Buona Vista Badminton Training

Adult Beginner to high Beginner badminton training at Buona Vista CC

Buona Vista Badminton Training for adult are held at Buona Vista CC by Coach Eric. Further,this adult badminton lesson specially for people who are live in buona vista area. Particularly,this lesson will focus to adult beginner to high beginner level to learn basic footwork and upper body skill. In the same way,why basic footwork and skill are important? As now in Singapore mostly people are like to play badminton but totally lacking behind of footwork. As a matter of fact,this can be cause the game not fun whichever happens,high chances to get injury. By the same token,a lot of badminton coach are happy if someone willing to pay and learn from them. But Eric are not, money is nothing to him as coaching badminton was his hobby. As long as he can see the student are work hard during the training ,he will be happy to coach them.

Even though in this Buona Vista badminton training normally are focus on improve the basic footwork. Besides,after the basic footwork are done well trainee will have to learn upper body skill in double game. We ever seen the adult totally no basic footwork but join thru a app ‘Meetup” to play double. We as a normal player we also need play with a partner at least know short serve for shuttlecock. If shuttlecock also can’t even serve properly,honestly you can’t have fun for the game and not much people like to play with you. Don’t just think that i am lady so my skill can be not good. When in fact,they think that  can just no need to run let the male partner run. In fact,this is totally wrong,if you think of this way totally nobody will interested to play with you on second time.

Our Adult Buona Vista badminton Training mainly located at Buona Vista CC

Subsequently,this buona vista badminton training are held on weekdays night in buona vista area. As a result,the group size will be about 4-5 person per group maximum as the coach need to focus on the student basic skill. Especially change their bad habit as we realize that most of the player can’t improve due to not changing their bad habit. For this reason,try to help your own to change all the bad habit since a coach are guide and point to you which is the right in the training. This lesson also focus on lower body reaction as the right footwork to run for the shuttlecock. We try to help our student to find the right way to improve their skill level instead every years also the same standard for their game.

Do not think that your age are old so you can’t even improve anymore. No. Additionally,this excused only can be used unless you are older than age of 65. Why? We have a trainee join as a beginner at age of 63 until today age of 65. Although she is slow than other but she keen to learn and improved from beginner until today she become high beginner level.

Age of join badminton Training are doesn’t matter

Similarly,what she did in the training for these 2 years can completely improve a lot and better than other younger trainee adult player. She even injured herself because she really did try her best in the training. That is really a good student for us to keep even coach for free we don’t mind. We regretted to meet her too late but we proud of her and appreciated her hard work with us in the training. And one thing is she is always punctual never late before every lesson. This is the reason why the coach are like her much than other younger trainee which the younger are always late. Full of excused ,example because of urgent work because leg injury or others. Lastly,we welcome people who are really interested to improve high standard of skill in badminton.

Fees & Term

Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 5 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4-5 student per coach

High Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions

Beginner shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Regarding time please prepared 15 minutes earlier.

Class registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Yonex socks
  4. Shoulder bag Yonex
  5. Badminton racket

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