Badminton Class Bukit Panjang for Children

Senja Cashew Community Club

For Kids Beginner, 5 to 11 years old

Badminton Class Bukit Panjang Beginner badminton class. In the event that this private group are design for kid between 5 to 11 years old. As a result granted we will be full focus on their basic footwork,skill ,technical, tactical, physical and mental skills. Particularly this badminton class bukit panjang private group allowing children to build up a good basic basement. Hence,most important is build their basement before the bad habit came.  Therefore,for children including age of 5 are the most suitable to start the badminton training if they are interested. Why? Because they are fresh! They have no bad habit at all and follow our standard accordingly. With this intention children are easily learn the proper thing if they are fresh in badminton. We are In the hope that all the student can learn smooth and enjoy the training.

The issue we encounter in 2017

We also encounter some issue in 2017. Few month back we approved and take in few new student previously learn from a part time coach. The children basic are totally wrong and bad habit are too much. Sometime we rather give up ask the student quit after few lesson. Because the bad habit is almost stick along with their breath. So that parent must understand,every coach are different .  Similarly some of the coach only want their student able to hit the shuttle. For one thing we don’t want your kid only know how to hit the shuttle.  For this reason we need your children every skill are right and high standard in the badminton. Additionally,parent please let us know your goal and expectation for your children. In order to learn faster,student must follow instruction by coach to got a good result in badminton career.

Why we focus on kid ?

In other words, without proper basement they are unable to climb to the next level.  Even though if they able to climb up without proper basic, we dare to said they will become a “rubbish”. Even if parents change the coach throw to different badminton academy around the Singapore. Sorry to say ,they will be still the same,not much improvement. Due to very difficult to correct back the bad habit as this habit already become their usual practice. However,don’t said about kids difficult to change ,even adult are much more difficult. In view of it some parent might understand this meaning. For this purpose ,the reason why Eric die die focus on basic development. Therefore,this Badminton Class Bukit Panjang are broken down by age and level so everyone can be communicate and have fun in learning environment.

Parents may register for  the badminton class regardless of their level.

Fees & Term

Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 5 sessions

2 hours per session

Ratio 4-5 student per coach

High Beginner Program Fee : $100 / month 4 sessions

Beginner shall be teach by head coach – Eric Chuar

Regarding time please prepared 15 minutes earlier.

Class registration fee covers

  1. Academy jersey
  2. Short pant
  3. Yonex socks
  4. Shoulder bag Yonex
  5. Badminton racket

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