Pek Kio CC Badminton Coaching

Application for new intake 2018 will be Jan 30, 2018 onward*

Pek Kio CC Badminton Coaching Class for adult player who seeking for improvement of their skill and more. This class will be focus on skill and basic footwork and proper skill in badminton court during game play. Hence,is basic are important for adult ? Because we can seen so many adult player joining leisure badminton game what they can get after so many years of training ? Improve din’t get but injuries get a lot due to always used wrong practice eg in footwork ,upper and lower body.

This is not what they want ,they play more sometimes because they want to have fun a lot of friend there. But you can’t play longer as our age will getting older and sometimes even you just play with the beginner you also can’t play well can’t run at all. Actually Pek Kio Badminton coach is not train you become a national player so die die force you run 20 KM or push up 100 times a day to become a pro. Although this may be true,this lesson just teaching you the proper thing should know should have in your badminton game.

Are you happy with your current skill and double game partner ?

In addition some of the badminton game we understand that there is always got some people make us not happy. Is because their character ,they play the game they can’t lose once if it’s lose they will blame people who make mistake. For us win lose are nothing but for those people who are his own self also not very good skill but still dare to nagging on other people. So that type of people everyone hate ,some people might understand. Bring good mood join a badminton game but spoiled by this type of player. Although this may be true, but what we can do ? Also try to stay away from them and don’t partner them as possible as good.

As a result try to understand the game play for double footwork , if you has good footwork you are benefit. So that you can reduce your mistake and every lost point not your fault. At this time he will know who is the one making the game lose.During our Pek Kio CC Badminton Coaching class, trainee in our class will receive a report card. to be sure we prepare card written in the coach personal advice what the trainee to be improve from one level to the next . Therefore,this may based on frequency of training and personal achievement. In other words,for hardworking  trainee will takes approximately one year step into next level.

Adult beginner who are at between 20-40 years old are welcome

As a matter of fact for adult beginner who are at between 20-40 years old are welcome. Not to mention a office boy and lady till today achieved to low intermediate level took around about 1 and half years. Hence,if you are work hard,you might less than that. Furthermore,we don’t anyhow coach you and just only let you tired. Of course we will explain and let you know more about the principle behind the skill. Besides please make sure you are come on time so that the group can start together at the same time.

Similarly this Pek Kio CC Badminton Coaching concern about time. If one person punctual everyone will be getting punctual ,badminton training if without discipline you won’t be able to improve. Play time is play time but when come to training lesson you have to focus on it. We also don’t wish to see you train here for so long but not much improvement. Lastly,in badminton training the time is precious as one group 5 trainee 2 hours divided by 5 people how many time can be train for each trainee ? If person have just only have 20 minutes,is totally not enough. How long journey you came from your working place or home ,even though if near but is that worth ?

Fees & Term

Adult Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4-5 student per coach

High Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions

High/Intermediate shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Prepared 15 minutes earlier before session start


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