Bukit Batok Badminton Training for Children

Children Beginner to high Beginner badminton training at Bukit Batok Swiss Cottage Secondary School

Bukit Batok badminton training are mainly  specifically located at Swiss Cottage secondary School in the weekend. Hence,this badminton training bukit batok are focus to high beginner and above level in the afternoon. Additionally for beginner badminton class in the morning,the children age as good as between 6 to 12.  Such as high Beginner and above level will be in afternoon age between 11 to 18. Secondly for beginner bukit batok badminton training are suitable for children who are fresh. So that the coach able to help the student learn the perfect basic badminton skill with us.

Hence,our badminton training are mostly focus on their basic development. So that our children will be able to have a good basic in future instead bad habit. With this in mind beginner level children we have experience many cases in the badminton training. Example no matter how the coach teach the right thing but the student did the wrong thing. With this intention we have made a set of badminton coaching procedure on how to correct the student bad habit.  In order that to ensure our children would be able to learn the right thing. As a result they will have high chance to get into school team. Also we know on how to make our children keep the interested in badminton but able to learn faster. Also,our coach will be access their level before approve your child as a trainee. Furthermore we will only choose the hardworking student.


Our badminton Training mainly located at Swiss Cottage secondary School

Subsequently for this badminton training in the afternoon are for high beginner student and above level. In summary this badminton training are mainly to help high beginner student improve their every skill. Our coaches will be train together with the high beginner children. In short we are normally help the children improve their skill level. Further, our badminton coach will ensure they are perfect in control every skill in badminton court.

Lastly,this badminton class for high beginner children will achieve their next level in a year. Because if the student basic skill are well developed they would be easily learn new skill in the training. For the purpose of this class is to help high beginner reduce their mistake in court. Might be due to lacking behind of experience, skill or bad habit. Thirdly our badminton training our coach will definitely assist our student in any kind of issue. However.coach will prepare competition schedule for talented student.  In the hope that,choose the suitable level competition and bring them to match. By the same token,to start with the badminton training class,student need to work closer with the coach. At least discuss with the coaches what skill issue they are facing. But even so, parents may register for  the badminton class of their level.

Fees & Term

Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 5 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4-5 student per coach

High Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions

Beginner shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Regarding time please prepared 15 minutes earlier.

Class registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Yonex socks
  4. Shoulder bag Yonex
  5. Badminton racket

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