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Badminton Lesson for Children Mainly Located in Singapore Jurong Area

Our badminton lesson for children will be located at Senja Cashew CC Bukit Panjang, Bukit Batok and Jurong. All this badminton lesson for the court booking will be book at least 2 weeks in advance. So that our parents will be keep inform if the court is close, do not worry.

So our high performance student no need to worry about last minutes cancel of the badminton lessons. Each badminton lesson will be 2 – 4 hours or more, our badminton coach will plan according to necessary needs of the students.

This to make sure that the progress improvement of our students will be within targeted time frame.

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Provide the Professional Badminton classes for kids only

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Badminton court availability is important to us as if the student missed out any badminton lesson, they will not able move forward to improve. Why? If  the badminton lesson are not consistent, no matter is stamina, muscle memory and the confidence will become drop.

So all the badminton lesson for children if we unable to book the usual training location ,we will still try to book the court nearby to keep the training consistent. If any urgent purpose or public holiday,we will inform the parent at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Children Must be Interested to join badminton classes

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Many parents want their kids to join badminton lesson because their parent are playing badminton. But is your kid really interested to learn badminton?

We have one cases during badminton lesson in 2018, we have one student that totally not interested to learn badminton but the parents force them to join. The kids just want to play for fun, when asking to learn proper thing he not pay attention at all.

The kids join badminton lesson also because of he scare his parent scold him if he don’t join. When we inform the parent ask the kid t o quit, but the parents keep mention the son like to learn badminton.

In fact no,we can found the kid don’t like to learn in badminton lesson. Please remember this, if your son really want to learn badminton, they will definitely can improve faster. But if he not interested to learn and follow our discipline.

No matter how you force them, send him over here for badminton training, they will never improve even after train for 3 or 4 years. Why? Children are like that if you ask them to do the thing they don’t like, especially sports, they will not learn, waste time.

So we suggest parents who really want to send their kids for badminton training, communicate with the children before send them over. We feel bad if the kids don’t like but we force them to learn. Even the parent send the children on time for training, still wasting time. Some more the parent still every month pay the training fees, we feel guilty.

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Badminton training held in Chua Chu Kang,Senja Bukit Panjang and Bukit Batok Area

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Hence, to parent who need to register for children badminton classes. Our  children badminton classes will be at Chua Chu Kang and Bukit Panjang Area. We probably held the lesson at Senja Cashew Community Club , Choa Chu Kang CC.

For further information, you can look for convenient place by contact us.