Badminton Lesson Schedule

Badminton lesson in Singapore West

Our coaches teach at many sport hall and CC all over Singapore. Addition we have reserved  the courts at 2 weeks in advance. So there is absolutely no worry about your children no fix schedule for training. The schedule are fixed and the badminton lesson are organised consistent. This to ensure that our trainee to improve as per targeted plan.

We have some of the complain from parent their previous coach. Which is the badminton lesson are not consistent. Their kid not able to play more than 5 times a months so they decided to change coach.  We considered obtaining right coaching for her and promise their parents. We promised even we not able to get the usual court,we will still book the court nearby their place. If both solution are not sucess,we will be inform the parent 2 weeks in advance.

Is your kid too many activity?

Most of the parents are planned too many activity for their children. Badminton lesson might be just one of the activity for their children. But at least you must understand your children well. Example if he don’t like but you told the coach he like and keen to learn. What will be happen? The coach will put their full effort to teach the student. But the student are still living in their own world during the badminton lesson. Improvement slow also the children will give up someday and the parent wasted the money. Money is small issue,the children time will get spoil. What we suggest is if the kids really interested in badminton,bring him to us. If not,don’t waste time.

Badminton Lesson in CCK,Senja and Clementi

Hence,there will be at Chua Chu Kang Community Centre. We also held at Senja Cashew Community Club ,Clementi Area and Farrer Park. Further more,you can look for convenient place by referring location at our “Classes” from the menus. Lastly you can find the schedule following below. In addition for any class enquiry kindly contact our coach at.

Class enquiry :

Mobile: (65) 9232 2562

You can click on the interested location on above timetable for details.