Why focus? To us, this is the key to success for every child. A good foundation fundamental means everything in badminton.

Therefore, we have students who were successfully selected for Singapore National Team and Singapore Sports School. To make sure that all the kids get the best-undivided coaching, we limit our intake to 20 students a year in our badminton academy. Our vision is to keep building a perfect basic foundation for our students.

Important Foundation

Footwork Foundation

Footwork foundation in badminton is an important part to sustain the level of consistency, the key to success.

Skill Sets Foundation

Skills set training in badminton for kids, going by proper way of coaching can help the kids reduce tons of bad habits.

Upper Body Foundation

The upper body skill is part of the foundation technique for every player before they start picking up all the skills.

Why Basic Foundation is important for kids?

Simple, not only for kids, even adults when they have no simple basic badminton foundation, difficult to generate power, the body looks stiffer, the pattern looks unnatural so call “ugly” and the shuttlecock is just one step away but cannot run at all.

Why Only Teach Professional Badminton Training

To be honest, 20 parents out of 19 are not sure how to differentiate whether the badminton training is good or bad for their kids. End up their kids learned the bad habit and spoil the kid’s future in badminton.

We cannot blame the parents too, as now the trouble is too many badminton coaches in Singapore. What kind of badminton academies, names or coaches also have as long as they are willing to pay for advertisements to look for students, parents will get into a trap if no simple knowledge of badminton training.

Hence, we do our own responsibility as a coach and stay in focus on our badminton academy’s aim and vision which is only to teach professional badminton training to our students. We believe in continuously producing batches of good-quality students, and more and more coaches will stand out to do the same.

Badminton coaching Singapore by ST badminton Academy Jurong

Why is Our Yearly Intake Limit to 20 Students

We have ever tried to take more students 30, 40 even 50 students or more in badminton classes. And we spent so much effort trying to structure, and deploy a software system to plan the class better, including getting more assistant coaches to organize each badminton class size. End up the result of improvement for every individual student, honestly, very less improvement, and progress is slow.

Unless we randomly teach without proper tracking result in learning new skills, agility, strength, power, and understanding of game tactics. In simple words “close one’s eye”, let the student have a good sweat out and finish, that’s all. By doing this we can have an easier life in coaching, but what for? Earn that $100 of coaching fees? And spoil a kid that they really interested in badminton, not worth it. What if the student is your kid? How do you feel?

This is the reason why we limit our intake to 20 students per year. Accept for kids who are really interested in badminton. We plan to have casual badminton training for kids exploring their interests in badminton. But not now, probably in 2023 or later.

Badminton coaching in Singapore Jurong

Who Will Be Teaching Our Students in Training

Our experienced badminton coach Mr.Eric Chuar will be personally held the badminton lessons from start till the end. In fact, the person who teaches your kids is playing an important role. Why? If someone who have not much experience to take care of and monitoring the students during skills training, this can lead the student in the wrong direction to develop “bad habits” in court which we hate to see.

If the student has a bad habit, our badminton coach has to waste tons of time correcting the bad habit and forcing them to learn the right foundation in badminton lessons, very hard to teach. Also, this is totally killing the student interest, equally spoiling their future. As a parent, why not just let them learn the right foundation from the beginning? Previously we have many parents who encounter these issues.

So our advice is, to get a professional badminton coach instead assistant coach. One-time get things right, let our students learn everything right in one shot since they are young.

What is so call Bad Habit in Badminton Coaching

In a simple explanation, you can see their certain skill pattern can be very ugly, unnatural compare to professional badminton player standards. This ugly pattern can be causing them hard to generate power in order to play well.

Learning the wrong thing which is a bad habit in badminton training, can depress the student’s confidence and pause their interest right away. Imagine if you are learning something and the coaches keep saying you are doing wrong, how do you feel? give up right?

As interest is lead to learning if either one of these is not balanced the student can be in the trouble no matter how good the lesson is. All these bad habits if the student aged from 5 to 15 still be able to change, but if older will be slightly more difficult even if they join private badminton lessons. This is why we always strictly advise our students to learn the right foundation at the youngest age.

Why No Assistant Badminton Coach in Our Training

Our improvement tracking result show assistant badminton coach can help. But the improvement is not as good as our experienced badminton coach teaches personally. Unless we found someone who has the same passion for teaching kids. We never mention we are the best badminton coach in Singapore, end up all assistant coaches.

So for us, we do not allow assistant badminton coaches to teach foundation in our classes, especially badminton classes for kids. We want our students that have graduated from ST Badminton Academy with a solid basic foundation and skill sets. Having a piece of deep foundation knowledge of badminton is more important than everything.

Badminton coaching Singapore Jurong By ST Badminton Academy 2021

Only Focusing on Structured Badminton Class

Bringing in a new student is easy, as every one of our student’s parents will keep introducing their friends here. But to train a good player like your kids is never easy, so we only accept students when we really have a slot.

Since 2007, we have always focused on every of our student’s weaknesses, for example, skill set, and giving more guidance. We have many students that play well and will be able to play in local or overseas competitions. This will be led by our Badminton Coach Mr.Eric Chuar.

We have a few ST Badminton Academy students that have won several championships in local and international tournaments. And some of them were selected for the Singapore Sports School and National team. The local tournament is sanctioned by the respected Singapore Badminton Association. Last but not least, all our badminton coaches are certified and have attended First Aid training.

More About ST Badminton Academy

Our Vision and Values by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Our Vision and Values

Our vision and values in badminton training can be interesting for parents. But to us, is not easy to keep moving for years. Luckily when our students achieve a good result, we feel everything is worth it. So this is the reason why our coach treats the training like education instead of business.

Our Badminton Academy History

Every badminton academy startup is aiming to provide a good badminton coach at the same time can earn more money. But to us, we have already passed this “earning money” stage. And what we do now is, continue improving until the day we stop, and look back and enjoy the good memories with his students.

Academy History Singapore ST Badminton Academy
Badminton Coach Profiles ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Our Badminton Coach Profile

From an active badminton player to an active badminton coach, and becoming an active stringer for students, everything about students. Our coach Mr.Eric always likes to mention that, the best badminton coach is not about how many medals you get, is about how much effort you are willing to spend on your students.

Our Training Methods

Training methods can always be the same, but everyone knows we always like useful training methods instead of dead training. Every training method created by our coach can help our students improve instantly. Why? He can understand the purpose behind the training methods, which is very important.

Our training methods by ST Badminton Academy Singapore

Our Training Types

Badminton Training

Private badminton training which is 1 to 1 customized badminton training for parents who need their kids to have very good improvement results in a short time.

Badminton Training

Pair badminton training which is a group of 2 students in one training. Quickly improves the overall foundation of dedicated badminton training.

Badminton Training

Group badminton training of 4 students in 2 hours of training. The result of improvement might be slower. But reduce the chances of getting bad habits.


Badminton Training Intake 2022

Use the “APPLY” button to submit for new student intake application. So that we can have more data “details” to check the proper training class availability.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the overwhelming of class applications, strictly no direct call for an asking slot during this period regardless of any reason, as we cannot provide any on-the-spot solution.

Hence, all application intake must be made online, so we can have a clear picture of data to form the proper badminton class properly. Thank you!

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