Senja Cashew CC Badminton Class

Adult Badminton Coaching

Senja cashew cc badminton class is the adult player seeking improvement living in the BP area. Beside,for high beginner and intermediate player are suitable for this badminton coaching lesson. Hence,we will eyes on you to help you improve your skill level decrease your bad habit. In the same way,coach will personally stroke with you and work with you get everything better. Coach will treat you as friend and player. Further,determining your goals and figuring out which training method best for you.

For this badminton classes we will help player who are need improve in basic footwork and advance skill in badminton. Hence,before join this training. Please unsure that you are good in time arrangement person. Come regularly for every lesson if you are interested to improving. If not you will not improve and wasted time to join the training. This is good for both parties. You can join other academy who are provide 1 or 2 hour private coaching for fun.

Group Lessons

This training is for fresh working adult beginner. Don’t think that you are too late to learn,i have a student beginner who are age of 65 today. I proud to coach her. Senja Cashew CC badminton class is customize point to  each weakness of the adult player. Basic fundamentals,fitness,skill and game play. We offer a variety of day, evening classes suited for beginners to intermediate player. Further more,we are seriously try our best to help you improve your skill. Player who are a lot excuses,please don’t join. Go look for private coaching for 1 or 2 hours enjoy it. No worry no coach will want to teach you as there are so many badminton academy in Singapore.

Fees & Term

Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 5 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4-5 student per coach

High Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions

Adult Beginner shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Prepared 15 minutes earlier before session start


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