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ST Badminton Academy How to appear in Singapore

ST Badminton Academy started in Singapore Since 2007. Remember when we just start to provide coaching class, there is a lot of coaches are out there especially in west area of Singapore. When Eric go into west area,our first group of trainee are Indian,no Chinese at all. After few month,finally got one lady join us,but she is from Japanese.This is the most difficult coaching life Eric ever have.

Eric at beginning are adult player, for him is very struggle life. But he never give up,he try to plan the training class method every night. This is to make sure the adult player they able to learn more and play more. When after few months later,the trainee who are under Eric training feel the improvement. This slowly to make Eric got student wish to join training as the existing trainee recommended to their friend.

In the same way, Eric use his strong point to all student who are under him. Which is he able to easily figure our the weakness of the student. In other words,he would be able to find the student strong and weak point in the badminton court.

This time,Eric set up his own academy name ST Badminton Academy. The main purpose is to keep all the badminton love in the right way to pick up badminton. Although Eric feel he is not a expert badminton coach compare to other. But in fact we can feel his effort put in to each of trainee who are under training.

ST Badminton Academy Famous?

ST Badminton Academy is not a famous badminton academy. But become a good badminton coach we don’t need thinking to be famous. We just need to know coach responsibility is to learn to improve if the student not able to improve under your training. Lastly,the coach will be get famous for his persistence paid off.

We ever saw a lot of learning academy paid for google improve their ranking at to first page. At beginning Eric did that way too as he paid to google advertising every day for $5 – $10. But after few month paid to google, Eric finally wake up. As he think that why don’t he use the money who paid to google in other way correctly. For example get better badminton training equipment to improve his training instead just bring a pack of shuttlecock.

Lastly,Eric brought a lot of thing and all the equipment and fully helpful in his badminton class. This is benefit to all his trainee who are under him.Go back to the beginning first and second sentence topic. Why Eric feel difficulty coaching Indian trainee? it’s because his English are not good. Why he feel struggle to coach an Japanese, as the Japanese last English Eric not able to understand well. “Laugh” . But at last Eric solve this issue with coach them with demonstrate each training step to them.Able to correct their bad habit by this way. It was a tough experience Eric.