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Badminton Coach Eric Chuar Singapore

Badminton Coaching – Mr.Eric Chuar Badminton Coach

Badminton Coaching by our badminton coach Mr.Eric Chuar a founder of ST Badminton Academy Singapore since 2007.


As a badminton coaching leading STBA student,Eric are mainly focus on teaching badminton basic development for children age between 5 – 14.


Eric love to focus basic skill on his student, as after accumulation of data and training method.  Basic skill is the one of the priority for Mr.Eric focus on his student.


Also our Mr.Eric insist not to take in any assistant badminton coach or partner personally eyes on his student basic in his badminton coaching.


This is one of the reason that our student always better than others as most of his student are learn and play with our head badminton coach Mr.Eric Chuar.


Eric mention as now his student called him “coach” so he have to full invest his time to his student ensure they have bright future during childhood time.

Limitation in Badminton Coaching From Eric

Eric know a limit of maximum can have how many student in badminton coaching especially 2 hours classes. He decided to make 4 student into 1 class due to after his data accumulation in badminton coaching.

According to Mr.Eric he mention an example if 5 student in 2 hours class. 120 minutes divided by 5 every student only has 24 minutes to let Mr.Eric focus.


And still footwork and swing racket shadow without touch shuttlecock gone 30 minutes. 120 minutes minus 30 minutes , left 90 minutes. Every student left 18 minutes to take turn to learn.


In sport school every badminton player train for 8 hours per day 4 hours study in evening. 16 minutes and 480 minutes who will have better result in the end ? Some parents might understand this.


In Singapore we can’t left behind education which is so important. This is the reason why Mr.Eric are fixed 4 student in one badminton coaching lesson.


Eric (Personal Achievement).


Mr.Eric always said ” As a good badminton is not about how many medal you have , is about how much effort you can spend to you student. “

Badminton Coach Eric Chuar West SG
Badminton Coaching by Eric Chuar
Badminton Coaching Arrangement 

As a result the photo attached is one of the student with STBA. The student been told the school “Don’t want” not allow him get into CCA badminton. Reason is due to he has no basic and too old. Too old ? 10 years old without basic.


Mr.Eric understand his student are very keen in badminton. He arrange his weekday afternoon time spending 4 months to train the mentioned student in weekdays which same a the primary school badminton CCA schedule. This is to prevent such words let the student feel down.


After 4th month the children inform Mr.Eric that the school coach are accept him into CCA badminton due to no one is better than him.


This is mean that if the kid has the motivation on sports no matter how old he is , don’t stop them and spend effort on them. The children will have higher chances to get what they want.


Also Eric know that children absorption in learning are very fast so he willing to spend weekdays time on his student. Eric mention to any student he love the sport and we giving him the right time right thing he surely success.

Personally Teaching his Student in Badminton Coaching

As known Mr.Eric will only conduct badminton coaching by his own without any assistant coach or partner. Eric has explained few example firstly regarding assistant badminton coach.

If the assistant coach that can help you to monitor and the student is good thing. But the assistant coach must be experience also have to understand coaching concept and at least attended badminton coaching courses.


in year of 2012 Eric has hired assistant coach due to overwhelming of student in one lesson which is more than 5.


But he found that his assistant coach are not that help and the result in yearly not much student basic learning are well present.


This might be the assistant coach not much experience in understanding of badminton coaching. This is the reason why Mr.Eric decided to coach his ownself. And all his student are learn from him especially all the basic skill .


And also the student are learn more knowledge and playing experience with Mr.Eric. Also Mr.Eric love to travel every country to learn and customize new training method to build his student in different type of skill and strategy.


He mention that if we stop learning and the student and learn nothing from you mean that he is lacking behind as a badminton coach.


And his student are not able to achieve new height in badminton career. This is the reason why Mr.Eric loving travel to worldwide to learn different thing in badminton coaching.

Badminton Coach Eric Chuar

Badminton Coach Eric Current held badminton coaching following :

  1. Senja Badminton Coaching – Children
  2. Bukit Panjang Badminton Coaching – Children
  3. Choa Chu Kang Badminton Coaching – Children
  4. Bukit Batok Badminton Coaching – Children
  5. Bukit Gombak Badminton Coaching – Children


Badminton Coach for Adult are following :

  1. Pek Kio Badminton Coach – Adult
  2. Ulu Pandan Badminton Coach – Adult
  3. Buona Vista Badminton Coach – Adult
  4. Farrer Park Badminton Coach – Adult
  5. Senja Badminton Coach – Adult