Group Badminton Training at Pek Kio for Adult

Application for new intake 2017 will be Dec onward*

Group badminton training Pek Kio for adult beginner is on every Monday Class different from children class. Further ,this lesson will be focus on teens and adult who are wish to improve their skill and basic footwork. Particularly this Pek Kio group badminton training the size maximum is 3 to 4 adult in 2 hours lesson. Although this may be true,more importantly,mostly we can seen in the badminton court all adult are play for fun. Some people they really love to play,but they don’t like to learn as old already ,difficult.

We also have some student from totally office lady 15 hours in work never play badminton before until today from beginner to low intermediate player. When starting join games who they can play with? They can play with any one ,but you have to tolerance they keep nag at you. During when you did a mistake then they will show you kind of face. But even so maybe some of your friend understand you well and they just don’t mind. Let say’s but what if you are joining stranger group ,how ? Being that spoil your day and you don’t wish to join the group again.

Train for Olympics Game ? Don’t think too much

Nevertheless,this Pek Kio group badminton training adult Monday is not to let you train for olympics game. This group badminton training is just for let every beginner at least learn all the basic. This also help to keep away from let those uncle nag at you when you have done something wrong in the court. In any case sometimes you unable to determine what the uncle have told you right or wrong. Because they are also not very good. For example,if they are good,how come they still will play with you ? why don’t they just go play with those old generation ex national player in a group since they are so good.

Adult beginner who are at between 20-45 years old are welcome

In view of join badminton game main purpose is for us to sweat out enjoy the game. As for some people not ,they come for just want to win,this is the most unhappy thing when meet kind of people. Saw this kind of people the only thing can do is protect your own,do less mistake during partner with them.  Seeing that to tell the truth should keep away from this kind of player. Otherwise we will feel noisy ,because he can’t understand nobody wish to done mistake also,we not purposely to do that.

By the same token,this Pek Kio adult badminton training adult is to focus on skill and basic development. Also no matter in footwork or upper lower body, why need to learn ? You don’t want be a good player at least be a stable player prevent any injury can player longer. Don’t care about your age ,you are not prepare for olympics game so don’t tell people compare your age “i old already” in fact ,who don’t know this was a excused ,i have a senior citizen beginner start learn from age of 65. So how about your age? younger than 65 don’t mention your age again. She if from beginner until now become high beginner after 1 and half year. Lastly,i am proud to have this kind of hardworking student.

Fees & Term

Adult Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions
2 hours per session

Ratio 4-5 student per coach

High Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions

High/Intermediate shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Prepared 15 minutes earlier before session start

Class registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Yonex socks
  4. Shoulder bag Yonex
  5. Badminton racket

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